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A New Web In Town! January 31, 2010

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Hey guys!
Most of you know I love to sew. I just wanted you to know that  I opened a blog about it and a shop where I sell the things I made! I hope you will check it out HERE!
Thank you!
From, Madeline


A New Little Face?

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I’m sorry, but I totally fell in love with the Madame Alexander Dolls! They are honestly the cutest things. Although there are many types of Madame Alexanders(cloth dolls, 18″ play dolls, fashionable collector items, etc.), the main and most popular are the 8″-10″ ones. They are between the Mini AG dolls and big AG dolls, and are adorable!!! The one pictured above is a Little Debbie doll, and I might get her! Isn’t she sweet!!! I love her hair. Kathleen loves her too. She shares that adorable face with the MA dolls. What do you think of these dolls? I truly love them and hope to get one soon! You may be able to find them at your local toystore; MA dolls are sold at a Toys & Co. store by my house! Aren’t these dolls just precious?


ITS SNOWING! by samantha elizabeth parkington January 30, 2010

hey everybody its samantha. NO I DO NOT POST TOO MUCH! well even if i do this is important. madeline and her friend ally and all of the AGDC dolls woke up to a WINTER WONDERLAND this morning! eahee! yay! where we live, we don’t get snow in december very much, we get it usually in january february and march and SOMETIMES the very beginning of april. anyway, this morning on january 30, 2010 we woke up to the first real snow of the year! Me kit felicity elsie and kathleen went to explore it, which WILL be made into a photostory. I was out playing but i started to freeze and madelines hands started to freeze holding the camera so she said we need to take a little break to get fresh dry clothes and hot chocolate, and then we can go out in a little bit to finish the pictures and play a little more. madelines also making a slideshow to put on youtube. her youtube name is: AGmadeline17
check out her channel. i can’t wait to share with you all the fun stuff in store when it’s up! Let it snow…Let it snow…Let it snow…
PLUS, it’s been snowing and sleeting all day today and is going to really snow AGAIN tonight! I’ve…been……dreeeeaaaaming of aaaaaa whiiiiiiite WEEKEND!
here is a SNEAK PEEK of the snow!


samantha freshens things up—by samantha elizabeth parkington AND KIT KITRIDJE! January 27, 2010

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hey guys it’s the best agdc doll ever samantha! well you see madeline hasnt updated her site in forever. its because she’s been terribly busy with sewing, dance, homework, and other stuff. one girl asked madeline if her blog had stopped. well there is one vow madeline made that you ALL need to memorize or at least get into your heads. I, Madeline AGDC, vows that I will never leave or end this blog unless it is impossible to continue or when I am old and weak and falling apart or if God tells me so. If it is possible, I will hand the blog to someone else who I can trust. But for now, as a young person, I vow not to leave this blog for as long as my dolls and I live on the internet! ok I think she made her point. so lets move on. madeline sat down with us and gave us a talk. she said that butiolekadnxefioedklszhrfjlnsdhtneirsghbfnishfnaehiwoHUTGVNRTGIJOVNRSYGPSVD;R hekrheiksntgvdfklmtfdjklrm,fduxjkntgcvx ./ter8ujlkr4fhjkntrcuvhjknm4redfsfdikl;rfdcjvxl;,r.efdchxioklmdfcxuiokl.,redfscxguoikl;45./temdfg cvx bn

(“KIT what are you doing?”)
(“Helping you.”)
(“You are not helping at all so go away.”)
(“That’s mean so I’m telling Lulu! LULU!”)
(” SHOOSH! Oh Don’t please!”)
(“I won’t on one condition… you let me help you.”)
(“OK. fine. Whatever.”)
(” You GOT to be nicer.”)
(“Ok, sit in my lap.”)

