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Happy Thanksgiving! November 25, 2010

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Happy Thanksgiving! Today is the day of thanks to God and being thankful for what we have. What are your thanksgiving traditions- do you have a feast at your grandma’s, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with your cousins? What are you thankful for?
My dolls are giving thanks today too. Josie is going to give thanks because she is getting her hair re-done today (downy-dunking it, washing it, putting the braids back in). They’ll feast later on, too. Some of the things I am thankful for are:
1. Jesus and my salvation
2.My family and friends
3. Clean water and fresh food
4. Ability and health
5. A car, a roof over my head,  a bed to sleep in each night
6. A Christian school to go to
7. A life that God has given me.
and so much more. There are so many things that we take for granted- even the sun rising every morning. Many people have never drank clean water. So, today, let’s pray and give thanks for all that we have- needs and wants. God is good- no, he’s GREAT!


Samantha Posts Again!!!!! October 30, 2010

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hello guys its me samantha. dont you miss me posting on here. i know you do. hehe! well anyway i’ll freshen some stuff up for you.

well anyway im sure all of you know that tomorrow is the big day. halloween! i plan to gain 1o pounds of stuffing at the least. im going to get fat from candy, i can assure you.  anyway, you know how i am being a seaweed lagoon monster princess? well, after kit saw my costume SHE wanted to be one too! and at first lulu was going to let her! UGH I wish madeline would put kit on ebay. that would show her.
but then madeline made kit be a  boo baby ghost again because it wasn’t fair and besides madeline had made that costume for kit. and of course kit bawled into big baby tears. goooooooodness that girl acts like she was born in the factory yesterday!!!!!!! she is waaaaaaaaaaay below eight years old!!!

anyway last night i watched my movie, samantha an american girl holiday. it made me miss home. i miss my uncle gard and aunt cornelia. and bridget and jenny and nellie and grandmary and even that horrid kid eddie. ive learned to be a lot more tough since i came to agdc and now i bet you i could beat him up!

in other news madeline is reading a book called heidi. it is one of those classics. and i think she is going to make a story of it with us! oh, if it’s true what she’s doing, i want to be heidi!!!!! in the book she has black curly hair, and im sure i could curl my hair. oooooh i really want to be her!!!!!!!!!!

well i’ll post soon!!!!!!


Doll Halloween Costumes! October 10, 2010

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Hi! Today my dolls chose their halloween costumes!

Kit chose a silly ghost as her costume. To make this outfit:
1. Lay a white sheet of fabric/cloth over your dolls head equally.
2. Using a fabric pen, trace eye holes based on where your dolls eyes are.
3. Remove the sheet and cut out the holes.
4. Cut out a “smile” from black felt and hot-glue on.
OPTIONAL: Cut arm holes. Use a fabric pen to draw squiggly eyebrows.
5. Lay back over your dolls head and ta-da!

Eva Grace chose a Asian Geisha. It is made from Ivy’s New Year Dress, and I added a small fan in Eva’s hair, then putting it in a bun with chopsticks.
Julie chose a Pioneer. I made this costume-it is a McCall’s pattern. 🙂

Addy chose a Phoebe Fraunces costume, which is made from Felicity’s meet dress. Phoebe Fraunces was a freed African-American girl during the Revolutionary War era (we read about her in school).
Molly chose a Hip Ghostly Girl costume. We found this top in the dollar section at Target-they have tons of doll-sized seasonal T-shirts  throughout the year! The pants are from build-a-bear.
Josefina is a pet trainer. Her clothes come from different Our Generation outfits.

Samantha is quite the class clown- HER outfit is a “Hawaiian Seaweed Monster Princess”. Heehee! Her costume is made from Chrissa’s Swimsuit and yellow flower accessories from Molly’s Hula Dancer Costume (the green lei is from party city) and a grass skirt. How to make the grass skirt:
1. Take a green sheet of construction paper and cut lines from the bottom to the top (leave an un-cut space at the top).
2. Shape it around your doll’s waist. If the skirt is to big, trim the sides. If it is too long, trim the bottom.
3. Secure with a safety pin or scotch tape.

Lulu is a Candy Corn Cutie. Her top is part of her meet outfit with a candy corn sticker on her right chest. The skirt is made from a white piece of fabric being wrapped around her waist and secured with a safety pin in the back. The socks are from the dollar section at Target.
Felicity is a Ranch Gal. Her outfit is a Cowgirl Outfit from Our Generation.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the costumes and learning how to make them! To read the mini-story that goes along with it, please visit HERE.

Have a great day! God bless you!


