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New Bed Styles from AMGD Beds! November 19, 2010

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Hey! Do you guys remember the awesome bed I got from American Made Girl Doll Beds? Well, now Mrs.O’Connor is selling it- along with a bunch of other new bed styles! What’s so nice is that she named the bed I got after me- The Madeline Bed! 🙂 (thank you!) Now this bed and a bunch more can be found on AMGD Bed’s Etsy shop. Click HERE to visit it now!

Also, use the code TENOFF at the shopping cart and receive 10% off on any purchase over $50! (Note: this offer is only valid on the American Made Girl Doll Bed’s website)

Thanks and have a wonderful day!


Bed from American Made Girl Doll Beds November 6, 2010

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Hey guys! Just a few days ago, my bed from American Made Girl Doll Beds came in the mail, and it is AWESOME! It is such good quality, and includes a soft, cozy bedding set. Here’s my review of it!

The bed is beautiful! It is just the right size for an American Girl doll or any other doll around that size, and it’s super soft and I can imagine it’d be comfortable! 😉  This homemade bed is definitely worth the money you pay for it!

The bed frame came in 3 pieces to put together and was very easy to assemble! It is very nicely painted. There are no unfinished places, and the paint clearly has a lot of solid coats. It came with a foam mattress cut to fit the bed that is very plush and great for your doll!

Ugh- my camera is really not good with close-ups, but these flower decorations were beautiful! Very nicely done and detailed!!!!!!!

The bedding was just as great quality! The fabric was a fleecy, soft material and very pretty colors. As you can see, both comforter and pillow are hand sewn and well done at that! The bedding itself also makes a great sleeping bag, even coming with ribbons sewn on so you can roll up and tie (or tie on the bed)!

A word from Addy: “This bed met my every need. In my last bed, I had trouble falling asleep and  staying asleep all night and the bedding was scratchy! But in this bed, I have sound sleeps and never wake up. The bedding’s soft material just puts me to sleep!” 🙂

As you can see, this bed is awesome and I couldn’t recommend it more. Mrs. O’Connor does an AWESOME job with them and if you want a bed just like this one, click HERE!
Here are some pics of Addy enjoying her bed:

Playing with Cocoa!

Praying to Jesus before going to bed….

Reading a great book in bed!


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY WONDERFUL BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!