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It's Christmas at AGDC!


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I am so happy because I got back from the beach today, we means I AM here for the anniversary!!!!! I am so excited!

Here’s a little history of my blog.

As everyone says when their blog hits its anniversary, I started this blog having no idea what it would be like. I didn’t think it was too great, I didn’t know if people would like it or even view it, and I wasn’t sure about anything. Before I started this blog, I admired so many others and said one day, “Hey, maybe I could do that.” I asked my dad how to create a website, and he told just to punch in: “Make a Website for free.” So I did. I tried so many blog-maker-things-or-whatever-you-call-them, but nothing seemed to work for me. ( In fact, there are actually Blogger, Webs and more AGDC sites with nothing on them!!!!) I almost gave up, but then WordPress came along. It was easy, fun, and seemed very simple. So when I got my URL, I made a little post. It was just saying stuff like “This is American Girl Doll Central” and “I hope you like my website.” and things like that, along with a blurry picture of my dolls and my friend’s two dolls.
Then I got a little creative. I toyed around with my website and figured out how to tweek the appearance, add links and categories, and more. My very first photo story was, I believe, about Eva Grace celebrating Pink Day. You could barely call it a photo story, based on what I have now. But I thought it was pretty good, and I made adventures of my friend’s Kit doll traveling to my house.
I tried t0 get people visit my website. When  visited another site, I’d say something like “Please look at my site if you can! I love yours!”. This is pretty funny: When I would go to the Apple store at the mall, I’d go on one or two of the sample computers and purposely leave it on American Girl Doll I thought a little girl would come by and see it! 🙂
Soon, lots of people started to visit my site! I wasn’t sure what did it, but people from other doll sites started to comment regularly. Soon, I was becoming a real website owner! It was so fun adn I would log on every day after school and enjoy reading emails and new comments. If you have a blog, you know how great it feels to get positive comments and emails. Some people now have even asked me for advice! I feel great to be someone that other girls can ask advice.
And, I’ve gained SO MANY FRIENDS!!!! I’ve never seen some in real life, but it’s pretty cool because I have some great online BFF’s (whom I really want to meet someday)!

Oh, and let me say another time: YOUR COMMENTS COUNT! I LOVE to receive comments on anything- my blog, my picasa, my youtube……and I will try my best to reply to them! So comment!


Q: The name of the site is American Girl Doll Central. Why is the URL “americangirldcentral” and not just “americangirldollcentral” or “americangirlcentral”?

A:  In the process of trying to create a blog, I created a wordpress. “American Girl Central” was what I wanted to call my website. Americangirlcentral was already taken, so I decided to make it “American Girl DOLL Central.” And at first, americangirldollcentral WAS  the URL. But for some reason I lost the password to it, so I couldn’t log into it. I just decided to make a new one. Of course, americangirldollcentral was “already taken” so I had to just leave it a d, apparently.

Thank you ALL for making this site possible. Yes, it’s you, the friends and fans, that make me love to blog.

Madeline and 11.


Hey! July 23, 2010

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Hi guys! I just got back from camp, but guess where I’m going now-the beach! We were supposed to leave in a couple days, but a few days ago we decided that we’d leave today. We will be staying for a week. Here’s why I’m telling you- so that you don’t freak out when I’m gone, and American Girl Doll Central’s first year anniversary takes place while we are gone. 😦 I know, horrible, right? I won’t be here! Well, maybe I will… sister is bringing her laptop. However, we aren’t sure whether or not we’ll get internet where we are (were staying at a beach house, not a hotel.). We think we will, and hope so, but not sure. I’m telling you that if I suddenly disappear over the next few days, then we don’t have internet. If we DO end up having it, then I’ll make a quick post to say we do. Thank you so much and have a great day! Pray that we have internet! 😉


InnerStar U Starter Set July 20, 2010

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Hey everyone! My sister comes back from Nicaragua today! Thank you for all your prayers and have a blessed day!

But this post is mainly about InnerStar U. I just bought the starter kit! I earned the money and my mom ordered it, so hopefully it’s on it’s way! I can’t wait! You can check to see what InnerStar U is like on Liz’s website, American Girl Fan, here. I noticed that some of you had questions and complaints about InnerStar U, and I’m here to help.

From a parent on my website: “My daughter has purchased 3 American Girl dolls in the past three years, and I feel that it is a shame that she has to purchase another one just to access this InnerStar site.”

I’m sorry about how you feel! Actually, your daughter doesn’t have to purchase another doll. She can get the starter pack for $10 (free shipping). If she has only historical dolls, that is also OK. Historical Dolls are not featured on the site, but she can create a virtual MyAG. If you still are not sure, you can try out the free demo at American

From hew608: “When I searched American Girl, there was no starter kit. 😦 Where do you find it?”

Hew608, you can buy the starter pack HERE. Hope this helps!



