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Happy Easter, AGDC Dolls! April 4, 2010

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It was an early Sunday morning in April—Easter Sunday, to be exact—and Elsie and Kathleen were dressed and all ready for the celebration. “Good morning, my sisters!” Elsie’s sweet voice rang out in a song. “It is Easter, and we must arise early!” Felicity rolled over in bed on the other side of the room. “Whhhyyyy???” she asked sleepily. “Because!” said Elsie. “The Lord has risen!” Felicity yawned, got up, woke her sisters up, and told them, “The Looord (yaawn) has risen (yawn)…” One by one the girls popped out of their beds and dressed in their Easter dresses.

The first girls to get dressed were Addy (FAQ: Q: Did it take a while to do Addy’s hair? A: Yes, Yes it did.), Samantha, and Josefina. Addy was wearing her Christmas Dress, but today she would pretend it was a springtime dress. Josefina was wearing a spring flowers outfit and Samantha’s dress was sewn by Madeline.

Kit leading the way, the girls trudged down the hall excitedly, anxious to see what the Easter Bunny had left them.

Kit was the first to notice two colorful Easter baskets just the size for an American Girl doll parked on the table. “Look at this!” she cried. “Look what Mr.Easter Bunny left for us!” *Madeline winking to herself in the background*. “Oh my goodness!” shouted Kit. There’s candy and stickers in here!”

“And, oh, there’s one of…of…. of ME!” Kit sighed dramatically. She was almost jumping up and down at the fact she was a sticker. “I have got to show Maria Kit this at our next playdate! She’ll FLIP to see ourselves as a sticker!” Kit hugged the sticker pack close. But she wasn’t the only one surprised.

Not only Kit, but Josefina, Felicity, and Addy also had stickers of themselves!!! Wow!!! It was incredible! All the dolls wanted a chance to see their sister as a sticker.

“Yall look!” cried Addy in her sweet southern accent. “There are not only stickeroos of us, but there is an envelopes and stationary kit, and also word stickers!” The dolls were fascinated as they munched down on mini chocolate rabbits.

This is what Madeline came out to. A bucket of chocolate eggs and candy, a movie called “A Little Princess“, a book called “Amelia’s Middle School Survival Guide”, and a summer-time dress and  knee socks.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was Maria Kit and Mia! Maria Kit and Kit were best friends, and Madeline’s family knew Maria Kit and Mia’s owner’s family very well, so the dolls got to come over a lot. But it was still a  great surprise! “What are you doing here?” Kit laughed, hugging her friends. “We couldn’t miss Easter!” said Mia. “Well, come in,” said Kit. “Your just in time. We are just about to read  ” The First Easter”.

The girls gathered around. “Ok,” began Elsie. “I am going to read you the story of the first Easter. Is everyone ready?” Everybody nodded. “yes.”

“Once upon a time, over 2000 years ago, a baby named Jesus was born in a stable. Do you remember me telling you that story? Jesus was born in Bethlehem. His parents, Mary and Joseph, were visiting there because of the census, which was when Caesar Augustus wanted record of everybody and wanted them to be taxed. Mary was pregnat with the holy baby, which an angel told her to name Jesus. When they got to Bethlehem, there was no room in any of the inns. One man who owned a inn felt sorry for the ill and pregnat women and her husband and told them the only place they could stay was a smelly stable. Imagine…..the holy King of Kings who would die for us and rise again, the Prince of Peace, was born in a smelly, old, nasty stable with His only company some donkeys, sheeps, and shepherds.”

“Jesus grew up like a regular boy and man and did many miracles. He was the only perfect one, and He never did anything wrong. Not even the teeniest little white lie or bad thought. He was perfect. Many people wanted to see Him and touch Him.”

“One day, he rode into town on a donkey on what we now call “Palm Sunday.” The reason it was called that is because the people took palm branches and waved them at Jesus. They called, “Hosannah! Hosannah is the King of Isreal!” Some men ripped the clothes off their backs and made a walkway for Jesus. But Jesus was sad because he knew that by the end of the week these same people would be calling out something very, very, different.”

