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Traveling Mia and Addy Go to the Mall August 31, 2009

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“HEY, MIA, WAKE UP” Mia was hiding in a cave in France away from soldiers who were trying to capture her. She has saved a slave girl from a palace who had been treated badly, and now the two were trying to escape to America. Tomorrow they would catch a plane and do just that, if nobody caught them. But now the slave girl named Annie was asking Mia over and over to wake up. “Mia, PLEASE wake up, PLEASE.” Then Mia woke up, her eyes still adjusting. Was the blur in front of her Addy? Yes, it was. It was all a dream.

IMG_1124 “Addy, whatever do you need? I am still sleeping!” Mia grumped. “Mia, you are a LATE sleeper. I finished breakfast two HOURS ago.” Addy said. “I want to know if you will go to the mall with me. I am going to get my hair done and buy a new IPod. Want to join me?” Mia smiled. “OF COURSE! Hold it, I’ll go get dressed. And bring my money. I want to buy myself a hair treatment too!=, and maybe an IPod!

IMG_1130Mia borrowed an outfit from Eva Grace and pulled her hair in two pigtails. “Ready!” she said. “Let’s go to the hair place, the Apple store, and wherever next!” Mia was so exited to be going out with her friend to the mall. It was so exiting!!!

IMG_1224The first place they went was Mountain View Hair Salon. Mia got her hair washed. The woman at the sink washing her hair, Mrs. Kibwana, was very gentle. She made sure Mia’s special braid stayed tucked and nice during the whole thing. It was so soothing. Soap going through her hair, and it being all washed out again with cool water. Ahhh….

IMG_1228After Mrs.Kibwana washed Mia’s hair, she clipped the braid back and began rolling Mia’s hair up in curlers. Mia stared at herself in the mirror. How weird she looked!!! 🙂

IMG_1233“Now dumplin’,” Mrs.Kibwana said. “Keep them curlers in for a while or so, I’ll be back to check on ya in a little bit.” Mia smiled at Mrs.Kibwana’s accent. She called Addy over and the two of them read their favorite magazines to pass time. Mia though she should enter herself for “Crazy Hair” contest. Oh, those curlers!

IMG_1252Finally, Mia got the chance to take the curlers out. “Oh, how beautiful I look! Look at my curls bounce! Look at them bounce as I spin! LoOk At My CuRlErS!” Mia couldn’t believe it. The beautiful, red-headed, curly-haired girl in the mirror in front of her was MIA SLUSARSKI! HER!

IMG_1272 Next, the girls went to the Apple Store. Boy, were there lots of people in line for that. But they finally got in. They got to check out cool laptops, IPods, and more. Mia and Addy both each picked out a new blue IPod Nano. But at the checkout counter, it was too much money! They decided to share one, each paying one half.

IMG_1286The girls listened to music together. It was soothing and relaxing. “Mia, we didn’t get to do much today. Maybe  I will take you again tomorrow” Addy said. Mia was thankful. “Only if you feel like it, Addy. You are so nice, you are my friend. I love you” 🙂
“I love you too,” said  Addy. 🙂


What should Molly be for Halloween? August 30, 2009

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IMG_1142Molly has been thinking a while of what she should be for halloween. So far, she has  looked through the wardrobe came up with 6 great ideas. Help her decide who she should be!

IMG_1145                                                          A STAR SWIMMER
Molly is fast and friendly in this sporty suit! She can be the star swimmer on any swim team,  or she can just be hanging out at the pool! She has on a swimsuit and a cap. Should she be this?

IMG_1153                                                  A HULA DANCER / HAWAII GIRL
Come and dance and play on the soft beach with Molly! She is wearing a beautiful grass skirt, a top, and a yellow lei. Don’t forget to put her hair in cute little braids! Is this what Molly should be?

IMG_1164                                           MOLLY THE FRIENDLY GHOST
I’t’s all treats and no tricks for Molly! She may be very white ,but it doesn’t mean she is a bad ghost, she wants to be your friend! She is dressed in an all-white, old fashion outfit. Is this what Molly could be?

IMG_1165                                                  CUTE HOSPITAL PATIENT
Molly is kind and sweet strolling in a little wheelchair, wearing an ID bracelet and a purple gown with a fun design. She is wearing cute pigtails. She will open her heart for you. Should Molly be this?

IMG_1176                                                       MALL COP MOLLY
Molly looks cute and funny in this suit! She is wearing a vest with a badge to prove that she is a mall cop Molly. Watch her travel in her scooter! Molly, should you be this?

IMG_1174                                                     RIDIN’  COWGIRL
She’s a sweet little cowgirl and wants to be your rockin’ friend. If this is what Molly is for halloween, she will ride on a horse from house to house, trick or treating. I forgot to put that in the picture. She has a demin dress, pink belt and vest, a necktie, and cowgirl boots! I lost the hat, but I will try and find it again! Should you be this, Molly?

Thanks! 🙂


“Meet Felicity” Book Giveaway! August 29, 2009

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Hi Guys! I have heard on another website that a lot of Doll sites are starting to do “Giveaways” lately. That is when you enter to try to win something the website is giving away.
Today I am going to make a giveaway for the book “Meet Felicity by Valerie Tripp. Yes, it is an American Girl doll book and of course it is about Felicity Merriman. Here is what I think of this book:
“I really love this book. It is about how Felicity finds a horse who belongs to a horrible man who beats the horse and makes it work. Felicity is determined to save the horse, who’d she name Penny, but how? She must find a way. Felicity finds herself meeting the horse every midnight to take care of it and give it love, and eventually set Penny free. Is it safe?”