Camp, A new Photostory & JULY 4TH PICS! July 15, 2010

Hi everyone! Just letting you know that I will NOT be on tomorrow (Friday, July 16) through next Monday (July 19). This is because I am going to camp with my church that weekend—Camp Dixie!!!!! I may or may not bring my doll, but if I do, I will TRY to take a few pictures but it is not guaranteed. If I can’t maybe I can make a special camp thing with my dolls or something here at home when I get back.  Also, yesterday my sister left for Nicaragua on a missions trip with her school. They are staying for a week and going to the biggest garbage dump in the world, home to hundreds and thousands of families. So please pray for us campers to have a safe trip and for my sister’s mission trip and that Nicaraguans will be saved. 🙂

In other news, I have made a brand new photo story on Picasa. I have decided that when I make a new photo story there, I will post a picture from it and a brief explanation wheat the story is about. Here I go:
Julie has always loved to play the violin, even before she came to AGDC. But when she’s really put to the test to see how well she plays, can she prove her musical heart well enough to get into a fine respected orchestra???”
To read this story, scroll down to my link bar and visit “Madeline’s Picasa Albums.” This will take you to my picasa page, where you can read a few photo stories. Many other stories are found on this site. If you’d like to comment on this story but do not have a Picasa, come back here saying you’ve read the story and what you thought of it. Thank you! NOTE: As for what I have decided, I am going to start to do some stories on picasa, some on here, so I can keep a well balance. I hope to add some more stuff here soon besides just photo stories. I am also working hard on making some AG videos for my youtube.

NOW, THE MOMENT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR….JULY FOURTH PICTURES! So, I got three pictures. Not too many, but I’m very thankful that these three sent them in! Thanks!!!!! I have also added some of MY pictures.

This picture was sent in by  Hannie (Hannah), from IrishGirl! I think it’s really pretty. All three of her dolls are celebrating America’s Independence with a party! I love all the decorations-the poster, the little mini paper chain…. the cookies are a nice little touch, as well! The clothes on the dolls are totally red, white and blue, too! Hannah is kind of an Irish-American girl living in Ireland, I guess you could say! LOL

This next picture was sent in by ANNE! Her doll Charlotte is doing a patriotic dance for her friends. I think this is really nice! You get the feel that Charlotte is really dancing, she’s not just standing still. The box is a cute little stage. The girls below look like they are really enjoying the performance. Are you? 😉

Last but not least…..Leanna’s picture! (Sorry Leanna I am not sure if this is the picture you wanted. I hope it is!) Leanna’s dolls, Kristy and Lanie, are having a picnic to celebrate the Fourth of July. Another great pic! The lighting is just very cool and still Summery in the picture. I like how she used the bandanna as a picnic blanket and I love the little food! And note that it’s food you eat at a picnic, she didn’t just stick a piece of pizza or beans on the plate.


Ok, now for some of mine…….

Earlier in the day before we go see fireworks, Julie goes on A little car ride. “Do you like my outfit?” she asks.

“Oh, look, look, look, Madeline’s mom!!!! Lemonade!!! Can we get some??? Pretty, pretty, pretty please???” I don’t know how anyone COULD say no! They were all little kids raising money for charity with big signs and waving flags. Right at a stoplight in a neighborhood, too.

“Yum, yum, yum! Dee-licious!” Those kid’s mommies sure do make some good lemonade!!!!”

(Sorry for the bad quality! I had to use flash and it always makes my dolls look all shiny and weird.) Later, we grab Addy decked out in her fourth of July wear and head to the fireworks show. “I can’t wait!” says Addy. “Me neither!” Julie agrees.

When we get to the sow, we sit on a quilt Madeline’s great grandmother had made. We meet our friend Nicki, too! “Hi Nicki!” And then we watch the fireworks. They were so pretty! Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Oh and I forgot to mention- we have some new people in “Our Friends and Their Dolls”. Visit the page to see!



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The long awaited release from American Girl has finally made it’s debut- TODAY! Along with an all new doll line replacing Just Like You: MyAmericanGirl Dolls! They are a new, cool version of JLY dolls- and they have an access to the online world of InnerStar U!

Here’s how it works: Each MyAG you buy comes with a code that you can type in online. Once online you can play all sorts of games and learn you things. You can decide how you want your doll’s personality, too. When you buy a new doll, she’ll come with a charm necklace and a single charm. Each time you buy a MyAG outfit, you receive a new charm.
Do you already have an old JLY? That’s fine! You can order the starter kit for a limited time all this summer. The starter kit comes with full access- a chram necklace, a code, a special treat for your doll, and more! That way you don’t have to spend so much money to buy a new doll. My JLY doll, Eva Grace, is going to be on it!!!!

Even a new book series will come out soon! Each is a fictional story where YOU can decide what happens!!!

As for the actual site, I don’t know if anyone has actual got to see it yet (the starter kits and new dolls are still being sent). So I’m not sure if you can “add people as friends” or whatever, but I do know that there’s all kinds of places on InnerStar U Campus that let’s you make new friends. To get a free tour of the campus, click HERE.

Here’s a video all about it:


Anyway, be sure to visit and see all the cool new stuff!


Leanna’s New Site! July 7, 2010

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One of my BFFs on the internet, Leanna, has made a website. She has been on here for a while and has a picasa, but she is going to make her very own website!!! She and I would appreciate it if you went to her website! It’s new so there’s not much to see right now, but she hopes to post more, so be sure to be checking!!!!

