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Meet My Dolls! August 3, 2009

Here is a list of my dolls you will be seeing in this blog. Eight American Girl Dolls, One Karito Kids Doll, two Life of Faith dolls, and more to come!

Molly Marie McIntire
You may call me: Molly
Quote: Peace, Love, Dolls! Let’s all have fun!
About her: Molly was my first doll. I got her in summer 2007. Her personality is kind, she is a friend to anybody. She can’t pick one best friend, she has too many!  Molly loves the big family, but she can’t help to cherish the times when it was just her and Kit, and Addy. She has a special bond between those two. Molly often thinks she gets left out in things for her little flaws on the outside (she has been loved a lot), but the girls encourage her and tell her she is beautiful on the inside, and that’s what counts. Molly is the oldest and the most experienced doll in this family and when she does not get to tag along on a few adventures that are meant for her other sister, she is left in charge and does a good job! Molly is the ‘leader’ of the AGDC dolls. Molly had her first theatrical role as Joseph in Christmas Play 2009. Molly is 12 years old.

Margaret Mildred Kittredge
You may call me: Kit
Quote: Have you ever flown in an airplane? I have!…. In my imagination, of course.
About her: Kit was my second doll. She was my sisters doll, and I didn’t like dolls that much when my sister had her. But when I got Molly, I got Kit out of storage and she was mine now. Her personality is that she is energetic and lovable, and is almost never shy, although she gets scared of some things. Being the youngest sister, (she is only 8 years old) she often gets upset when her sisters tell her she is ‘too young’ or ‘too little’ and tries to prove things to them. She is generous and cuddly (when she wants to be) and everyone is sure to love little Kit. Kit had her first theatrical role as A Heavenly Host in Christmas Play 2009. Kit is 8 years old.

Adigail Alliea Walker
Pronounced: (ADD-EE-GALE   ALL-EE-AH   WALL-KER)
You may call her: Addy
Quote: Come on, let’s go outside and have a picnic! Ohh, there’s a rainbow!
About her: Addy was my third doll. I got Addy for my birthday in Fall 2007. Her  personality is friendly and funny. She really loves to hang out with everybody, and no ‘best friend’. She is very energetic outside. She can sometimes be shy but other times outgoing, and when she feels sad and rainy, a rainbow is sure to follow. Her smile can cheer up anyone. Addy had her first theatrical role as a shepherd in Christmas Play 2009. Addy is 10 years old. 🙂

Maria Josefina Juana Claracita Montoyez
You may call her: Josefina or Josie
Quote: Bienvinedo, Amiga! Coma Estas?
About her: My fourth doll.I got her for Christmas 2007. Her personality is sweet and friendly. She wants to travel the world someday. She loves her sisters (they all do!) and often Samantha will talk her into doing things with her like staying up all night or camping in the living room (which is far away from Madeline’s room, where the dolls live, by the way).  Josefina is very organized and often sorts out things and can sometimes be like the secretary of AGDC. You know when you see Josefina by her fabulous braided hairstyle and beads. Josefina had her first theatrical role as Caesar Augustus in Christmas Play 2009. Josie is 10 years old.

Felicity Lee Merriman
Prounounced: (FELL-ISS-IT-Y   LEE   MER-I-MIN)
You may call her: Felicity or Lissie
Quote: I can play with you ALL, so don’t fight about who I love most!
About her: She is my fifth doll. I got her Summer 2008. Her personality and friendly and energetic. She is always on-the-go and she hates when people fight, and has to be the peace-maker a lot. Felicity LOVES horses and has a mare in the stables that she semi-sometimes gets to ride. But the best thing is Madeline promised to sign her up for horse-back riding lessons for Felicity soon so she’ll be able to learn to ride one properly. Sometimes Felicity can’t sit still and has trouble being patient. You will always have a friend in Felicity, though! Felicity had her first theatrical role as A Heavenly Host in Christmas Play 2009. Felicity is 10 years old.

Eva Grace Lyn Ward
You may call her: Eva or Eva Grace
Quote: So who wants to go to the mall with me? Anybody?

About her: I got her for my birthday 2008. She would be my sixth doll. Her personality is sweet and funny, she loves pink and she is very fashionable. She is very girly and cute. She loves her cousin, Simpora Reynolds, whom she rarely sees, but it is always a joy to get to. And her best friend, Julia Smith, who is a neighbor. Eva is Chinese-American, a fact that she does not always live out but something she DOES look forward to is Chinese New Year. Although the dolls nor Madeline’s family neccasarily celebrate it, but Eva Grace loves to learn about her heritage, make beautiful crafts, and wear new dresses. She invites her friends, dolls, and family to celebrate it a little with her as Ivy did to Julie in HAPPY NEW YEAR, JULIE! Eva Grace had her first theatrical role as Costumer in Christmas Play 2009. Eva Grace is JLY #30 and is 10 years old.

