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Madeline’s Sewing Store USA! March 28, 2010

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Hey! I just wanted to let you all know about my sewing store, Madeline’s Sewing Store USA. You can buy all sorts of things, including things for your AG doll. There’s so much more! Plus tips on sewing! You can find the link on your right. Thanks!


Happy St.Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2010

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Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Felicity and Kathleen are ready to have fun, all dressed in their greens!!! Are YOU wearing your own sweet shade of verde?

Be sure to EAT those greens too!!!! Heehee!

American Girl Dolls can also be “green” by turning off lights when they are not being used! Hah!

Have a great, green day!!! Check out our fan page on Facebook (American Girl Doll Central) to see the full album!!!


My 101st post!!! March 12, 2010

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Hey! It is AGDC’s 101st POST!!! YAY! Do you remember?????…..

*When AGDC first made its debut in July 2009?
*Our Very First Photo Story??? It’s definitely much more different then how they are now!!!
*The first time we heard about what the GOTY 2010 could be like? We were actually way off.
*A Very Silly Dolloween 2009?
*When Elsie and Kathleen were Reunited???

We’ve always had a great time!!!! Fell free to view all our posts! Thank you so much all my friends and fans you make this possible!!!
From, Madeline ❤



Hannah and Samantha DOLL CHAT!!! March 10, 2010

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On the right here is the beautiful, lovely Hannah, in her pretty little tea dress, and on the left is our own…..*special*… girl in her um…..*adorable*…….outfit.

(sammigal120 has logged on)
sammigal120: hannah, are you on?????????
(hannahsmith6 has logged on)
hannahsmith6: yah, what’s up?
sammigal120: guess what?
hannahsmith6: what?
sammigal120: guess!!!!!!
hannahsmith6: IDK what!
sammigal120: IM GETTING A BLOG!!!!!!
hannahsmith6: NO WAY!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESSS!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!
sammigal120: yah, cool!!!!!! i like, cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! 😀
hannahsmith6: WAY cool! LOL! so when will you get one?
sammigal120: sometime after my surgery. and then i have to take typing lessons.
hannahsmith6: totally. what r u doing this weekend?
sammigal120: IDK! I know it’s totally warm outside lately. Madeline has school off Thursday and Friday, so she’ll probably do something with us!!!
hannahsmith6: yah!!!! oh, are u ready for he AGDC Olympics 2010????
sammigal120: im the leader!!!! why wouldn’t i be????
hannahsmith6: i heard kit is gonna join up on the besties
sammigal120: yah…. sigh… 😦 she’s a pain in the butt
hannahsmith6: i think she’s cute!
sammigal120: yah, only you don’t have her as a sister!!!!
hannahsmith6: sisters???? try living with julia.
sammigal120: yup, but your sister doesn’t go up to your mom and say, “Hannah wont let me in her club olimiks thing make her!!!!!”
hannahsmith6: julia has done worse.
sammigal120: sigh
hannahsmith6: sigh
sammigal120: im totally bored. lm’   lm’   lm’   lm’   lm’
hannahsmith6: what is THAT????
sammigal120: little dogs. see:   lm’
hannahsmith6: o
sammigal120: yah
hannahsmith6 see you tomorrow, BFF????
sammigal120: tomorrow, BFF! 🙂
hannahsmith6: bye!!!!
(hannahsmith6 has logged off)
sammigal120: bye!!!!!!!!!!!!
(sammigal120 has logged off)
(chat room empty)


Monthly book review for March March 6, 2010

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I read about a girl named Hannah from Hannah’s Hangout who does monthly book reviews (the link to her wonderful blog is on the little box thingy) !!! I think it will be nice to put them here, for fun and to help you if you don’t know what to read. I will do them at the start of each month to review books I read in the previous month. I’ve decided to only do one to start off with, then to show the one I’m currently reading.  Ok so starting…..

Title: Allie Finkle’s Rules For Girls:The New Girl
Author: Meg Cabot
Things to know about these books: Allie Finkle is a 9-year-old girl in the fourth grade who believes the world revolves around rules. Not horrid rules like your parents or teachers might plan up, but ones that you’d believe from this lively little girl. Some of her rules are: Never eat anything red; Tacos make everything better (well, almost everything); It is impolite not to high-five someone if they are high-fiveing you; Little brothers can be such phonies sometimes; It’s never funny if someone’s feelings are being hurt; All you need is friends; When the mother of your soon-to-be kitten is at the veterinary hospital  in premature labor, and you don’t know if you are getting a cat or not, and a girl in your class says she is gonna beat you up, and you know if you mess up, she’s going to do it for sure, it’s hard to concentrate on spelling, and more. Each chapter in the book is a rule, usually relating to something happening in the chapter.
What I thought of the book: Very good book!!!! I love these books and how they are planned out. Allie has just moved (see in book 1 of the Allie series) and now she is starting a new school at Pine Heights Elementary with nobody but her friend Erica and some other nice girls. The worst part is, a girl named Rosemary wants to beat her up (very awkward, so read the book to find out why!) and when I was in the middle was sort of amazed to see how both Allie’s dad and uncle encouraged her to do things (that in my case, aren’t good at all and I couldn’t see why the author put it in the book) like punch Rosemary in the nose or say “Actually, Rosemary, I’m going to beat you up” or something like that. But Allie had already thought both plans were bad. At the closer to the end, a janitor talks to Allie about true friendship and what the story is behind why Rosemary wants to beat her up and what she should do about it. I liked what the janitor said, and it wrapped up the story a whole lot better than I thought, and then I realized how the author put all the bad encouragement from her dad and uncle as a bad thing to do about the situation. Plus, there are other adventures Allie must face. I really like the book so 5 stars!!!!!! You should read it, too. But, read them in order because if yuo don’t (like I didn’t) you won’t understand it and have to read some over (like I had to)!!!! LOL!

