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What’s Happening This Week. By: Felicity and Addy August 11, 2009

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                              Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey, Guys! It’s us, Addy and Felicity. As you may have noticed, we are the only ones here who haven’t got to write or be in a post, so Madeline said today it was OK to.

Felicity: Addy, should we sing the Happy Birthday song to a very special birthday girl this week!
Addy: Of course!!! C’mon, let’s

Together: Happy, Happpppy Birthdayyy, to our sisterrr Sam! Everybodddy CLAP! CLAP! Everybody CHEER!  Everybodddy STOMP STOMP! Samantha’s birthday, SAMANTHA’S BIRTHDAY!!!

Addy: Yes, this week, our sister Samantha Elizabeth Parkington, is having a birthday party, and you are all invited!!! We will post later on what the date will be, and come by to this virtual birthday party!
Felicity: SHHH, Nobody say anything to anyone, keep this a secret, BUT WE KNOW WHAT SAMANTHA’S PRESENTS WILL BE!
Addy: Yes, Madeline actually ordered her stuff of the American Girl website for Samanthie’s birthday!
Felicity: Yeah, HEELYS SHOES and the JULIE AMERICAN GIRL DOLL. You would know her Julie as “Mini Julie”

Addy: OK, everyone, time to get back to the news. Mia Slusarski, Kit Maria’s sister, should be our next TRAVELING DOLL! She should arrive here just in time for Samantha’s party!

Felicity: Yes, that’s right, and also, Sophie Reynolds, Madeline’s cousin-friend, will be coming over this week, as well! She has  American Girl Dolls, too, who are our cousins. Maybe they can stay a while, too!!!!

Addy: Is anything else going on this week?…. Let me check…. OH! Yes! Madeline still has another last week of summer, but school starts for us! One of our girls will be posting about the first day of school, later on this week.

Together: That’s the news this week! Bye! See ya later!!!


Molly’s MAKEOVER! August 10, 2009

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I decided that I didn’t really want to send Molly to the hospital for lots of reasons. For example, getting a new head and shipping was already around $50, and since I am saving my money  for something, that was NOT happening. Second, I really loved Molly, and she was my first doll. I didn’t like the idea of her being taken off. 😦 So I decided to give her a makeover. A REAL makeover. 😉 Like repaint parts of her and actually wash her hair. So here are  the before pictures (the camera is working again!):

Here is how much hair she SHOULD have on the right, and this is how much hair she just has on the left.


Marks and scratches all over her leg



For  her hair situation, I filled up water in my sink to about half the sink

Next, I put Revlon synthetic wig shampoo ( available at Sally’s hair store ) in her hair then dipped and massaged her hair in the water. Then, I drained the soapy water out and did the same thing over until her hair was clean.

Then I layed her down on the counter, her hair going down. I brushed it this way. Then I trimmed it a little bit, just to keep it straight and nice. If you do this and you are under 12 years old, ask a parent for help.

Then, I lifted her up and brushed it a little more. Her hair is still in that thin, cut situation but it is clean, fresh, and healthy

For her skin, I put soap on all her limbs. Then I rubbed them with with a towel that was wet with warm water. Finally I dried them with a towel. For her face, I rubbed a little soap on her cheeks, forehead, chin,  and around her eyes and nose. I added just a pinch on her eyelids, when her eyes were closed. Then I rubbed all those spots carefully with a warm water towel. Then dried it.

For eyes: Make sure that no liquids get in her eye, which is why you should keep them closed during this. If it gets a little wet, don’t freak out, just dry it and move on.
For mouth: When drying her face, you will still see some unreachable soap in her mouth. Use a toothpick to scrape it out.
For Teeth: If the white teeth in your dolls mouth are going away or fading, just use a little white dab of paint on your toothpick and touch them up. If you accidently “paint” on another part of her mouth white, scrape it out with a toothpick. Ask a parent for help on this step.