ANYWAY, madeline was saying that this blog is not hers but OURS. she said, ‘i am not trying to be mean my girls, but without you, my blog would not be here. so you have to get busy. brainstorm and figure out things that will entertain my readers. and act things out if you need to. i will repay you. i promise.’
ok, so i got josefina to brainstorm with me. she said we should do a teaparty theme for a photo story. i said, no, thats too boring. she said, how bout a rock and roll concert theme. i said, no, too wild
so i said, how about a birthday party? she said, but no ones birthday is coming up. and so i said, well make it up. well pretend it is one of our birthdays. so josie was like, ok lets tell the others!
(“I want to do it now, Samanthie!”)
(“Not right now, Kit. I am in the middle of something.”)
(“BUT I WANT TO!!!”)
(“Kit, stop kicking.”)
(“LET ME!!”)
(“Stop being bratty!”)
(“I’m NOT now let me ON or I’ll SCREAM.”)
(“Fine. You don’t scare me.”)
(“Roar! Ok here I go.”)
rtfuhnjk,tredopl;,./ ,5grfvcx gfhyrdfghdgferdfcxhjrdfyhjedcgb4nmwpjk,rfdc 89iopkl;,./5fgipoik;redfuiopl;34.emdn bcx73459I5RLEDSXHFLey79uwikl4r4,.fdesifedksvfhsldfdshfldgcyiu xo;78rehFG
(“Then show me how!”)
(“Ok. Now watch how I type.”)
hello my name is kit and my sister samantha is the greatest.
(“Typing is boring, Samantha. I’m leaving. Bye-bye.”)
(“Great. Go do your thing that you do.”)
ok sorry for the interruption. you know little sisters. anyway, josefina, felicity, eva grace and i are going to make this birthday party post to surprise madeline. its sort of a competition because molly,addy,lulu,elsie and kathleen are doing one together. kit is going over to maria kits house that day so she wont be here.  anyway, you know that new samantha doll across the street whos julias sister? yeh she is like my bff now. her name is hannah. shes so pretty and sweet and nice and guess what? you know how for the photo story competition we have only 4 and the other team has 5? she said she’d help us. i love her. like a friend, of course.
hannah likes the idea of a birthday party, although in my heart i know she may not work for us. you see the girls on our side are more careless about cursive writing and straight A’s and stuff but the girls on the other side are all highest academics. their photo story will look like madeline did it. but ours will have a….uh……”special”…doll personality to it. youll know who left their marks. anyway, hannah is a high academic cursive-writing girl. she may be more interested in what the brains have then what us besties have. wait… i got it! i got team names  for us!
The Brains:                                                The Besties:
Molly (team captain)                        Samantha (team captain)
Addy                                                      Josefina
Lulu                                                       Felicity
Elsie                                                       Eva Grace
Kathleen                                               Hannah (maybe!)

the qualities of the brains is that they are super good at working together and  that they are super smart and have high academics and can write in cursive. eva can write in cursive and is smart, but i want her to be on our team. anyway the brains can solve math riddles, know their way around the world with super geographical skills, and can recite the whole entire periodic table. they prefer mustard. the besties’s number one super power is girl power and friendship. they may not be as smart as the brains but they can recite the pledge of humor perfectly. they can ride unicycles and all are some part of the National Mega Annual Unicycle Awesome Extreme Power Races Of USA and Canada. and they are super super awesome. and they can shoot candy with their specially equipped Sweets And Treats Gun. they prefer ketchup. so there you go. which team are you rooting for?
gotta go propose this idea to molly the team captain of the enemy. so bye!


Interesting Doll Prototypes- TOP SECRET!!!! January 16, 2010

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Today I was surfing the web for American Girl Doll things, when I came upon an interesting prototype of American Girl Kit! I thought it would be nice to show it on my site! I also came across other  facts and prototypes, ones that you may find interesting! Enjoy!

Kit Kittredge Prototype SketchThis is the Kit Kittredge prototype sketch. Now let’s look how Kit REALLY turned out and see if we can  spot the differences.

