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“Meet Felicity” Book Giveaway! August 29, 2009

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Hi Guys! I have heard on another website that a lot of Doll sites are starting to do “Giveaways” lately. That is when you enter to try to win something the website is giving away.
Today I am going to make a giveaway for the book “Meet Felicity by Valerie Tripp. Yes, it is an American Girl doll book and of course it is about Felicity Merriman. Here is what I think of this book:
“I really love this book. It is about how Felicity finds a horse who belongs to a horrible man who beats the horse and makes it work. Felicity is determined to save the horse, who’d she name Penny, but how? She must find a way. Felicity finds herself meeting the horse every midnight to take care of it and give it love, and eventually set Penny free. Is it safe?”

Here are pictures!:
IMG_1180  IMG_1190

Here is how to enter:
Write a comment including your:
Great! That’s all you need to do. To figure out how to receive the book (how I am going to get it to you) You’ll have to win. 😉 Winner randomly chosen on: September 13, 2009
Enter before SEPTEMBER 8 and receive a cuddly reading buddy, which can also be used for a pet for the dolls!(ONLY if you win) The animal will be your favorite animal! (which is why we ask). Example, if you said you liked a bulldog or a seal, you might get one of these:

Anyway, Thanks! Please enter!


Traveling Doll Mia is Here!

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Hey Guys! I haven’t posted on here in forever (I mean, only ads,) but it’s been a while since I have posted a photo story. I saw that people haven’t visited my website lately, but it’s back! Yay! Ok, here it goes:

It was a fun summer day when there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it!” said Addy, and rushed o the door.


“Oh, it looks like somebody left this box here,” said Addy, puzzled. “I am going to take it inside and show some of the girls.

“MIA?” asked Addy. “Is that you in that box?” Addy remembered that she should have been expecting Mia, who was Kit Maria’s sister.

Addy called her sisters Felicity and Eva Grace and they all pulled the box of Mia.

“Hey, peoples!” Said MIa, bursting out of the box. “Kit Maria had a blast here, and I am ready to have just as much fun!” The circle of friends laughed and told stories.

Well, Mia is so happy to be here! Thank you for reading. And PLEASE PLEASE comment!