“One of Jesus’s disciples, Judas, betrayed Him and helped the Roman soldiers arrest Him if they gave him money. So the soldiers gave Judas the money and he told them where Jesus was. Jesus knew that they would kill Him. But it was the plan to save the bad, sinful world, so Jesus knew He had to do it. They beat Jesus and put thorns on His head. You may think, “Oh, he must have done something really terrible!” But Jesus did nothing. Nothing at all. Pilot didn’t think he did anything wrong either, but the people insisted so. So Pilot ordered the soldiers to beat Jesus more so the people would be happy. After, Pilot took Jesus and a cold-hearted, mean, scoundrel criminal who killed people and murdered and stole. That man’s name was Barabas. Pilot told the people he would kill one of them. The mean criminal and muderer, or Jesus. The people said Barabas shoudl be let free, and they yelled “Crucify Him!” at Jesus. The people yelling “Crucify Him!” were the same people who earlier in the week were calling out “Hosannah!” So why were they now calling “Crucify Him?” Maybe they didn’t want to be different. They didn’t want to be made fun of. “If I stand up for Jesus,” they thought, “Will I be crucified?” So they went with the crowd and thought of themselves. So Pilot, even though he didn’t think anything was wrong with Jesus, he decided to go with what the crowd thought, too, and he ordered Jesus to be killed. Jesus died on the cross on what we now know as Good Friday. It was sad and horrific, but Jesus was saving the world and relieving them of their sins. Jesus was perfect. We are all sinners. Jesus, a perfect one, had to take all the sins of the world on Him and suffer so we wouldn’t have to. When we sin today, all we have to do is ask God to forgive us, and He will.”

“But Jesus didn’t stay dead. Three days later, on the very first Easter, He came back to lie. Jesus is still alive and is all around us. We celebrate Easter because Jesus has saved us and then He did not stay dead, but He rose again. We can thank the Lord for saving us, and we can ask Him to come into our hearts.  He will always be there for us, even if we can’t see Him. That’s what faith is.”

“That’s the end of the story!” Elsie said, shutting the book. The girls clapped and cheers. Elsie held up her hand. “Let us pray. Dear  Jesus, thank you for this day. Thank you for dieing on the cross for our sins and suffering so we didn’t have to. But you did not stay dead, for three days later you rose again. We thank you that we can put our trust in you and can say we are Christians. Please forgive us for everything that displeases you. Help us to live a life of faith, and help us to be more like you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.”
The girls clapped. “Time for the egg hunt at Julia and Hannah’s house!” shouted Samantha! “Yay!” the AGDC dolls cheered. Felicity clapped. “Come on! Last one there is a rotten Easter Egg!”

THE END! 🙂 🙂 🙂



Happy Hanukkah! December 13, 2009

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“Hi girls!!!” shouted Kit as she bursted through the door to the room of Madeline’s friend, Meghan. It was also the very place her very best friend Kit Maria and her sister, Mia, lived. Mia greeted her with a “Hi, Kit!” and hug and Kit Maria greeted her best buddy an even bigger one. “I can’t believe your here!” Said Kit Maria. “Yeah,” agreed Mia. “We were so happy when Meghan said you were coming to celebrate Hanukkah with us!” Kit clapped her hands. “Yay, Hanukkah, Hanukkah! I LOVE Hanukkah……….um, what’s Hanukkah?” The girls smiled. “Well,” began Mia. “You know, Kit, we are not only Christians like you but also Jewish. Around the time before Christmas we celebrate a Jewish holiday called Hanukkah. It’s about a miracle.” Kit smiled. “Ooh, I like miracles!” Kit Maria laughed. “Uh-Hu, and there is so much fun stuff to do. Eat yummy traditional food, play games, light the menorah, and more! Soon, the humans will let us come down the stairs when every thing’s ready. You wanna see our Christmas tree?” Kit nodded, excited that she had come on a special night.

The three girls walked over to the shimmering tree in the corner of the room. “Isn’t it pretty!” Mia asked. “It so is!!! It’s very big and pretty and festive.” Kit Maria smiled. “I know, right?” Then there was a call from down the stairs. Mia grabbed one of Kit’s hands and Kit Maria grabbed the other and they raced down the stairs. “It’s time!”