Lulu Rehema Kibwana

You may call her: Lulu
Quote: Maybe I can invent a fashionable soccerball…
About her: My 7th doll. I got her Christmas 2008. Her personality is cool and friendly. She likes to hang out with pretty much all her friends, she doesn’t have a favorite one, but since her and Molly ARE the oldest, they get to do the special things together. Lulu often has to organize field trips and assist the dolls on things like walking through the house (like walking through the city, for dolls). After all, she IS one of the oldest. She is stylish and trendy, and wants to grow up to be a fashion designer. Although, she can’t hide her love for soccer. Lulu had her first theatrical role as Tax Person in Christmas Play 2009. Lulu is 12 years old.

Samantha Elizabeth Parkington
You may call her: Samantha or Sam (her sisters sometimes call her “Samanthie”)
Quote: So on New Years Eve and stuff, we are like TOTALLY staying up when the ball drops like the big kids!
About her:I got her as my  8th doll. I got her in Summer 2009 on ebay with my own money. Her personality is funny and kind, and a little outgoing headfirst. She loves her sisters and has a special relationship with each of them, though she tries to get Josefina to partner up with her  when she does things like stay up all night or other camping in the living room (which is far away from Madeline’s room, where the dolls live, by the way). Although, she does have times when she feels like a girl and occasionally enjoys tea-parties and playing with dolls. Samantha will often post her own messages and things on AGDC, so watch out for her—She also wants to create her own blog. Samantha had her first theatrical role as Mary in Christmas Play 2010. Samantha is 10 years old.

Kathleen Ann Mckenzie
You may call her: Katie or Kathleen
Quote: Aww, you are a sweetie!
About her: My 9th doll. I got her with my own money in Summer 2009. Her personality is sweet,spunky,friendly, andkind. She has a strong Christian faith and not afraid to show that. And when Kathleen wants to do something, she never gives up hope, like when she was searching for her beloved twin sister Elsie. Kathleen is secretly a legendary figure named FeeFee, but shhhh, don’t tell. Kathleen is very sweet and always tries to make things better and hates it when anyone feels left out. Kathleen had her first theatrical role as a shepherd in Christmas Play 2009. Kathleen is 10 years old.

IMG_1677Elsie Rebecca Dinsmore
You may call me: Elsie
Quote: Jesus loves me this I know!
About her. Elsie is my 10th doll I got for my birthday, October 2009. Her faith is strong and her very best friend is Jesus, but next to Him her favorite companion is Kathleen, her twin sister. Elsie is a little shy but very friendly and understanding. Her favorite activity is horse-back riding, which links her to Felicity. UNLIKE her sisters, Elsie is the only doll who is true to her historical background and only wears and does old-fashioned things, unless she is in costume or it is a special occasion. Elsie loves nothing more than sitting down with her little Bible and having prayer time with Jesus. Elsie had her first theatrical role as The Head Angel in Christmas Play 2009. Elsie is 10 years old.

Julia Dawn Albright
You may call her: Julie
Quote: So, if an 8 is twice divided by 2 and the square root is 1, but you add 8 more and find the square root of that, and then come to the square root of THAT number, and add 6 more but take away 5, and you find the greatest common factor of the number you ended up with and a 10, then you add 17 and it’s a Tuesday, then what is the square root? No, I’m just playing! (giggles)
About her:  I got Julie on my first visit to the AG store in Atlanta in June 2010. She is the 11th doll if you do not count Maggie Susan or the mini dolls and is the newest. Julie’s personality is academically smart (she got the highest average in her grade every semester in 5th grade), very kind, sweet, and passionate, and she plays the violin. Julie has been playing since she was 4 and is now an expert violinist. She used to play in the Monthill Youth Orchestra back in San Francisco. In the AGDC world, her owner was once “Rachel” who abandoned her (See my Picasa album, “New Home and New Friends” to see what that is all about). But thankfully, Madeline adopted her to be an AGDC doll, and so she will be from now on. Julie is also a strong christian and writes her own songs for the violin she plays.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my dolls! Please check out the “Our Friends and Their Dolls” page for more information on my doll’s friends and their “owners”.