Apple Orchard! September 6, 2010

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As I told you about in my previous post, this past Saturday I got to go to the mountains with my family, close friend-family, and best friend. We only live a two hour drive from the mountains, so it was a day trip, but it was really fun! Our dolls got to tag along.

My friend Abby and I brought our dolls. She brought her Nicki, and I brought Lissie. Here are our dolls in one of the signs! It was so awesome stepping out of the car and feeling that cool mountain breeze. Fall is here again!!!!

It was just fields of apple trees and wild blackberries you could just pick and eat!!!!!

Justus Orchards rocks!!!!!

Oh, it was just so fun picking apples off the tree and just eating them!  After trying an apple and you liked it, you could pick more to put in your bucket. If you didn’t like it, you just threw it on the ground. Of course there were many rotten, half eaten apples on the ground.

If you needed a certrain amount of a certain type of apple, you could just buy a bag. Here Felicity and Nicki look through some of the bags, although I’m sure they were eager to get outside and pick their own.

APPLE DONUTS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The baskets.

There were lots of other stuff here then just apples- you could pick your own blackberries, buy fresh veggies, or even try boiled peanuts.

Me and Abby( you may know her as “pepperlot”) picking apples. (I’m the brunette in the red shirt). Oh my goodness, these apples we are picking were SOOOOOOO good! They tasted like candy!!!!

Nicki poses with a fresh pumpkin.

Yummy! These were the Ambrosia apples, I believe.

A green apple tree.

Nicki and Lissie hitch a ride.

Headin’ back for some cold apple cider (it got pretty hot after a while) and some yummy apple donuts!

The end! Hope you enjoyed!



An American Girl Doll Central Thanksgiving November 27, 2009

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“OK, everybody! Settle down, settle down! Everyone stand back!” Molly McIntire was trying to push off 8 excited girls off her. Molly was the leader of AGDC, and they decided that she should run the Thanksgiving Feast, as long as Addy helped her cook the food, since Addy was the best cook in the dollhouse. But since Molly was running the feast, everyone had questions and everyone quickly decided that she would them with buttoning their nice dresses or help them on their “Thankful” acrostic for school.

Lulu finally helped Molly line them up in a line. “Ok,” Molly began. “Today is Thanksgiving, and we are going to have a better one than we did last year. Don’t even make me remind you. Thank goodness Madeline didn’t have a blog back then, where she can show us to the world. No. This year’s will be inspirable. You here me?” The dolls nodded and raised their hand to their forehead in a salute. “Ma’am, yes, Ma’am.” Molly nodded. “Ok, then, recruits. Everyone dress in a nice outfit, a dress or skirt outfit. If you need help zipping or buttoning, go get Lulu. She’ll help you. Then I want everyone to retreat to the main doll dining hall, A.K.A. Madeline’s living room. Now everyone pledge.” The dolls nodded . “My country tis’ of thee, sweet land of liberty, of the I sing! Land where my father died, land of the pilgrim’s pride! From every mountain side, let freedom RING!”

When they got there, Molly and Addy cooked good food and decided to make a buffet of it so it would be easier and more organized to get everyone’s food.
Yum! But before anyone could get their food or eat, they gathered at the table.

Molly spoke. “Ok, is everyone here? Good job, recruits. Before we eat, let’s do devotions and have prayer. Kathleen and Elsie, will you help us out?” The twins nodded, excited to take such responsiblity.

Kathleen began with a word from the Word.  She found a very nice verse for the occasion in Psalm. “Enter His gates with Thanksgiving,enter His courts with praise.”

Everyone bowed their heads and closed their eyes, and Elsie began to lead the prayer.

“Oh, Father in Heaven. Thank you for this day, for our friends and family, and I thank you for everyone in this room, O Lord. Thank you that we can come together today to feast on food you gave us. Please help us to remember that today is the day that we serve you and thank you. We thank you for sending your son and all you’ve done. Help us to remember that. Bless others with us. Guide us through the day and help us to be more like you. In Jesus name, and everybody said, ‘Amen'”

The dolls started down the line, each picking a piece of food from each plate.

From the back of the line.

All the dolls sat down and enjoyed an great feast!!! Then Elsie had a great idea.

“I know!” she said. “How about we all go around and say what we are thankful for? I will start. I am thankful for, as I said before, that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. God gave his only son for me. He died for me,a sinner! I think that is just something to praise the Lord for. Kit?”