The food wasn’t quite ready, so the girls sat in a circle in a corner where they could show Kit their favorite Hanukkah toy and game. “THIS is a dreidal.” Said Mia. “It’s a toy you play at Hanukkah and I am the best at it.” She joked. “I’m telling the truth. I’ve even beat all the humans in the house.” Kit and Kit Maria ‘OOOHHHed’ and ‘AAAAAAHHHHHed’. “How do you play it?” Kit asked. “Here, I will demonstrate.” Mia held the stick on the top of the dreidal between her thumb and pointing finger, then spun it. It landed on the floor and spun, spun, spun, for what seemed like forever. Then, it stopped, landing on it’s side. “What is that letter thing on the side?” Kit asked. She picked the dreidal up and saw that on every side there was a different one. Kit Maria was to explain. “That’s Hey, Shin, Gimel, Nun.” she said. “You see, Mia’s dreidal landed on Gimel. You see, If we were playing the real game with gelt, she would get ALL.” Kit smiled. “Cool!”

Mia got up and ran to a different room. “Don’t worry about her.” Kit Maria said. “She’s just crying because she didn’t beat her record.” Then a “No I am not!” came from the room Mia had ran into. She came back out with two more dreidals and gave one to each of the other girls. “No, I was NOT Kit Maria, I was being NICE and getting you a Kit a dreidal so we could play together. So you better watch your mouth, sassy, or you will not have a HAPPY Hanukkah.” (Then a “MIA! APOLOGIZE!” came from the room the humans were at.) Mia looked Kit Maria apologetically. “Ok, I’m sorry, Kit Maria.” Kit Maria didn’t look up from her dreidal, which was spinning like crazy by Kit’s.  “It’s ok, Mia. Now join in!” Surprisingly, a new person had one the dreidal contest this year. It was Kit! As the dreidals spun, Mia and her sister’s bumbed into each other and collapsed, while Kit’s still spun. “Great job, Kit! Both other girls congratulated her.

Soon, it was time to eat. Kit looked at her plate reluctantly. “Um..” she mumbled, as Kit Maria and Mia gobbled down their Latkes in less than a second. Mia looked up. “Kit, are you not hungry?” Kit tried to talk, but Kit Maria interupted. “Oh, she has a rare case of ‘I-don’t-know-what-this-food-is-so-I-am-just-going-to-put-my-napkin-over-it-and-throw-it-away-and-pretend-I-ate-it-and-be-hungry-the-rest-of-the-night disease. Kit laughed at herself but stopped. “But I don’t!!!! What even is this stuff?” Mia put her hand on Kit’s shoulder. “This STUFF,” she said. “Is the very best food ever.” Kit shrugged. “I’m not feeling it.” Kit Maria gasped. “But you have to TRY it, Kit. If you try it, you’ll like it, but if you do not, you’ll never like it.” Mia agreed and said, “Here, we’ll tell you what it is. See this stuff that looks like fried rice or something here on the right? Those are Potato Pancakes, we call then Latkes. You eat them with sour cream or apple sauce, or just plain.” Kit took a bite. “Why, it’s actually very good! What’s this over here?” Kit Maria pointed. “Well that’s just a roll and some chicken, but over here we have what’s like a dessert. It’s a Jewish traditional food called Kugel.” Kit took a bite of it, and enjoyed her Hanukkah meal. Now she had a new list of favorite foods.

Kit picked up a bag of what looked like golden money. “What in the world is this?” She asked. Kit Maria took the bag from her. “This,” she began, “Is Gelt. They are little golden coins we use for Hanukkah. But this is actually Chocolate Gelt, so it’s edible. Just take the wrapper off before you eat it, LOL.”

“Wow, can I have some?” asked Kit. “Sure,” said Kit Maria. “And, you may also take your own bag of it home to share with your sisters. We have plenty.” Kit smiled. “Wow, thanks!…..Mmm, it’s good!” Mia smiled. “I’m glad you like it.”

“Now, it’s story time.” Mia said, sitting down with a book. Kit and Kit Maria sat down around her. “OK, we will read about Hanukkah.” She began. “Once there was a small group of Jews called the Maccabees. There was also a bad king called Antiocus. Antiocus wanted the Maccabees to pray to his gods but the Maccabees wanted to worship God as they pleased. They went away and hid in the hills. When the time came to come back, they were so upset. Their temple was in ruins! The bad king had let his soldiers use it as they pleased, and they destroyed it. The Maccabees worked hard to make their temple great again, but then their was a problem. There was not barely any oil. They needed the oil to make it a place of prayer. There was not even enough to light the menorah!!! But then, the miracle happened. God used the tiny bit of oil and it was used for 8 whole days and nights! It was a miracle! They praised God! It was amazing! Now, Hanukkah lasts for eight days, just like in the story. We still light a menorah with eight candles. We cook our Latkes with oil to help us remember, too!” Kit Maria and Kit clapped. “Wow,” said Kit. “That’s a great story. God used that oil and it was a miracle! It reminds me of a story Elsie told us once, about Jesus and the bread and the fish! He used it to feed over 5,000 men!” Mia smiled and put the book down. “Exactly. How about we go light the menorah now?”