89 Responses to “Meet My Dolls!”

  1. AGlover Says:

    That was great! I loved it. Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. reshman Says:

    lol how did you make up the personality

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      I just play with my dolls and I give them a special personality I think each doll should doll should have! It’s fun!

    • natalia Says:

      just make it its easy come up with it. my doll Kendalyn is cool girly, popular, kind, giving.

      • americangirldcentral Says:

        It’s actually not as easy. Not when you have 11 dolls to give special personalities and talents to! 😀

  3. Mims Says:

    Your dolls are so cool!

  4. Brittany Says:

    These dolls are beautiful and so are you! My favorite is Eva Grace! I guess the “pink” and “fashionable” qualities got me 😉

  5. Leanna Says:

    Love it!

  6. Amanda Says:

    Love how you have stories for your dolls. I have made profiles for my dolls too, but never published them on the internet.

  7. Samantha Says:

    Hi My name is Samantha. I am seven years old. I have eight American Girl dolls. My mom told me about American Girl Central and I wanted to take pictures of my American Girl dolls to show you. I took so many picutres of them doing different things. For Christmas I got Sonali. How can upload my pictures to your site so I can share them with you? Looking at your pictures inspired me to take some myself. I live in Brooklyn in New York City and I go to the American Girl Store a lot.

    I am a big fan of American Girl dolls. I have been collecting them since I was four. My first American Girl Doll was a Just Like Me Doll. I named her Annabelle. She looks just like me accept without bangs. My second one was another Just Like Me accept it doesn’t look like me. She is African American. My third one Samantha. I got her for Christmas one year. My fourth one was Ivy. I got her for doing a good job in school. My fifth one was Julie. I go her for Christmas too. My sixth one was Chrissa. I got her just cause I wanted to get her. My seventh one was Rebecca Rubin. I go her after my best friend’s birthday party at the American Girl Doll Store in NYC. And Sonali, I got her special from Christmas just from my mom. I have one Itty Bitty Baby. Her name is Ashley and my mom counts her as one of my American Girl Dolls so that would make me have nine dolls.



    PS – Please tell me how to upload my pictures. I worked really hard to take them for you.

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Hello, Samantha!
      Very Nice to meet you! I feel blessed to have my photo stories and things inspire you to do your own work!!!! I love your collection of dolls, they seem very nice and I’d love to see pictures of them (Don’t forget Itty Bitty Baby!). Thank you so much for taking a big interest in my website. I know you may want the information NOW, but would it be possible if I could send you an e-mail so I won’t have to block the page or anything? I am going to go head and send it to the e-mail address you gave, but if you want me to send it to another one as well or instead, that’s fine too (sometimes people also make theirs up). Thank you so much!!! I feel very grateful!!!
      From, Madeline

  8. Rose Says:

    That’s cool that you have some of the dolls from the Family Christian Stores! I recently bought Kathleen McKenzie, as well. She is one of my favorites. I was amazed by how beautiful these dolls were – so durable, just like the American Girls! Too bad FCS is discontinuing them very soon 😦

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      I know! Did you know that they are not just a FCS company, but a big one sold at a lot of book stores. I’ve heard two rumors: 1. Someone bought the company and shut it down. 2. The company couldn’t afford to continue it. I know, so sad! 😦

  9. Emily L. Says:

    Here are my dollies and personalitys:
    Emily Bennett.
    Age: 12
    Biography and Personality: Emily is the oldest. Emily’s full name is Emily Rose Bennett and she is from England! Emily speaks in a british accent. She is a very nice person, and she can easily get upset if someone insults her or one of her sisters. She is very strong about her sisters, and loves all of them. She missed Molly when they were parted, now they are sisters! Emily’s favorite food is british tea sandwiches, and she dislikes anything that is made of spicy peppers.

    Rebecca Rubin:
    Age: 8
    Biography and personality:
    Rebecca is shy, sweet, jewish girl. She is very senstive and crys meeting people she doesn’t know. Her sisters know she is the youngest, and they love her. Since Rebecca is shy and easily crys, she is bullied a lot. Her sisters, mostly Emily, protect they’re baby sister. Rebecca loves being the youngest. Here’s a scary story: Little Rebecca once got caught in the store! Julie and Emily saved her! Rebecca also once was in a fire. She was a little girl. Because of that fire, Rebecca has asthma. She also wheezes a lot and easily gets sick. Julie is worried Rebecca will die, and so were all the others when Rebecca went to the hospital. Luckily, our Beckie is using her inhalther and every night before bed, she takes her special pills. Rebecca’s full name is Rebecca Abgail Rubin.