Ok let’s see…
1. Kit is posed differently. One the Prototype, she is holing her pocketbook in one arm and the other is just posed outward. Her cardigan is on. She looks ready and quite peaceful. On the actual Kit, Kit seems like she has had a long day and happily coming home from school. Her cardigan is swung over her shoulder and and her other arm is lazily holding the pocketbook. In my opinion, she seems to be “walking” a little faster in the used one. The used one (I guess that’s what I’ll call it) seems to fit Kit’s personality more.
2. The main thing you’ll notice is her outfit is TOTALLY different. Well maybe not so much the outfit as it’s colors. In the prototype, Kit’s theme colors of her outfit seem to  blue and cream. Her cardigan sweater set is cream and quite plain. Her skirt is actually almost identical of the used one, just way different colors, as you can see. Kit’s hat is the only thing that differs from Kit’s two outfits totally (as well as figure shape and color). In the prototype Kit’s hat is straw and almost looks like a gardening hat in my opinion. It has a blue bow over to the side. Kit’s used hat is a simpler crochet knit cap with a ribbon all the way around it and a bow to the side. Her shoes are the same. I dunno about you guys, but I like the new one better.
3. Kit’s facial expression is not the exact same. It’s not like the “same exact figure” with different clothes, but her whole self is different. Her face in the prototype is more facing us, and her short blonde bob is shiny and can be seen on both sides of her face, sort of “curling” under her chin. Her face has more freckles in the prototype and her cheeks look very like “roses”. In the newer one, her face is a little different and she looks like she is “passing by” with a friendly smile, not paying attention to you as much as the prototype.
4. The plants are not the same!!!
I love Kit and she is one of the most favorite of American Girl Dolls for me. I, personally, like the newer one better and think it matches her personality in the books more, what do you think? Tell us!

The Sonali mold was not originally made to be a Sonali mold when American Girl chose to make one of it’s sort. It was first going to be the “Mia Mold”. That’s right, Girl Of the Year 2008 Mia. There had been many rumors about the red-head. She was at first thought to be Japanese like her author and wear glasses. Another rumor said that she was African American. Maybe this rumor almost came true. Facts show that prototypes of the Sonali mold wear made for Mia. Why do you think they decided to change it? That may be a question unanswered. However American Girl first used their “Mia” mold on Sonali, who was 2009 Girl Of The Year Chrissa’s best friend, along with Gwen. The three dolls and their collection retired in January 2010. Thye have also used this mold on Just Lie You Dolls. However, no Historical Doll bears the mold. But Kaya, Girl of 1764, as an unusual mold. Her mold is the only mold with a mouth closed. Her face also resembles the Bitty Twin Brunette Girl.
Mia St. Clair. This is how the Girl Of The Year 2008 turned out to look like, bearing the Classic Mold, first used on Molly, Kirsten and Samantha.

Why do you think companies change their ideas or use prototypes? Do you think the change of their products help them sell better?
Thanks! Comment and Rate!


Meet The Traveling Sisters, Marisol and Kaya! January 12, 2010

Hey guys! Guess what? There are new traveling dolls here in town! Sadly I haven’t even finished Mia Moyer’s story, but I am geting there and have already started on writing it! But meet our newest traveling SISTERS, Marisol and her little sister Kaya!

“Are you sure right address, M’sissy?” asked Kaya.
“I’m sure, Kaya. Now if we could just get up these stairs…” Marisol said.
“But M’sissy, legs TIRED!”
“I know, Kaya. Almost there. And have you been working on your English lately?”
Marisol’s little sister, Kaya, was Native-American and didn’t speak English perfect. Kaya was also quite young, so she still had a way to go.

“DOOR! Open!” cried Kaya, slamming her face into the door.
“FINALLY, we’re HERE! Golly, that’s a LONG trip!!!” Even Marisol almost slammed her face into the door.
“Kaya, stop yelling. Be patient. Ring the doorbell. The AGDC dolls have been expecting us, so they should get to the door real quick.”

Suddenly, the door opened and a friendly, Asian face appeared. “Hi! I’m Eva Grace. Are you two the Traveling Sisters we’ve been expecting?”
Kaya, seeing another doll who was so close and so wildly talking, began to feel uncomfortable and stepped back and twirled some her long, black hair into her face.
“Yes, we are! My name is Marisol Hattrich, and this is my little sister. Please excuse her shyness. And her English.  And how she chews on her hair sometimes when she’s bored or feeling shy.”
“Oh, it’s fine!” laughed Eva Grace. Then she turned to Kaya. “What’s your name?”
“Her name’s Kaya.” explained Marisol, suddenly getting embarressed.
“Oh, such a pretty name!” said Eva Grace. “Come in, come meet the girls.”