I kept brushing her hair occasionally throughout the whole makeover, to keep it  fresh, and so it would dry clean and not shrivel up again.
This is a great thing to do to your doll even if she does not have anything wrong with her, just to keep her moving clean. Here are Molly’s after pictures:

Molly feels better now! YAY! 

Her hair seems healthier then it was

A close up of beautiful Molly

Her legs still have some dark, oozie spots, but they are looking a LOT BETTER!

A side picture. Here you can see where her hair was once cut, but it is better 

I asked my dad to untie her strings, then tie them again to tighten her head. You should do this every once in a while to your doll. 

Now old Molly is beautiful again! She still has a little bit of a I-need-to-go-t0-the-hospital look in her eye, but she won’t have to for a while! Molly says, Thank you. 🙂


Which Doll to Get?

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I know I said Molly’s Makeover would be today’s post, but i am having trouble uploading them on (this camera keeps messing up!!!)
So I am going to ask for your help. I have some doll ideas and I need your help to decide which one( s) to get next. She may be my last doll (10 is enough dolls, don’t you agree?)
so decide wisely!

Julie isn’t my BIG doll I’m thinking about, but I am really starting to like her. Possibly my historical doll pick.

This is a doll I always loved because she looks so much like my older sister when she was  10. So I would style her to be like my sister and give her a cool name.

Why is this picture so small??? Nevermind. I know Bitty Twins might be a little babyish for me, but I am really starting to love them too, and a have a little brother and sister for my american girl dolls. I love them.

Or…. should I wait until next year to see how GOTY 2010 and 2011 turn out?

I love all these dolls but I can only get one or two more, so if you have any suggestions, please tell me.



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Hi! Maria Kit is back with all the scoop you need to know about day 3!!!! Listen up! 

” Here you go!” says Kit as she boosts me up onto the salon chair. I can’t wait for skin cleaning time! It feels so relaxing!!!

Then me and her color a little bit. Good thing Kit has some doll-sized markers!!!

Next, we string real seashells together. Kit makes a necklace, I made a bracelet

Then, we visit Madeline’s hermit crab, AJ.

Afterward, Kit surprised me with a beautiful  bag she made herself. On it was a big K.. the first letter of both our names.

I love it here, but soon i will have to go! Better enjoy my last few days!


Bitty Fun! August 7, 2009

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I was thinking today about when my dolls were just little babies…. Here are some pictures of my dolls when they were just Bitty Twins!!!

Little Lulu ready for school

Addy’s first-day-of-school outfit in preschool.

Baby Samantha is ready for bed!

Eva Grace is ready for a stroll in the park

Josefina is cuddly in this play dress!

Kit and Molly have a bitty-sized tea party


What’s Happening This Week. By: Lulu August 6, 2009

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Hi guys! It is me, Lulu. I wish I could post a picture story for you today, but you see, the camera is dead. This week, I want to post the weekly happenings, which is something we are starting.  One of our girls gets picked to write a blog post on the beginning of the week to write what will be happening. I know it is Thursday, but I was so exited about being the first girl to do it, I snuck on early!!!

What’s happening this week:

Molly has some health issues. Her hair is very ragged and thin, and her face is all scratched up with marks. She is still our pretty sister though, of course. She may have to go to the doll hospital soon. She will check in with you on that.

Madeline’s cool friend, Lindsay, is staying over tonight, then will stay in until five in the afternoon. Lindsay does not have any American Girl dolls yet, but loves Molly! Maybe she will get her soon! 😉

Maria Kit has left, but not her stories!!! Her two last stories of her stay will be posted by the end of this week.

We have three upcoming Traveling Dolls who could be our guests!!! Can you guess who they are?
1. She is hockey-player who is great on ice
2. She has high spirits during the world war
3. She is a colonial girl who comes from London, England




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“I would like a wash and rinse,” says Kit to the Hairdresser. “What do you want, Kit Maria?” she asks me. I say, “Only a brushing, please”

Ahh…. Relaxation……

I just know me and Kit are going to be best friends!!!!! (If you are wondering who’s who, Kit has the pink one on, I am in the blue.)

