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YAY! Date of Sam’s Birthday! August 16, 2009

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Ok, It’s Samantha here. I finally have the date of when my party will be. It will be, drumroll, Dun-Dum-Dee-DUN! 


I know we will all have the wait two patient weeks, but its all worth it!!! Madeline and her friends are working hard to make this party shine, so be sure to thank them for their hard work! They will thank you for coming.

OH, an if you are coming, I need to know of which of Madeline’s dolls you look the most like. For example, Madeline looks like Molly so she would say so. Don’t pick me though, That’s all. Thanks!

Thank you all,  Samantha E. Parkington


9 Responses to “YAY! Date of Sam’s Birthday!”

  1. pioneerfan04 Says:

    Hi Samantha! Hmmm… I think I look the most like Eva Grace! She’s the JLY that I’m going to get as my twin soon! Heehee!


  2. AGlover Says:

    Do we say the one that we look the most like our doll or your doll?

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      One of my dolls, AGlover. Eva Grace, Molly, and Samantha are already taken or already have a place in the party.

  3. AGlover Says:

    I look the most like Josephina.

  4. sarah Says:

    i look most like kit.blonde,freckles,blue eyes,ya

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