    Julie Albright:
    Age: 11
    Julie can easily be scared, and is often shaky.
    Since she is the oldest, her sister always take her to take a “Chill Pill.” (Rebecca often is sick in bed when they say this. As you know, little Beckie is often in bed. She mostly has terrible fevers, and once a while, she can’t get out of bed for months.) Julie is often hyper, though. She is often exicted or is gossiping about the Beatles. She is a little hippie. (I’m going to share stories for now on. I couldn’t think of any for Emily.)
    Julie once hopped up and down when she heard someone metion John Lennon. She thought he was alive! She ran up to Beckie’s Room. (Beckie was in bed,sick with the Swine Flu.) “What’s going on, Jules?” Rebecca said, horsely and coughing. Molly was near by, giving Beckie some Russian tea. “Yeah, what’s going on? I heard you shouting. Beckie, don’t talk. Your sick again. We don’t want you to go to the hosptial again. You know, we’re very worried about you.” Beckie nodded. “John Lennon is alive! I heard someone metion him! And, I keep hearing Ringo Starr on TV!” Julie said, hyper. “Ssh! Beckie needs her rest. She has the Swine Flu, remember? Anyway, how is Ringo Starr on television? He’s dead, and so are all the rest.” “Oh. Well, why did someone metion him?” Julie asked. “John and Ringo have famous voices, that’s all. And a lot of people like the Beatles.” I came in then. “Jules, Molly is right. Mols, let me take care of Beckie.” “Mama, my throat hurts.” Beckie said. Jules and Molly went to the stairs. Julie’s full name is Julie Lynn Albright.

    Molly McIntire:
    Age: 10
    Biography and Personality: Molly is outgoing, and often speaks out her mind. Molly’s from Jeffronson, Illisons. Here is her story: Molly once thought it was Christmas, but it was July!

  10. julia Says:

    did u make the middle names up and how did u get felicity’s hair curls out

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Yes, I made up the middle names. I mean for most of them. Lulu, Josefina, and Kit’s middle names are really from the books. Otherwise I made them up! 🙂
      I didn’t intentionally get Felicity’s curls out. They easily loosen when you brush them, and it’s easy to restore them by curling with bobby pins. I want to do it, but I haven’t got the chance yet. Thanks!

  11. americangirldcentral Says:

    Um, no. None of my dolls are Barbies. Lulu is a Karito Kids doll. Kathleen and Elsie are Life of Faith dolls. Maggie is a vintage Susan Stroller doll from 1960 whom we are trying to fix up. Then the rest of my dolls are American Girl.

  12. sammi Says:

    hahaha, i have samantha too, my friends also call me sam samantha sammi and samanthi!
    from samanthi

    p.s. im still your pen pal!☺☺☺☺

  13. ShamWows Says:

    Hey sweetie, great website post. Do you have an rss feed that I can put on my homepage?

  14. sarah Says:

    how do i get in to fee fee fairy club?

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      It’s temporarily closed for re-modeling and is under construction. It will open up soon, though, and then I’ll tell you how to get in!

      • Angel Says:

        What Is The Fee fee Fairy Club Anyways????? PS: I Have 3 American Girl Dolls!! I Have Julie,Addy and, Molly ! 🙂

  15. Emily Says:

    Oh, soooo cute!!! 🙂 I wish I had 11 dolls! I only have 2, Samantha and Elizabeth. (Both Historicals) I am going to get Elsie soon though! 😀 I really love Molly’s, LuLu’s, and Kit’s profiles. 🙂

  16. Katie Says:

    I think who ever has this many american girl dolls has beat a world record.

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Nope! 🙂 Actually, there are people online who have 20 to 30. Now THAT’S too much. I think this is all I am getting for now. How many do you have?

  17. sarah Says:

    i learned a new word!!!!!”bonita”it means beautiful n spanish.example;bonita dolls!!!bonita!!!!!!

  18. I have a doll that looks like me, and I got her for my birthday when I was 5 I think. She looks exactly like the Samantha doll so I named her Samantha.

  19. Mackenzie♫ Says:

    when did you get julie?

  20. Autumn Hovermale Says:

    I wish i had that many dolls.

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Do you know how I got that many dolls, Autumn? I kept on collecting them-since I was 7. I asked for them for my birthday and Christmas, and took good care of them so my parents would know I responsible enough to have another. I also have raised money to buy some of them and their things. If you keep working to complete a collection, you’d be surprised! 🙂

  21. Mollyssomine Says:

    I love your dolls!!! there so cute!!!