“Um… I am thankful for my Molly and Lulu and all my big sisters. I love them all so much for protecting me. For loving me and making me food and tucking me in bed and caring for me. I am thankful for my mommy Madeline. I know some dolls aren’t as lucky as me. Their mommies sell them on ebay bare, cold, and messy-haired. But I have clothes, I am warm, and my hair is brushed and neat. All because of my mommy and great sisters.” Everyone went “Aww.” when they heard this.

Addy was next. ” I am thankful for freedom.  I am thankful that I am a freed girl and I know what it is like to be locked up and treated like a work animal. But now, I can fly and I am free and I live in a free nation. That is what I am thankful for.” Felicity was next. “I am thankful for ability. I have two legs and arms that help me run and play freely. I have eyes that see clearly, ears that hear delicate music and pounding, a mouth that will talk and eat food. My nose can catch and ring up thousands of different smells. Some children don’t have all of these abilities.

Molly started hers. “Like Kit, I am thankful for family and friends. I am in a grand home with humans and fellow dolls that love me and keep me safe. You all mean so much to me. And Madeline, she dresses me and feeds me food and does that most creative fashions in my hair.  I love her. And I love all of you. I love my family and friends, and that is what I am thankful for. Josie, you may go.” Josefina smiled. “I am thankful for color and creativity. I am thankful for a world I live in, where nobody is the same. Every country, city, and family have different traditions. When I step out of the house, I hear voices of children, see a blue sky and sunshine,  and smell great things. My friends and even family members are all different. I am also thankful for education, where I can grow up to be the woman I want to be, and I hope that God will guide me in my path.”

It was now Samantha’s turn to say what she was thankful for. “I am thankful that I have things I need when I need them. I have a bed when I am tired, food when I am hungry, medicine when I am sick, family and friends around me when I am lonely. I am never really needy. God has blessed me. I am also blessed with things I am not in need of, but I am fortunate with things I also want. I have games and toys and more clothes than ever when I only really need one outfit.  I am in a wonderful wold, and I praise God for it. Eva Grace, it is your turn.” Eva Grace smiled an sat up. “Well, OK.” she began. “I am very thankful for water and clean clothes and food. Not much people here realize that clean underwear and warm socks would be only a dream to some people in other countries. And the only water some kids every see is the dirty water with trash floating all in it. I am thankful for that everyday I wake up to brush my teeth in clean water. I can take baths in clean water. Drink it, water flowers with it, use it for pleasure and more. I am thankful for this wonderful home and all of you guys.”

Next it was Lulu’s turn. “Ok, first of all, let me say this has been a wonderful time with you guys from the day Madeline  took me out of that box. I love all of you. I am thankful for what we are eating right now.  A FEAST. A BIG, blown-out FEAST. And this is only a third of our meals each day. You know how much this would mean to a girl in Kenya, where I came from? They have to walk miles for a handful of dried rice. And that’s all they have for that day, everyday. But we all have more than a Kenyan girl could imagine in one plate. And we all have our own flavored refreshments. I am thankful for food and water.” Kathleen was last but not least for saying what she was thankful for. “I am thankful for everything. But I am thankful for you guys. We could be stranded in the middle of Africa or the streets in China and I would feel the exact same-happy, as long as I am with you girls. You mean the world to me. And my twin sister, Elsie. I love you so. I am also thankful for food, water, clean clothing, ability, creativity, education, family, friends, big sisters, freedom,  and salvation. Folks I could stand here all night naming things I am thankful for, thanks to you. Thanks.” Everyone cheered for everyone. This was a special time. “Ok,” Molly called cheerfully. “Let’s all get a family photo!”

TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Josefina Montoyez, Eva Ward, Samantha Parkington, Lulu Kibwana,Kit Kitteredge, Felicity Merriman, Molly McIntire.
BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathleen Mackenzie, Addy Walker, Elsie Dinsmore

Funny Faces LOL!

Bounus Content:

My dolls are also thankful that they are able to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! 🙂

Well, Thank you for reading! What are you thankful for? COMMENT AND RATE!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hey, everybody! Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry about we have missed Give Thanks Week these last two days ago, nobody really has sent us anything but Leanna. Please send in your photos before the week is over!!!

My doll’s Thanksgiving celebration should be posted either this evening or tomorrow at the latest. If anyone else has a Thanksgiving doll celebration or anything going on at their site, please tell us! 🙂

Have A Happy Thanksgiving! Here are “Questions to Think About”:
1. Where/What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
2. What is your favorite meal or course that you get to have on Thanksgiving?
3. What are you Thankful for?


“Give Thanks” Week – Day 2 November 22, 2009

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It’s day 2 of Give Thanks Week, and Leanna’s two dolls, Ana and Kristy, would like to share with us what they are thankful for.