An they did that.  The menorah was very pretty and shimmered like he Christmas Tree. “We always do a special prayer when we light the menorah,” said Kit Maria. “But how about we let Kit try?” Mia agreed. “Ok,” Kit said. “Here I go. Dear Lord, thank you for this day and everything you’ve given us. Thank you we can come together and have special celebration for what you did. Thank you so much.  Help us to remember to be more like you. We love you. In Jesus name, Amen.” Everyone clapped, and they let Kit light the menorah. It was a very special time. The girls played with their dreidals more, and Kit Maria and her sister let Kit keep her own to share with her sisters. They ate some dessert, and it was a happy time. But soon, it was time for Kit to go home. “Bye!” she said, and hugged her best friends. “Bye!” they said back. “We hope you had a great time!”

From the car window, Kit stared back at the house. She had had so much fun and learned a lot. Then, she saw in one window,  a menorah lit. And what were those figures behind it? Kit peered closer. It was Kit Maria and Mia! “Bye!” Kit could here faintly. She saw the wave of their hands. “Bye!”



Traveling Doll Mia- Part 2 October 25, 2009

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Well, it’s time to see what’s happening with our friend Mia Moyer in Part 2 of “Traveling Doll Mia”!

IMG_1750Mia Moyer was sitting at the breakfast table just about ready to pour Cheerios, her favorite cereal. Mia was tired from all the action yesterday. She yawned deeply, content that she would be able to have a long nap today, after she ate and did her morning errands around the house.  Mia layed her head down on the table. She was also content when assuring herself that the next two days would go by quickly, and then she would get to go home at last. Mia had met wonderful new friends in a lovely house, but she was not enjoying this traveling thing that her owner Ally had set up for her. “How would SHE feel if I sent her away to a stranger’s house…” Mia muttered to herself. “Well…” she thought again. “I guess she wants me to have fun, that’s all.” Mia hardly noticed her cereal getting soggy  when Molly, her new friend and leader of the AGDC dolls, burst into the room. “Mia!” she called. “What do you need?” Mia asked. “Mia,” said Molly. “You need to get a sweater and skates on. I am going to take you to Thin Cruster Lake. You need to practice for your competition tomorrow!” Mia put down her spoon and gave Molly a hopeless look.  Mia was usually and happy and bubbly and nice girl, but this trip wasn’t working out for her, especially when her hostess thought up things that could never happen in a lifetime. “Molly,” Mia said. “Face the facts, here. You CAN’T get me ready for the competition.  This travel doll thing has cut me DAYS of practice off. If I went, which I can’t, I wouldn’t win at all, I’d be so bad.” Molly put a hand on Mia’s shoulder. “Mia, that’s exactly WHY we are going. To practice. So you can follow your dream of skating. To get your confidence back! But not to win. Mia, as long as you try your best, you’ll always be a winner, regardless of awards and prizes.” Mia almost had tears in her eyes. That was so beautiful to Mia. “OK.” she sniffed. “I’ll go because you are so sweet to me. For you and God. That’s why I’ll go.”

IMG_1752“MOLLY!!!!!!” Mia’s yell rang out in all of Thin Cruster Way.  Right there, ont he snow edge of the lake, was a horrible thing. It was a sign that showed Mia’s picture and said, “MIA MOYER WILL BE STARRING IN THE LUCERENE GIRLS ICE ARENA COMPETITION! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AND SEE THIS GIRL PREFORM!” Mia brought the sign over to Molly.