  22. you swiched There names!!!!!!!! But i LOVE your kit doll!!!! well, to you molly….

  23. Lena Says:

    I think I’m in love with Eva. She’s such a cutie!

    You helped covince me that my next doll’s definatly going to be a Jess mold, so thank you for that!

  24. Ricki Says:

    I like josefina’s hair! i’m going to the ag place in Chicago and I’m having trouble which doll I want Kit or Julie which one do you recommend more?

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Hmmm….. that’s a tough one. I love them both. Kit’s adorable, Julie’s pretty!!!!!

    • Carly Says:

      Hey,Ricki if u want 2 no witch 1 i would get (if u haven’t gone already) I would get JULIE!!!!!!! I love her!!!!!! if u get her 2 i do not hve her But i do want her!!!!!!!!!


  25. kassie Says:

    Now meet my dolls

    Eva Grace

    and how do post things on agdc

  26. kassie Says:

    Here ar my dolls and bio’s

    Jessica Topham
    Bio: My 1st doll. i got here November 23rd 2009. She is in level 6 in tap dancing . In our christmas play she was A angel. She is in grade 5. here teacher is Miss. Colbert . She was a Olympic Bowler for Halloween. her fav subject is science

    Chrissa Maxwell
    Bio: My 2nd doll She came on dec.25th .2009
    she is a swimmer and is in level 8 she has a lama named Starburst and she is in grade 3 she was a olympic runner for halloween she is Mary in our christmas play. her fav subject is music

    Rebbeca Rubin
    Age : 11
    Bio : My 3rd doll i got hre on march 28th 2010
    . She is in grade 6 She was a butterfly for halloween she is a shepard in the christmas play. she is a level 5 movie actor.her fav subject is health

    Gwen Thompson
    Bio : My 4th doll she came when i finished Grade.3 Sh is a level 9 Violinest She is in grade 2 she is a shepard in our christmas play.
    She was Aurora for halloween. her fav subject is art

    Julie Albright
    Bio: My 5th doll came on October 10th she was a runner for Halloween
    She is a angel in our christmas play. She is in grade 4 . She is a metal Collecter. her fav subject is math

    Eva Grace Erickson
    Bio: My 6th doll Came on Oct.28th she is a level 8 bowler. she was a cat for halloween .she is a angel in our christmas play. She is in Kindergarden She loves to share.her fav subject is reading.

  27. kassie Says:

    Eva grace is the light skin black brown hair brown eyes doll

  28. kassie Says:


  29. kassie Says:

    Your dolls hair is layerd right mine is not

  30. Maddie Says:

    I love this website! I love how you put something about each of your dolls.

  31. Maddie Says:

    I have the same doll you have! The one you named Eva I named Carly.

  32. Madison Says:

    Hi Maddie! I love your dolls! I have Kit, a JLY named Lindsey, Bitty Twins named Terynn and Sophia, and my newest, Kennedie! I love your blog. I’ve been on it lots of times, but just now had the guts to write you something! Bye!

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Hi Madison! Your dolls are awesome- I’ve always loved to Bitty Twins! 🙂 And thanks for getting to the guts to write to me! I love comments!!!! 🙂

  33. Madison Says:

    Wanted to say a couple more things- I am Christian,too and I’m 11. Bye!

  34. Madison Says:

    Sorry! Just had to ask- where did you get Kit’s shirt and Eva Grace’s outfit? Bye!

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Eva’s outfit was from Build-a-Bear. 🙂 I had to adjust in the back. Kit’s shirt is from Michaels in the doll section. 🙂

  35. Madison Says:

    Thanks. Here are my dolls personalities-

    Kennedie Olivia Russell-
    Age- 10
    Fave. Subject- Drama
    Loves to shop! Very girly and loves animals. She is second-oldest and in 5th grade. She is very outgoing and silly. Loves to sing and act. She hopes to be a model when she grows up. Her birthday is June 13th. She is also my newest doll.

    Lindsey Allie Russell
    Fave. Subject- Science
    Very smart. She’s the brainy school girl. She’s also very popular. She loves science- especially about ecosystems! She is very shy and nervous to talk in front of others She is in the 6th grade. She dreams of being a scientist. Her birthday is December 5th and is my 1st doll.

    Kit Kittredge
    Age 9
    Fave. Subject- Writing
    Very imaginative and adventurous. Loves school and is in the 4th grade.
    She loves to dress up and dance. She is third oldest and the fourth one I got. She hopes to become a interior designer when she grows up. Her birthday is March 29th.