But before they could go into Madeline’s room, a figure popped out. “MARY-SOLD! KAYLA! YOU TWO COULD MAKE IT!”
The Traveling Sisters looked at each-other, confused.
“Thank you, we did. But our names our actually Marisol and Kaya. And you?” That was how Marisol replyed to Samantha.
“Oh. Ok then.. (sigh). What about Looren?”
“It’s LAUREN.”
“Oh. Ok. I guess…ah…(sigh sigh)…oh, I’m Samantha. Ok then. Bye.”
“Not so fast, Sammi! What did I tell you about listening or creating Gossip?” said Eva Grace.
“You told me, ‘Don’t listen to (sigh) Gossip because it’s wrong and it can hurt people and you may hear the wrong (sigh) thing.’ That is what you (sigh) told me….”
“Yep, and go tell the others the Traveling Sisters are here.”

“Ok! Everyone!” Eva tried to calm all the girls down. “These are our new traveling dolls, the “Traveling Sisters” we’ve talked about. This is Marisol, and this one is Kaya. I want all of you to treat them extra-special and be nice!” Then Eva turned to the sisters.
“Here are our girls. Get ready. (all in one breath) Josefina, Felicity, Molly, Samantha, Addy, Kit, Elsie, Kathleen,Lulu, and myself, Eva Grace (pant pant pant). Ok, we all must make this house ready for our guests. Molly and Addy, begin to cook dinner. Elsie and Kathleen, help set the sleeping bags and stuff out for the girls. Josefina and Felicity, help the girls unpack. Kit and Lulu, go around and help with a little bit of each of those. I will set the table for dinner.”

But before Eva Grace dismissed everyone, Kaya was already over in a corner setting up her things quietly.

Soon, dinner was ready. There was a great meal of Breadsticks, Hotdogs, Fruit, Pizza, and Soda. It was very yummy. But before it was over, the realized Kaya had dissappeared from the table. Felicity felt concerned and she went to the Guest’s Room to see if Kaya was OK.

And she saw the oddest thing! Shy, little, sweet Kaya dancing and singing her heart out with the music blasting! Felicity dissappeared into the shadow of the room and secretly watched Kaya until the music on her tape recorder nearly wore out. Kaya almost screamed when Felicity came out of the shadows and she realized she had not been keeping her special talent a secret and now everyone would know. But Kaya couldn’t let anyone else know! She just could not. Her heart for music could not be spread.

Kaya, in fear, instantly covered herself in her long, beautiful silk hair and hid in the corner.
“Why you in Kaya’s room!!!!” Kaya yelled. “You not go in here!!!! Felicity goes in Felicity’s room!”
“Calm down, sweetie. It’s ok. Why do you keep your wonderful talent a secret? You dance beautifully!”
“‘Cause people make fun me of my dance.”
“M’sissy. And The School People.”
“They are just bullies. And your sister does it because you are SISTERS. There has to be another reason as well.”
Kaya nodded.
“I get afraid to dance front of others. I afraid they laugh again.”
“You shouldn’t feel that way! They are laughing at something they shouldn’t laugh at. You should share your gift and do it for God. Tell you what? If you start sharing your dancing and singing in front of others and start to believe in yourself, I’ll take you to “The Singing And Dancing Show” downtown.

“Yes. I like music and dance show.”
“Ok, then it’s set!”

Kaya and Marisol are so happy to be here as Traveling Dolls! Tune in next time to see there next adventure!!!!