One thing that really was nice of her was she gave a shoutout to me! Thanks, Leanna!!!!!  Here’s the link to her site:

It’s called Me and My Dolls.

From, Madeline


Deadline Extended July 6, 2010

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Hey! You know my July Fourth photo thing?  I am extending the deadline to July 10, 2010. Not much people have been sending their pictures, so please, do so! They can be ones you have already used for a photo story or another contest! So don’t be shy! Get those pictures in and they’ll be displayed here! For more information, scroll down!
Have a blessed day!


Happy 4th of July!!!! July 4, 2010

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Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!

I hope you all are having a great time today!

Here’s a video of our national anthem…hope you enjoy!!!

Why do you love America? You may love the freedom of religion and speech. You may be from a different country and are glad that America welcomed you here. What are you thankful for?

My dolls are so thankful that they are free, and so am I. We are also very blessed here, even when we have bad economy situations.

God bless America!!!!!!!! America is a nation founded on God, and that is another thing we can be very thankful for. We can be thankful for our troops fighting over seas, too.

I hope you have a wonderful day going to church and doing maybe a fun celebration there, watching fireworks, having cookouts, and more. And don’t forget to send your pictures in! (Scroll down to post about that).

I have taped our local fireworks show for you to enjoy. I know I have some fans out of the country who are American/parents from America, and since they don’t get an oppertunity to watch fireworks on this day, it’s for them as well. It’s not the same, I know, but I hope you enjoy them! The first one may get boring if you have already since fireworks lately, but if they  do get boring, go ahead and watch the grand finale!!!! (Second video)

Click HERE to see video Number 1!

Click HERE to see video Number 2!



Award! July 3, 2010

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I got this a while back and never got a chance to do it! But now I can! Here I go….

I got this “Sweet Friend” Blog Award from Hannah (IrishGirl)! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

UPDATE: After awarding Leanna, she gave it back to me! Thanks, Leanna!

If you receive the award, here’s what you do!
1.Award and Tag at least 5 sweet friends on the internet.
2. Answer the tag (below) in your post.
3.You may tag the person that awarded you.
4. Comment on the post that awarded you!!!!
Here’s the tag:

1. Question: You are the ______ child in your family. Answer: Middle
2. Question: Do you have your own camera? Answer: No, but the family camera is 90% mine! 🙂
3. Question: List three of your character qualities: Answer: People say I am kind/sweet, and I am really creative/imaginative. (I try not to brag when I do these!) Um, and I guess people say I am very smart. My friends say that a lot!
4. Question: What is your favorite thing to blog about? Answer: Dolls! it’s what my blog is about. I love to post top-secret information about upcoming items, and I love to make photo stories and posting my doll’s adventures.
5. Question: How long have you had your blog? July 2009. My anniversary is coming up!!! 🙂

I am going to award these people:
Hannah (Irishgirl)- She gave me this so she already has one, but here’s another because she is a sweet friend! 🙂 Oh and she’s already done the tag so don’t worry about that!
Alexis (American Girl Today)
Liz (American Girl Fan)- Happy 2nd anniversary to her anyway! Her website is now 2 years old!
Leanna- She does not have a website, but she could do this on picasa!!!!!
Grace! (AgHorsesNintendo)
I also would like to nominate Quinlyn from Quinny and Co but she has been awarded this award  and others already and I wanted to pick people who don’t have a lot of awards!

Now please do NOT feel bad if you did not get it! I gave it to people who have websites because that makes it easier to pass on.  I would also have liked to give it to others, too, but I could only pick 5.
I will try to pick different people once I get another award!
Thanks again Hannah!!!


4th of July Fun! July 2, 2010


It’s only 2 more days until one of the most important days in American history- Independence Day. Over 200 years ago America became an independent country,and my dolls are ready to have fun with the Fourth! Are your dolls?
We hope so! Dress your dolls in red, white, and blue for the big day and make crafts with them. Eat plenty of watermelon and apple pie and ask your family to have  picnic at your local fireworks show. Bring your doll, I want to see those pictures!
That reminds me. You know how Liz asked all of you to share your summer photos? It wasn’t a contest, but she posted them all? I would like to do something like that. Here’s how it works:
1. Take a picture of your doll wearing/doing something that has to do with America or 4th of July. You could take her picture in her favorite patriotic attire, having a picnic with her friends, watching fireworks, or even dressed up like a  colonial girl who actually heard the news that America was free. Is your doll a different nationality, and proud to be an American? Express that. Plus, if you have any extra pictures such as a cool firework or a red-white-and-blue cake you might have made, or a craft, send that along with your doll picture.
2. Send your photos to Deadline is July 7, so you have enough time to take pictures of her on the actual fourth or around that time. I will display the photos soon after.
3. Have fun that day! Hopefully I can get my dolls to do something. They will be coming to a Fourth of July fireworks show with me, so  might be able to show those pics.
5. ONE MORE THING- If you have an idea for a fourth-of-july craft or recipe, that’s great too.