Here are pictures!:
IMG_1180  IMG_1190

Here is how to enter:
Write a comment including your:
Great! That’s all you need to do. To figure out how to receive the book (how I am going to get it to you) You’ll have to win. 😉 Winner randomly chosen on: September 13, 2009
Enter before SEPTEMBER 8 and receive a cuddly reading buddy, which can also be used for a pet for the dolls!(ONLY if you win) The animal will be your favorite animal! (which is why we ask). Example, if you said you liked a bulldog or a seal, you might get one of these:

Anyway, Thanks! Please enter!


Traveling Doll Mia is Here!

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Hey Guys! I haven’t posted on here in forever (I mean, only ads,) but it’s been a while since I have posted a photo story. I saw that people haven’t visited my website lately, but it’s back! Yay! Ok, here it goes:

It was a fun summer day when there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it!” said Addy, and rushed o the door.


“Oh, it looks like somebody left this box here,” said Addy, puzzled. “I am going to take it inside and show some of the girls.

“MIA?” asked Addy. “Is that you in that box?” Addy remembered that she should have been expecting Mia, who was Kit Maria’s sister.

Addy called her sisters Felicity and Eva Grace and they all pulled the box of Mia.

“Hey, peoples!” Said MIa, bursting out of the box. “Kit Maria had a blast here, and I am ready to have just as much fun!” The circle of friends laughed and told stories.

Well, Mia is so happy to be here! Thank you for reading. And PLEASE PLEASE comment!


Wallaby Doll Carriers! August 26, 2009

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Hey Guys! I wanted to tell you about a cool new doll carrier that is perfect for any doll- most carries you have to carry but this one you can actually have your hands free!!! Go to:



Too Cute Doll Clothing! August 18, 2009

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My friend, Meghan (you can see her in “Our Friends and Their Dolls”) is starting a doll company called “Too Cute”. She sells accessories, clothes,shoes, and more for American Girl dolls and other 18″ dolls. So far she only sells shoes and some accessories, but clothes are on their way. She would really like it if you could check it out, and continue to look at it to see when clothes and outfits start coming. The link is right here,or on the sidebar to your right.

family-photos-2009-4291 random-004


YAY! Date of Sam’s Birthday! August 16, 2009

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Ok, It’s Samantha here. I finally have the date of when my party will be. It will be, drumroll, Dun-Dum-Dee-DUN! 


I know we will all have the wait two patient weeks, but its all worth it!!! Madeline and her friends are working hard to make this party shine, so be sure to thank them for their hard work! They will thank you for coming.

OH, an if you are coming, I need to know of which of Madeline’s dolls you look the most like. For example, Madeline looks like Molly so she would say so. Don’t pick me though, That’s all. Thanks!

Thank you all,  Samantha E. Parkington


Life Of Faith Doll Ribbon Removal August 15, 2009

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Hey! Do any of you have a LOF ( Life of Faith) doll or planning to get one? You may or may not have noticed, but sometimes the bows or ribbons are sewed into the doll’s head. Some of Kathleen’s hair was back with two green ribbons, and one day when I tried to take them out, I realized they were stuck. But I thought there had to be a way to get them out, so yesterday I successfully took her hair down. Here’s how:

You will see the ribbon wrapped  around a piece of hair. Flip that piece of hair so you can see the under . You will see where the ribbon attaches to a white string, which is tied into the doll’s scalp.

You will also see a little string end with a knot on it. Start picking at it, and if it doesn’t come out like that, just cut the knot off.

Pull that part of the string out of the bow, and now your bow is not attached. Slip the bow out, and then pull the elastic rubber band out,too.

Comb out her hair a little. The white string  might still be caught up in her scalp, just pick at it and pull it out.

This is what it should look like:




Hope you guys enjoyed this! Bye!



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Hi, Guys! I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while-I have been really busy. Here is what went on on my last day—

IMG_0662I hug my new best friend Kit,

IMG_0672Then say goodbye to all my other friends,

IMG_0674Then get in my box to go.

It’s been fun, but it’s time to go. Maybe Kit can visit me sometime,too. Otherwise, I can’t wait to go back to visit my friends again! Goodbye, I will see you guys later!


Birthday Updates! August 12, 2009

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IMG_0828Hey, Guys! It’s me, Samantha! You’ve probably heard that it’s that time of year-yeah, my birthday! And it’s the best party you’ve ever known. My real party will be taking place at Madeline’s house with some of her friends, but since not all of you can come to our house and celebrate, we are having a virtual party right here a day after the real one! The date is not clear yet, but I will certainly tell you when I am aware of it.

What’s a party without friends? Please tell me if you are or probably going to be attending this party, or at least parts of it. I want to know who’s coming! Why? Because, one of my sisters will be acting as you (for example, if “Meghan” came, one of Madeline’s dolls will be acting as Meghan! See what “you” do at the party!

PRESENTS!!! I don’t mean to sound greedy, but every birthday girl deserves presents! This is how it works: write down as a comment on this page what you would like to give to me, and writer down a card. (Don’t worry, I won’t peek! Josefina is checking it for me!) Then on the day of the party at present time, ” you” will hand me your gift (you don’t have to send it, she’ll buy it for you, jut tell her what you want to give me!) and read me your card, and I will send you a special shout-out!

Games Time! You can see me hit the pinata, and you can give it a try, too! (This will be explained at the time of the party) There will also be other games you can see and play in.

Cake time! The doll playing as you will say how she likes the cake. Do you agree? See the dolls dig in a doll-sized cake!

And on this day, the whole website apperance will be birthday-style! A birthday layout will be the website style, and Madeline is going to try and get Bithday music playing! It’s a time you don’t want to miss!!!!