IMG_1753“LOOK AT IT! LOOK AT THIS HIDEOUS THING! DID YOU DO IT, MOLLY?” Mia raged. Her red hair seemed to catch fire. “IT SAYS THAT I WILL BE PREFORMING AT THE COMPETITION! IT SAYS, “BRAVO, MIA” WHICH MEANS PEOPLE WANT TO ME TO PREFORM THERE SO MUCH THAT THEY ARE ALREADY CHEERING FOR ME!!!!” Mia screamed. Molly told her to stop. “Calm down, Mia!” Molly said. “That’s just one of Madeline’s books. She probably left it here on accident. It says ‘Bravo, Mia’  because that’s the title of the book. AND it’s about the human-being Mia, not the doll. So chill out! Stop thinking about hot-dogs and more about cold-popsicles!” But Mia protested. “Buh..buh..but what about the thing that said I will be preforming at the-” Molly stopped her. “That was your imagination. See? It says, ‘Laurence Yep.’ That’s the author, not gossip news. See? God is with us, so nothing will hurt us. It’s fine. So show me your ice skating moves! I know you’ll do good.

IMG_1756 Move 1: Rotate and spin, strike a pose!
IMG_1757Move 2: Turn to the left right, take it back now yall!
IMG_1758 Move 3: Upright turn, slide in a row!
IMG_1759Move 4: One foot you know, makes a pro. To be a pro, it’s the way to go!
IMG_1761Move 5: A striking pose will know them on their toes!
IMG_1762Move 6: Lean back do a twister- “AHHHH!” Mia yelled. She had fallen. Failed. Ohhh, how this could get worse, to fall in front of- “Are you ok, Mia? Here, let me help you up.” Molly’s gentle voice and embrace surrounded Mia. What a great friend she had. “You think I am a good skater even though I fell on the easiest trick of all?” Mia asked. Molly smiled. “Of course. I used to think when I watched people on TV ice-skate, that falling is the test of a good skater. I thought people who failed were losers. But then, I fell. I was on a gymnastics competition show. It was me and this other girl on the balence beam.  And I lost. Came with it a great conciquence. A broken arm. But then the other girl came to help me. She didn’t care about winning. She wanted to help me, and she cared more about the loser finishing than herself winning. In fact, she helped me win first and claimed herself the last place. It changed my thoughts about winners and losers. The real winners are often the people in  last place. It depends on what kind of sport you are.” The girls sat down.

IMG_1763Mia’s head felt turned around after Molly’s lecture about good sportsmanship.  Wow. What a life lesson could be hid in these tiny photo stories.  “Molly,” Mia said. “You are the real winner today. If you were to skate like an Olympic Champion or not be able to stand up straight on these skates, you’d be the one to win in my eyes.” Molly smiled. “Well,  we’ll see who can really win a gold medal tomorrow at the competition. But you can’t go unless you practice! So drink some water and let’s see some more moves!!!

Traveling Doll Mia Part 1 — Now Available!
Traveling Doll Mia Part 3 — Coming Soon!


Traveling Doll Mia! Part 1 October 19, 2009

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IMG_1716“And a one, two, spin.. and stop.” Mia Moyer spun around twice on Thin Cruster lake. It was a cold day in winter, and Mia went out to ice skate. “I can’t wait!” she said to herself. “In just two days I will get to be in the Lucerene Girls Ice Arena Competition! I HAVE to win best ice skater, or I will certainly die.” Mia spun around and did a full jump. Nothing could stop her from winning! She just HAD to. Good sport or not, it would all pay off soon, right?

IMG_1717“Mia!” Mia stopped and saw her best friend, Marina, approaching her. “Yeah, Marina. What do you need?” Mia said. “First of all,” Marina said sharply. “WHAT in the world so you thing your doing, out here in the cold, in your “skating outfit”? You gotta get a sweater on! And come inside, you don’t need this ice-skating!” Mia felt hurt but nodded slowly. “but… your not wearing a sweater, either.” Mia said quietly, her head bowed. Marina’s expression did not change. “Well, so what? I am only out here to get YOU, for a mere minute! Now come on!” Mia could not argue. She knew Marina had some spiky approach on people, but it was worth it. At least to Mia. Marina was also the very best friend AFTER her preformance. It was Ok.

IMG_1718 “Ok, Mia!” said Marina happily as they were inside Marina’s house drinking Hot Chocolate. “I got you a little gift, just for you and your ice skating thing. I DO care about it, I just don’t want you shivering out in the cold.” Mia nodded. “Oh, your just great, Mary.” But Mia hesitated to open it. It was something very fancy and crazy for sure. But it had to be from Marina’s heart. So she opened it quickly.