“Goodnight, Kit Maria,” Kit says to me. “Goodnight, Kit!” I say back. “Don’t let the bedbugs bite!”


GIRL OF THE YEAR 2010!!!! August 4, 2009

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On Doll, Somebody put on new information on what could be Girl of The Year 2010. Here are some clues and hints on what our 2010 doll could be like:
: She COULD be an African American Girl
: Her books are already on Amazon, although there is no name
: Her books are written by Jan Kurtz

That’s all right now, I will get you new scoop later! Thank you, Doll Diaries!!!

Lena pointed out that many times AG has tricked us with GOTY dolls, so we can’t be so sure. What is your idea of the GOTY?

UPDATED: I NOW understand that Lanie is NOT African American. I have made newer posts about that. Some smarty people keep telling me that she is not, MONTHS after I told everyone that she wasn’t and even showed her picture here. I keep this website updated with everything new about American Girl. If you look through old “new information” make sure you check newer information so that you know. 🙂 OH AND BTW, I never said she WAS African American, I simply said (about a year ago) that she COULD be.



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About a week after I got Samantha, we had a garage sale. I made $135 in it, selling all my old toys. I decided I want to buy a Life-Of-Faith-Doll. Thankfully those dolls are not just order-online sort of thing. They had the dolls at Family Christian Stores, which is very close to us. I went and bought Kathleen Mckenzie. She even came with a nightgown and a little Bible! Please enjoy Samantha and Josefina’s adventure when they met Kathleen.

One day, Josefina went hiking in the mountains. She was with Samantha, who was not very interested in hiking, and was far behind. Josie stopped when she saw a mysterious looking object underneath a pile of rocks? “What’s that?” she wondered.

“Maybe I can get it out,” Josie said. She pulled and pushed and pulled, pushed and pulled, but the box wouldn’t budge. She really wanted to know what was in the box, so she called for help. “SAMANTHA!!!” she cried. “COME HERE, FAST!”

The two girls pulled the box right out of the rocks. “Thank you, Sam!” said Josie.
The words on the box were two blurry to read, and the picture was faded. “I wonder what it is?” asked Samantha. “I don’t know, but it looks exiting! Let’s open it!” cried Josefina. Samantha didn’t like the idea, but she had no other choice to follow her sister.

“MhmmHmmHMM!” said a object inside. It was wrapped with paper and string. “What is it?” asked Josie. “I…I…I think it is a little girl.” Sam said, a shake in her voice. “C’mon, let’s get her out!”

Out  came a pretty little girl with an old-fashioned green dress and long, red, curly hair. She had freckles all across her face and a little book in her hand. “Hello,girls” she said. “My name is Kathleen Mckenzie, and I come from Scotland to America in the 1930’s,” said Kathleen, sharing her history. “But you may call me Katie.” she said.

“What is that little book?” asked Samantha. “This is the Bible, it tells about God and Jesus.” answered Katie. “I will read some verses to you,” she said.

Here is a close-up picture of Katie. She is an all-vinyl doll. Her eyes do not close like American Girl Dolls do, but she is very cute!!!! Now you will be able to see her in upcoming posts!



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You may have noticed that in “Meet my Dolls” there is no Samantha doll, but in “Traveling Maria Kit-Day 1” there is Samantha and she gives Maria Kit a present. I just  got a retired, pleasent company, pre-mattel version of Samantha. I got her on Ebay for $40 with my own money. Here are pictures from her first night!
Samantha’s welcome sign
A group photo of my dolls- with Mia and Maria Kit
Samantha is welcomed by lots of friends!
Close up of Samantha
Me doing Samantha’s hair
Samantha ready for bed
Samantha reading the “Meet Julie” book. Sorry it is a little blurry.

Hope you liked them!