The book I am reading now is Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield. I wanted to first read it when me, my mom, friend, and her mom had a little movie night and watched the movie. Tune in next time on Monthly Book Reviews!


Subscribe to AGDC-Plus new Widgets! March 5, 2010

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If you’d like to receive e-mail notifications about what’s new at AGDC, please scroll down and click “Subscribe to AGDC!” Subscribe now!!!!!

Plus what’s new in widgets:
We have got 4 new widgets:
*Subscribe to AGDC
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*Search on AGDC: if you are looking for something in particular but can’t seem to find it, just search our website.
*The calender


The moment you’ve all been waiting for- Who Won the “February Fun” competition!

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Hello everyone! Well it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for- who won the February Fun Photo Contest 2010!!!!!! First of all, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who entered and you will all be getting a special certificate. You all did GREAT and this was a hard decision. But sit still while we anounce 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place!

3rd Place is awarded to……..Leanna!!!!!!
A special shout-out to you: Leanna, you did awesome!!!!! Your pictures were very lovely and cute. I like how you set up your own little doll room. The pictures were almost like a photo story that I’m reading in my head. I love the bitty bears and mini Rebecca!!! LOL!!! Yours matched very well,  good job!!! Everything did go together, and I could imagine the dolls exchanging valentines. A+++
What you’ve won: A special shout-out from me to you on AGDC (and soon Youtube); A special 3rd place certificate; and a Doll Pillow sewn by Madeline!!!
*Important Notice: I have not been clarified that you have got your parents permission. After you do, please send me the address you’d like me to send the package to in a email:

2nd Place awarded to: Hannah!!!!
A special shout-out from me to you: *I can’t yet give you a shout-out, though your pictures were awesome!!! The reason is because I may have accidently deleted or something…I don’t know. Please send it again and I will update this!!!!
What you’ve won: A special shout-out from me to you on AGDC (and soon Youtube); a special certificate; and a Doll Dress sewn by Madeline!
Notice: Please e-mail me the address you’d like me to send the package to!
1st Place awarded to:   Anne!!!!!!!!
A special shout-out to you: Anne, you did beyond amazing even in one picture! Everything cordinated and went together perfectly!!!! I LOVE the colors you used-red, white, pink, orange..awesome!!!! Your picture is very cheery and lovely; and just spells out V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S! You didn’t over-do it, as in you didn’t put too much in the picture to make it overwhelming to all take in at once- for example, your background was mainly two pillows propped up. You didn’t lay it off and put too little, either. You used accessories such as chocolate and valentine cards to complete the picture. A+++
What you’ve won: Special shout-out from me to you on AGDC (and soon Youtube); a special certificate; doll dress, doll pillow, doll blanket all sewn by Madeline!
Notice: Please e-mail me the address that you’d like me to send the package to!

Thank you and you ALL did a WONDERFUL job!!!!! Special thanks to all your dolls for being love-ly models! And don’t forget what Valentine’s Day is about- friendship and love. Have a GREAT day everyone! Good job!


Eva Grace is auditioning for AGMA Season 3! March 4, 2010

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Hey guys! Did you hear the news? Eva Grace has auditioned fro Season 3 of AGMA on Youtube! Please check it out! Me and her worked VERY VERY VERY hard on this so please enjoy and let Eva know she did a good job on everything. I can’t wait for the results, can you? There are over 100 contestants and AGMA must pick 20…….so there is a likely chance Eva Grace may not get in….. but hey, 20 people WILL get in, and maybe……JUST maybe…….. one of them will be Eva!


Eva Grace

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OMGOSH GUYS IM GETTING A BLOG!!!!!!!—by samantha elizabeth parkington March 2, 2010

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“sammi, i think you are ready for your own blog. you are a very precious little girl and i know you will have a great amount of fans and friends ad i know youll have fun. but, here, i have some rules:
1. “you must take typing and writing classes for a week with mrs.shoteworth at The American Social Doll Society Community Center in our town”
2. “you must give your sisters a good name, which basically means dont put anything mean about them on your blog”
3. “dont be on there 24 ours a day. i will give you limits on how long you can stay on and you must follow that”
4.”you may only get your blog AFTER you get back from sarah’s and you have good behavior there.
signing off,

NOTE: This does not mean Samantha is not dissapearing from AGDC forever. Only her mini-blogs are. But what is worth worrying-she’ll have her own special website. And she’ll still post here occassionally (besides, she hasn’t even gotten her blog yet.) But look out world, here comes SAMANTHA ELIZABETH PARKINGTON!!!!!!!