IMG_1719 It WAS something awfully crazy. It was a springing, colorful hairbow. “Marina….. I don’t know what to say…. I mean, it’s-” Marina cut Mia off. “I KNOW, right! You will TOTALLY wear it because it’s the best gift you’ve ever had!” Mia bit her lip. “Marina, I already have my outfit planned for the competition. But look, I will wear it sometime, I promise. Pinkie.” Mia smiled and felt more confident. “OK,” Marina said. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt if you don’t wear it for the competition. I know! We can be rainbow girls for halloween! And we can wear the hairbows! And matching skirts And, And! And—– I’m not making any sense, am I?” Mia laughed. “Let’s talk about this like, when it’s actually OCTOBER! Ok, I will see ya later, Mary!”

IMG_1720Mia’s plans were to get out of the skating outfit and cuddle up to some TV in pajamas, but NO. Her owner, Ally, had OTHER plans. Next thing she knew, Mia wound up in a travel book bag.
And then, Mia had a car-ride to…  to…. A SLEEPOVER! Flashes of girls went by. Laughing and noises and lights filled Mia’s long night. It must have been a birthday sleepover. But, the restless night was finally over and Mia found herself very tired, but she just couldn’t fall asleep. OOhhhoooHHHHuuuuuHH…

IMG_1721Right before Mia’s eyes closed for a while, she felt a dainty, light hand pat her head. She looked up. “Mary…I mean, Marina???” she asked drowsily. ” The girl made a face. “No… my name is Eva Grace, I’m one of the dolls here. Welcome to AGDC, American Girl Doll Central. You must be Mia! You’re the second one we’ve had, you know.” Now it was Mia’s turn to make a face. “I am…uh… not sure what those words stand for. I’m supposed to go straight home with my owner, Ally, when this is over, so please, ma’am, Miss Eva, don’t let her forget me. ” Eva Grace didn’t tell Mia the truth about the young girl’s stay, but she said simply, “Come and meet the girls. I know you’ll like them.”

IMG_1722“Ok, Mia,” said Eva Grace. “These are, Kit with the blond hair and blue eyes; Josefina is the girl in the blue dress with braided hair; Elsie is the historical, fancy girl with the brunette curls; and at the end you have Samantha in the cute, sporty outfit.
IMG_1723“Right here we have these girls. The first african-american girl with the blue dress and necklace is Lulu; the girl with glasses and a pink dress is Molly; you’ll see african-american Addy in the yellow easter dress. Now in the black and white outfit with red hair is Felicity.

IMG_1726Lastly but not leastly, Kathleen with the black bows and red curls; and Maggie, who’….has to be fixed up a little. You’ll learn about Maggie’s history…..later.

IMG_1740 IMG_1745 IMG_1746
Mia was pleased with meeting new friends, but her dreams in her nap that day were filled with strange pictures and scenes, and when Mia woke up, she knew something was TERRIBLY, HORRIBLY, UNFORGETABLEY WRONG.

IMG_1729NO. This could not be happening. Mia sprung to the window and began kicking and screaming and yelling, tears running down her cheeks. “NO, ALLY!” Mia screamed. “HOW DID YOU FORGET ME!!! YOU DON’T LOVE ME ANYMORE, YOU FOGOT ME IN A STRANGE PLACE! PLEASE COME GET ME, ALLY! I’M SCARED!!!!!” This happening could be in a horror movie in the doll world, so Mia was in total freaking out. “AHHHHHHH! ALLLLY!”

IMG_1731 Mia ran to a corner and began to cry. Then another girl came up to her. Mia just wished it would stop. “What’s wrong?” asked the girl. Mia reconized her as Molly. “Oh, Molly, something terrible has happened. Ally forgot me!!! She doesn’t love me anymore and wants to give me up! I want her to come get me and love me again!!! But she forgot me! She..she… I WANT TO GO HOME!!!” Mia let out a yelping cry. But Molly rubbed her back. She wanted to laugh at the silly incident, but she didn’t want to make Mia feel bad. “It’s ok, Mia. You are only staying for two days. That means you visit, you are going home soon. Your owner still loves you a lot. She wants you to have FUN, so don’t cry! ‘-giggle-‘ Ok, you come dress in something cozy, and meet me in the living room and talk.