Leanna’s doll, Kristy, is thankful for food to and a place to eat it.

Ana is thankful for shelter.

Well, that’s it for today’s “Give Thanks” photos. Send in your own before the week is up! 🙂 Thank you!



“Give Thanks” Week – Day 1

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Ok, I’ll kick-off Give Thanks Week. This is my own entry as Madeline, LOL. I have three photos.

My dolls, Eva Grace and Felicity,  are thankful for food to eat, and the opperatunity  to bring the extra that they don’t need to a food drive.

My doll, Addy, is thankful for music and the ears to listen to it.

My doll, Elsie, is thankful for Jesus dying on the cross for her sins.

Well, that’s that! Join us next time and enter your own photos! COMMENT AND RATE!


“Give Thanks” Week November 21, 2009

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Hello everyone! Next week, as you should know, it Thanksgiving. My dolls WILL be celebrating, and you can join the fun. Next week is Give Thanks Week. It will last until Sunday, November 22—Saturday, November 28. All week we are giving thanks for everything we have and for our protection. If you would like to join the fun, you can!

Send in a picture of your American Girl or other dolls doing or *eating* something having to do with Fall or Thanksgiving. Then tell us what your doll is thankful for and why. If you’d like, you may have all your dolls share one thing that they are thankful for, OR you may do each doll individually.
1. Only pictures that have to do with dolls. (For example, you AND your doll can be in that picture, but please no pictures of JUST you.
2. This is NOT  a contest or competition. EVERYONE who enters WILL have their entry posted.
3.  Please include what your doll is thankful for in the picture, not two different, random things. (Example: A picture of a doll hugging another doll would be good for: “My doll Maria is thankful for friends and family”. But a picture of a doll eating turkey would not be good for that same idea.)

Please Send:
1.Your first name OR nickname
2.Your Doll (s)  name(s).
3.A picture of your doll doing or eating something that has to do with Fall or Thanksgiving
4. What your doll is thankful for and why


PLEASE enter and Enjoy!


Happy Dolloween 2009 November 1, 2009

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IMG_1953“Hey everybody!” Lulu the Street Skateboard Girl called. “Is anyone ready for Trick-Or-Treating? I got all the treat baskets out.” The American Girl Doll Central Dolls ran to Lulu. “Yeah, we are ready!” Josefina the Hawaii Girl said.

IMG_1954 Carefully Lulu explained the directions of what was going to be happening. “Ok, girls. We only have time for 4 houses tonight. Two on Star Tile Lane, and two on Hallway’s Pass Avenue. Do not go to the house on Gallery Rest Street.” Kit shivered. “But Lulu, what’s on that street?” Lulu said simply, “You don’t have to know. Just don’t go there, Kit.”

IMG_1956“I made my own bag,” said Molly. “Hey Lu, where’s Addy, Eva Grace, and Kathleen?” Lulu said, “They have offered to hand out candy. They’ll catch up with us later.”

IMG_1957The first house the dolls stopped out was the Strollers’ house.

IMG_1958“Um, Lulu? Does this mean the house is a scary one?” Kit asked, pointing to a sign that read, “ENTER IF YOU DARE!” Lulu shook her head. “Of course not, Kit. This is just the Strollers’ house. Don’t you remember their girl Maggie? Sad, she got very sick not that long ago. Give it a knock, it’ll be fine.” Kit raised her hand and gave a knock. In about 10 seconds the door swung open.

IMG_1959Out came a sick looking little girl. “Trick or Treat!” said the dolls, careful not to overwhelm the girl. “Oh.. you are a big group, huh? Um, look. I have this big bag full of candy. You each choose ONE and run along, OK, kids?”

IMG_1964Maggie put two candies in each of the doll’s baskets and told them goodbye.

IMG_1965“Well, THAT was a little awkward. She even called us “kids” when most of us are older than her.” Felicity observed. “Well,” said Samantha. “I’m not trying to be mean, but I think that girl is a little crazy in the head!” Elsie stopped them. “Girls, God made everyone different. And everyone’s special. So hush about this girl!”

IMG_1966Then Elsie ran over to another door. “Lulu, may I knock this door?” Lulu nodded. “You go, girl.” Elsie knocked. The door swung open, but when the dolls peered in, they couldn’t see anything. “Guess they are not home. Oh well.”

