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Photo Gallery August 15, 2009

This is the Photography Gallery, the place where you can find pictures of doll collection, catolouges, or just pretty pictures featuring dolls! Enjoy!

Here are some cute, random pictures I took of my dolls!
IMG_0783 IMG_0834 IMG_0881
IMG_1252 IMG_1286 IMG_1291
IMG_1364 IMG_1395

Here are some old pictures I found online of old American Girl Catalogs. They are really cute!
Cat1992HolidayB Cat1993HolidayB Cat1997Holiday Cat1997HolidayC Cat1997Spring Cat1998HolidayC Cat1999Holiday Cat1999HolidayC Cat2000HolidayC Cat2001Summer Cat2002Spring

I also found some set-ups and pictures of some collections.
Equestrian1998 WinterFriends HolidayOutfits1996
TeaTime SamScenes

If you have a cool picture you’d like to share, send it to:


27 Responses to “Photo Gallery”

  1. AGlover Says:

    That’s great! Try to find more! If you can.

  2. goodfruit12 Says:

    Hey this is for the contest thing…. My name is Meghan Slusarski. I love your website. Plus my favorite animal is a PENGUIN. of course u knew that madeline. Love your website Madeline. 🙂 See you soon 🙂

  3. hannah Says:

    i got a copy of the first americangirl magazine do you want me to send a picture of it to you?

  4. hannah Says:

    i could take pictures of the inside too.

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Yes Hannah! I totally forgot to reply even though you wrote this like 4 months ago! But we would really like to see them! Send!

  5. grace Says:

    kits naked in that picture

  6. Rachel Says:

    What where you doing to Kits hair? : )

  7. I just stumbled into your site from Google images, and must say I’m impressed. Very nice work you have here.

  8. B Says:

    As an avid photographer, I’m happy to have found your website. It’s always nice to see other’s work and get new ideas; it’s refreshing and gets the creative juices flowing. Everyone’s style is so unique. Check out my site if you’d like at

  9. i think i saw rebbecca in the 4th picture!!!lol
    u just get her or somthing!?!?!?

  10. Victoria Says:

    Madeline I would never have thought of that!=)

  11. Americangirlfreak Says:

    woah. where can i find more pics? 🙂

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Well, as far as my pictures, you can find them all over this site. As far as the old AG pictures, those can be found on American Girl Doll 🙂

  12. Amanda S. Says:

    Wow that is awesome! I enjoyed looking at the old catalouge covers!

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