IMG_1732Mia chose a purple cozy outfit and joined Molly. “Molly… I have to tell you something!!!” Mia said. Molly looked concerned. “Tell me, then!” Mia let out a shaking breath. “Molly, something else is terrible. I have a really important thing, the Lucerene Girls Ice Arena Competition, and it’s in TWO DAYS! I don’t know what to do.” Molly nodded. “And you WILL make it. We will do it. I will take you to Thin Cruster Lake tomorrow. But right now, let’s get some dinner. I’m hungry, and I’m sure you are too!”
IMG_1751What are Mia and Molly eating for dinner? Can you guess?

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Traveling Mia and Addy Go to the Mall August 31, 2009

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“HEY, MIA, WAKE UP” Mia was hiding in a cave in France away from soldiers who were trying to capture her. She has saved a slave girl from a palace who had been treated badly, and now the two were trying to escape to America. Tomorrow they would catch a plane and do just that, if nobody caught them. But now the slave girl named Annie was asking Mia over and over to wake up. “Mia, PLEASE wake up, PLEASE.” Then Mia woke up, her eyes still adjusting. Was the blur in front of her Addy? Yes, it was. It was all a dream.

IMG_1124 “Addy, whatever do you need? I am still sleeping!” Mia grumped. “Mia, you are a LATE sleeper. I finished breakfast two HOURS ago.” Addy said. “I want to know if you will go to the mall with me. I am going to get my hair done and buy a new IPod. Want to join me?” Mia smiled. “OF COURSE! Hold it, I’ll go get dressed. And bring my money. I want to buy myself a hair treatment too!=, and maybe an IPod!

IMG_1130Mia borrowed an outfit from Eva Grace and pulled her hair in two pigtails. “Ready!” she said. “Let’s go to the hair place, the Apple store, and wherever next!” Mia was so exited to be going out with her friend to the mall. It was so exiting!!!

IMG_1224The first place they went was Mountain View Hair Salon. Mia got her hair washed. The woman at the sink washing her hair, Mrs. Kibwana, was very gentle. She made sure Mia’s special braid stayed tucked and nice during the whole thing. It was so soothing. Soap going through her hair, and it being all washed out again with cool water. Ahhh….

IMG_1228After Mrs.Kibwana washed Mia’s hair, she clipped the braid back and began rolling Mia’s hair up in curlers. Mia stared at herself in the mirror. How weird she looked!!! 🙂

IMG_1233“Now dumplin’,” Mrs.Kibwana said. “Keep them curlers in for a while or so, I’ll be back to check on ya in a little bit.” Mia smiled at Mrs.Kibwana’s accent. She called Addy over and the two of them read their favorite magazines to pass time. Mia though she should enter herself for “Crazy Hair” contest. Oh, those curlers!

IMG_1252Finally, Mia got the chance to take the curlers out. “Oh, how beautiful I look! Look at my curls bounce! Look at them bounce as I spin! LoOk At My CuRlErS!” Mia couldn’t believe it. The beautiful, red-headed, curly-haired girl in the mirror in front of her was MIA SLUSARSKI! HER!

IMG_1272 Next, the girls went to the Apple Store. Boy, were there lots of people in line for that. But they finally got in. They got to check out cool laptops, IPods, and more. Mia and Addy both each picked out a new blue IPod Nano. But at the checkout counter, it was too much money! They decided to share one, each paying one half.

IMG_1286The girls listened to music together. It was soothing and relaxing. “Mia, we didn’t get to do much today. Maybe  I will take you again tomorrow” Addy said. Mia was thankful. “Only if you feel like it, Addy. You are so nice, you are my friend. I love you” 🙂
“I love you too,” said  Addy. 🙂


Traveling Doll Mia is Here! August 29, 2009

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Hey Guys! I haven’t posted on here in forever (I mean, only ads,) but it’s been a while since I have posted a photo story. I saw that people haven’t visited my website lately, but it’s back! Yay! Ok, here it goes:

It was a fun summer day when there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it!” said Addy, and rushed o the door.


“Oh, it looks like somebody left this box here,” said Addy, puzzled. “I am going to take it inside and show some of the girls.

“MIA?” asked Addy. “Is that you in that box?” Addy remembered that she should have been expecting Mia, who was Kit Maria’s sister.

Addy called her sisters Felicity and Eva Grace and they all pulled the box of Mia.

“Hey, peoples!” Said MIa, bursting out of the box. “Kit Maria had a blast here, and I am ready to have just as much fun!” The circle of friends laughed and told stories.

Well, Mia is so happy to be here! Thank you for reading. And PLEASE PLEASE comment!