IMG_1967“WAIT! Down here!” Two little mini dolls were laying on the floor. “I’m Julie. I’m going for halloween as a pioneer girl!” said one. “I’m Kirsten. I’m an abstract painting!!!” said the other. “Uh..A what?” asked Josefina. “AN ABSTRACT PAINTING! A wild, pictureless painting!” Josie nodded. “Oh. Not to be pushy, but do you guys got any candy?” “Actually,” said Julie. “We were just about to go Trick-or-Treating, we weren’t planning to stay home.”

IMG_1968“Well, you can join us if you like,” said Molly. “OK!” said the mini dolls. They jumped into Molly’s treat bag.

IMG_1969“Here we are at the second house.” said Lulu. “You knock, Sam.” Samantha the Cheerleader knocked on the door.

IMG_1970“OOOoooHhhh!” ooohhhhed a girl who was a Hospital Patient for halloween. “Every single witch and ghost my pick 2 candies from my cauldron, it’s my toast!”

IMG_1971“Um, what exactly does that mean?” asked Molly.

IMG_1972“I dunno, I sort of just made up. You guys can just get whatever you want.” Eva Grace said. “But you guys GOT to help me. My friend Louise was going to be Trick-or-Treating with me, as a doctor. We were going to be parters. But it turns out she couldn’t make it. No one else will let me trick-or-treat with them!!!! Can I go with you guys?” Lulu smiled. “Well, we already got some tagalongs,” she nodded toward the mini dolls. “But sure, you can join us.”

IMG_1974“Let’s Trick-or-Treat here!” said Eva Grace, pointing to a house with a pretty glowing pumpkin. She knocked on the door.

IMG_1975Out came a girl dressed as an African Princess. “Oh, look at you, pretties!” she grinned. “I’m Addy. Well you know me!!! I’m your sis, of course!”

IMG_1977“Yeah, everyone pick something from my can.” Josefina picked Starburst and said, “Hey girl, want to Trick-Or-Treat with us?” Addy smiled and agreed.
IMG_1978“Hey, I want to go down this lane!!!” The dolls almost didn’t noticed the youngest doll of eight stroll down a path of danger. “WAIT!” shouted Lulu. But it was too late.

IMG_1979Kit was in the hands of a hideous, nasty, horribly scary house. The gate closed behind her. “Oh!!!” Kit winced. Scary things were everywhere! There was a ghostly thing sitting on a glowing pumpkin. There were cobwebs everywhere. And the most horrible, A 50 FOOT TALL, SCARY MONSTER!!!!!!!!

IMG_1987Everyone was scared. Dolls piling together.

IMG_1988Candy and treats were forgotten and spilled to the ground.

IMG_1990Cobwebs were on everyone and everything. “EEEK!” says Molly. 😦

IMG_1985“The Lord is with me, I shall not be afraid……”

IMG_1994“Oh, man!” winced Kit. She gulped.  “Only an angel can save me now!!!” As strange as it may seem, so it happened.

IMG_1998She must have heard the racket. An angel came out of the house…. at least, a girl DRESSED like an angel. Kathleen Mckenzie, on of the sweetest girls in AGDC, had set this up!!! “Oh, I’m ever so sorry if your scared, my dear!!!” Kathleen said to Kit. “SCARED?” Kit said. “Of COURSE I’m scared! Why in the world did you even think about setting this UP?” Kathleen pointed to the 50 foot tall scary monster. “I didn’t. It was our butler friend, Jenkins. I tell him not to scare everyone, but he does it for the teenagers.” Then she turned to Jenkins. “Hey, take the scary mask off!!!”

IMG_2002“Well, if you insist!” laughed Jenkins, pulling his face off.

IMG_2003“Look, kid, I’m sorry if I scared you and ya friends.” Jenkins apoligized.
“It’s ok, Mr.Jenkins. Bye!” Kit said. “Wait!!!!” Jenkins called. “I’ve got something to repay you for scaring ya.”

IMG_2004Then he filled Kit’s treat basket with candy and told her to share it with her sisters. “Thank you, Mr. Jenkins!!!!!” Kit shouted. “I WILL!”

IMG_2006TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Lulu as a Street Skateboarder Girl; Samantha as a Cheerleader; Felicity as a Movie Star; Elsie as a Pumpkin.
MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT:  Addy as African Princess; Kit as Olympic Swimmer; Eva Grace as a Hospital Patient; Josefina as Hawaii Girl; Molly as Mall Cop.
BOTTOM: Kathleen as Angel; Mini Kirsten as Abstract Painting; Mini Julie as Pioneer


IMG_2012Here is me as Ketchup for Halloween! Hahahahahaha!

tnHere is a picture of Mackenzie’s Julie doll as Pumpkin. HeeeHee! (sorry it is sideways, you might have to turn your head!)