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samantha on “newcomers” January 11, 2010

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hey guys its your very best friend and greatest of the AGDC dolls, samantha. and have i got some juicy doll gossip for you.

guess what? we are getting new traveling dolls. i heard that their names are “kayla” and “mary-sold”. mary-sold is a weird name, but i dunno. thats what i heard madeline say. anyway, they are coming on tuesday of this week (madeline has sewing class and lots of homework on that day, so she won’t get the photo story up until wednesday or something)  and staying for a whole week. they are the dolls of madeline’s friend looren. (i am not surer if i spelled that right) but anyway yeah.

oh and guess what? there is a new doll in town. that’s right. Julia, eva grace’s BFF, has a new sister. they got her for  christmas. she is a samantha doll just like me. plus she’s MATTEL. i’m pre mattel. that’s a problem. maybe she won’t like me cause i’m PRE mattel. with her all ‘OOH IM MATTEL AND YOUR NOT’ attitude. 😦 hopefully not. hopefully she will set aside such a difference.

there is also a new blog. it belongs to a blog-a-friend of madeline’s. her blog name is AGlover, i believe. i think her blog is called American Girl Doll Family. it’s so awesome. people you guys have got to check it out. why? because i SAID so! and you will not regret it, it is a nice blog.  you’ll love it.
madeline linked it on the right where all the linked sites are.

well that’s all for today!!!! i love you guys. like a friend, i mean. you guys are totally awesomest. bye bye! BFF SEE YOU LATE-R!


VERY Important Information Concerning This Site January 3, 2010

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Hello everyone! It’s Madeline. I have very important for all the fans of this site. Don’t worry, it’s not sad like I’m discontinuing this site or anything, I couldn’t imagine that. But anyway, let’s get going.

Hey everyone!   First of all let me say some things are not getting done that should be getting done here on my part. Some posts that should have been posted are getting post-phoned or quitted. Maybe “Samantha’s Birthday Party” rings a bell? “Christmas Morning”? Some series of stories aren’t getting finished. I am sure you are familer with some:
1. The True Friend
2. Traveling Mia Moyer
3. Elsie’s Biltmore Adventure (not Baltimore, BILTMORE)
Trust me, I will get these done soon enough. Next, let me tell you sometimes it gets very hard to run a blog. Harder then you think at times. I don’t see the day when I will stop posting on this blog, but it does get a little tricky at times. I have homework, school, family, friends, parties, company, plans, vacation, I get grounded sometimes like a normal kid, and so on. My blog doesn’t “come first” in my schedule and I’m only 11 years old. You’ll have to excuse me sometimes. Though, I AM discontinuing one line in the AGDC program.
FeeFee the Fairy’s Club for Girls
I am only discontinuing it for a little while and I will try to bring it back, but for now FeeFee’s club is temporally closed. I’m sorry for those of you who enjoyed it, and the new FeeFee the Fairy Club will be even better in the future.
About New Year’s Eve with my dolls, that had to be post-phoned because of emergency reasons. But don’t worry, it’ll be up this week hopefully.
And what else is their to look forward to upcoming?
Kit Goes to the Carolina Panthers Football Game
Stuff I got for Christmas!
Things American Girl Doll do in their Spare Time
And more! Thank you for understanding!


Out with the Old, In with the New! January 1, 2010

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Hey everyone! Looks like the search is over. The rumors. The facts. The guesses. The ideas. She’s here, and there is no changing her. So why don’t you all give a big handclap to the newest American Girl, Miss Lanie Holland!!!
So Lanie, why don’t you tell us about yourself?
“Hi, my name is Lanie Holland, and I’m definitely an “outside” girl. I keep a notebook with factoids and notes and drawings and expirements, so you are dealing with a scientist here! It’s sort of hard having “outside” genes when the rest of my family has “inside” genes. I have two sisters. Number #1 is Angela, my sixteen year old sister who plays the cello and may have the most inside genes in my family! My other sister is only seven, and bugs me a lot and is very annoying, although she is my sister and I still love her. My dad loves paddle ball and the only time he gets out is to do that. He also cooks really cool food. And guess what? My very best friend Dakota is HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD in Indonesia rescuing orangutans. I feel like I never get to have an adventure. But then, my favorite Aunt Hannah comes and shows me the wonder in my own backyard.”
That’s cool! Sadly, both Chrissa and her friends and all her accessories are officially retired. Like the title says, Out with the Old, In with the New!
Also, Kirsten is also officially retired and now only available through Ebay or Craigslist or other websites like that.
It is a rumor that a new doll will be coming out this year to replace Kirsten as Rebecca did to Samantha.  This will be exciting!
Well, I hope you all have a great day!
Love, Madeline and the dolls ♥