    Terynn Dawn Russell
    Loves to be read to and likes the color red and bananas. She loves her doll, a.k.a. her best friend, Amanda. She is my second doll and is in pre-school. Wants to be a firefighter when she grows up. Her birthday is August 7t.

    Sophia Lyn Hallie Russell
    Loves the color pink and French fries. She loves her doll, a.k.a. her best friend, Kate and to be read to. She loves to sing and is very smart. She wants to be a dancer when she grows up. She is my third doll. Her birthday is August 7th.

    Sophia and Terynn were delivered at the same time- but I opened Terynn first! So she’s my second. Bye!

    Merry Christmas!

  36. Madison Says:

    Oh, sorry! Sophia is supposed to be 3 too! Oooopppss!!! *blush* 🙂

    Merry Christmas!! By the way my nickname is Mads!:) Bye!


  37. kassie Says:

    Here is jessicas new bio
    Jessica Topham
    Age :12
    Bio:Doll#1.Jessica Has had fun at her new school. Here is a bulling story:Jessica was once called [smelly belly] But she said to the bully {I AM NOT A SMELLY BELLY JACOB NOW STOP OR I WILL TELL MY MOM !} Btw .Jacob was the bully . Jessica had here 1st role as katlen in here school play . And also she has a role as Elizabeth in here play on the 23rd .

  38. Marrie Says:

    you have alot of dolls

  39. lucinda (luci) Says:

    I like josefinas hair 🙂

  40. luci Says:

    I want the julie doll (it must be so much fun to do her hair)

  41. kassie Says:

    I have 2 new dolls here is felicitys bio {i also have Lanie i’ll post her bio in a minute}
    Felicity Merriman
    Bio: Doll #7 she came on Dec.25th 2010 . She often takes Hip hop and jazz plus stichery . Felicitys full name is Felicity Ann Merriman .she speaks in a secret colonial way . her grandpa is from Colonial Virgina.she has 5 cousins.

  42. kassie Says:

    Now here is lanies bio

    Lanie Holland
    Bio:Doll#8 . Lanie is an Outdorrse girl who studys the Carolina Wren . she has a website called Home garden . com . Lanies ful name is Lanie Elizabeth Holland . She stupys caterpilars with her sisters . she is in grade 1 . her passion is idenifing bird phrases.

  43. Carly Says:

    Heyyyyy guys it’s me!!!!!!
    I do not know if I told u what dolls I have BUT just in case here it goes………:

    Felicity Meriman: December 25 2007 from Santa Clause(A.K.A. my mom and dad!!!!!! LOL!!!!!) why did they RETIRE her???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Samantha Parkington: December 25 2008 from Santa Clause(A.K.A. my dad and mom!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!) why did they RETIRE her????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Milllie Keith(an A Life Of Faith Doll):December 25 2010 from Santa Clause(A.K.A from my mom and dad!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!) why did they RETIRE her?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rebecca Rubin: March 13 2011 for my birthday from my mom and dad(NOT SANTACLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    well In hope 2 get Julie,Addy,And Molly and KIRSTEN!!!!!!!!!!

    Peace LUV YA MADDIE!!!!!!!!,
    P.S. Maddie can u please respond And I LOVE YOUR DOLLS!!!!!!!!!

  44. Emily Says:

    OMG!!!!! I love all of your dolls especially julie and her LOOOOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGG quote!!!! LOVE IT! and i love the picture of the doll with the purple dress writing on the chalkboard american girl doll central!!!!! USED IT AS MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL BACKGROUND:):):)

  45. Madison Says:

    These are my dolls

    Talia (MY American Girl collection)
    Maddie (Just like me collection)
    Lanie (Girl of the year)
    Abby (Just like me)
    Jess (Girl of the year)
    Alex (Bitty Twin)
    Sam (Bitty Twin)
    Brittany (Just like me)

    I cherish all my dolls and love them to pieces! My newest one is Talia and she is my favorite.

  46. Felicity Says:


  47. CIe Says:

    Hi! My name is cc. I have 8 dolls-Emma (who used to be qMolly doll),caitlyn( who used to be felicity),chrissa,a Madame alexander doll Susan, a Madame Alexander doll jazzmine,a bfc Inc boy doll Gavin and lily a renamed Rebecca.
    I love your blog! Can you please check out my blog?

  48. Ciela Says:

    Oh sorry my name is not cle it’s Ciela and my blog is thanks!

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