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It's Christmas at AGDC!

Merry Christmas AGDC Dolls! December 25, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you guys had a WONDERFUL day and that you got everything you wanted. Let us be reminded that today is NOT about Santa, presents, treats, etc. It’s about our Savior Christ Jesus being born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. He is the TRUE reason for the season and why Christmas is what it is. Unfortunately people nowadays try to block that from us, saying how Christmas is about gifts or winter or whatever. CHRISTmas is about CHRIST, and we can’t forget that this holiday season. I pray that all of you and your families have a wonderful Christmas and Christmas break! (and to you guys up north, don’t take advantage of the snow! We don’t have any ūüėČ )

It was early December 25—Christmas morning. It was the day people had been talking about for months. The dolls were still asleep, dreaming about what the morning would bring.

“IIIIIITTTTTTSSSSS CCCCCHHHHHHRRRRRIIIIISSSSSTTTTMMMMMAAAAASSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Samantha on the top of her lungs.


The girls got up and began jumping on their sisters to wake them up.

“What’s all this about?” asked an annoyed Kathleen.

“ITS CHRISTMAS!” shouted Kit in reply.

Poor Eva and Addy were getting stomped on by Samantha.

The rambunctious two soon awoke the whole gang. The girls had decided to sleep in their Christmas dresses, because for one, Madeline was too lazy to change them, and second, because they had been so tired after their Christmas Eve service and gift exchange that they just hit the sack. 

“Oh my goodness, sisters,” said Elsie. “It is again the day of our Saviors birth! Now let us go and see what treats Saint Nicholas brought!”

“Oh Elsie, you’re so old fashioned.” Samantha sighed. “PRESENTS FROM SANTA EVERYONE! LET’S GO!!!!!”

The girls walked quietly into their living room, filled with beautiful gifts. 

Delete caption“Santa” had eaten the cookies and milk and left a special note to the girls. 

Molly picked up the note to read it.

“Dear girls, Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! You all were very good girls. Thanks for the cookies and the reindeer food. Comet couldn’t get enough!
*Samantha – watch that mouth of yours. I don’t want you on my naughty list.

Merry Christmas!
Santa Claus

Next the dolls darted to presents. Unfortunately Madeline did not have time to wrap them like normally but the dolls were excited anyway. Kit and Sammi got into all the candy.

Felicity and Eva loved the clothes Santa brought them.

Felicity loved the crimson red color of Kit’s Christmas Dress and Eva loved the Cheerleading outfit and Diva nail stickers!

Julie loved the Rebecca Play Scenes and Paper Dolls and the Princess and the Frog movie she got.

Kathleen and Lulu were the first the open the stocking. They also loved the Rhema Marvanne CDs. She is the dolls’ favorite singer!

Josefina loved the Shirley Temple movie collection she got, with 14 features!

*Note the Shirley Temple autobiography in the background- I got that too (you can probably tell I love Shirley Temple). I am on chapter 3 and it is great so far! I’s a huge book though!

You can just guess the two girls who were ecstatic about the old-timey sewing machine.

It was a great morning in itself.

Just as Josefina was opening her dvd to see what disks were inside, a small piece of paper dropped out. It read:

“There’s one more gift yet to meet – Follow these clues, this fantastic gift can’t be beat!
Clue 1:
When I first got here, I had a look. Then a bubble bath I took!”

To read the rest of the story, click HERE. If it doesn’t load on your computer, let me know. ūüôā



Apple Orchard! September 6, 2010

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As I told you about in my previous post, this past Saturday I got to go to the mountains with my family, close friend-family, and best friend. We only live a two hour drive from the mountains, so it was a day trip, but it was really fun! Our dolls got to tag along.

My friend Abby and I brought our dolls. She brought her Nicki, and I brought Lissie. Here are our dolls in one of the signs! It was so awesome stepping out of the car and feeling that cool mountain breeze. Fall is here again!!!!

It was just fields of apple trees and wild blackberries you could just pick and eat!!!!!

Justus Orchards rocks!!!!!

Oh, it was just so fun picking apples off the tree and just eating them! ¬†After trying an apple and you liked it, you could pick more to put in your bucket. If you didn’t like it, you just threw it on the ground. Of course there were many rotten, half eaten apples on the ground.

If you needed a certrain amount of a certain type of apple, you could just buy a bag. Here Felicity and Nicki look through some of the bags, although I’m sure they were eager to get outside and pick their own.

APPLE DONUTS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The baskets.

There were lots of other stuff here then just apples- you could pick your own blackberries, buy fresh veggies, or even try boiled peanuts.

Me and Abby( you may know her as “pepperlot”) picking apples. (I’m the brunette in the red shirt). Oh my goodness, these apples we are picking were SOOOOOOO good! They tasted like candy!!!!

Nicki poses with a fresh pumpkin.

Yummy! These were the Ambrosia apples, I believe.

A green apple tree.

Nicki and Lissie hitch a ride.

Headin’ back for some cold apple cider (it got pretty hot after a while) and some yummy apple donuts!

The end! Hope you enjoyed!




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I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now- AG wants to retire Felicity Merriman, one of the best loved dolls in the AG collection. It may not be shocking to some of you- you saw it coming. Others, however, were taking by surprise of this news and thought it might be Molly who was going to be retired. You may think, “Oh, they took Sam and Kirsten. We can’t stop them.” But can we? Check this out:

” In the year 2002, Felicity and her outfits, accessories, and furniture were removed from the mailed catalogs and relegated to online ordering only. Felicity had been effectively discounted as a full member of the American Girl collection. This decision on the part of Pleasant Company had saddened many in the American Girl collecting community, especially those who had collected Felicity or were considering collecting her. However, in 2004, because of incredible negative feedback from fans of Felicity, and because sales of Felicity items at the new AG Place New York were very good, Pleasant Company decided not to retire her!In fact, in August 2004, three of Felicity’s previously retired items were reintroduced. Her School Outfit, Colonial Undergarmets and Shoes, Stocking, and Grater set became available again. In September 2005, the company introduced Elizabeth Cole and a new TV movie of Felicity!”
– Complete Guide to American Girl Collecting Website by Curt Danhauser

So….maybe….is it possibly possible that we can do that again?
One of the reasons it is so sad is because Felicity’s time period is one of the most important to American history. Every historical doll collection, in my perspective, needs a colonial girl. Rumor has it that AG wants to replace her with a Wild West girl. Many fans think that is strange because Nicki was already kind of like that in a way. I think that Felicity can’t be replaced in a way that fans will like a new doll better. What do you think?


Felicity’s Horseback Riding Lessons June 2, 2010

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Some of you are probably saying to yourself, “Yes! A photostory!” Well, here goes:
It was a beautiful June morning, June 2 to be exact-the first real day of the doll’s summer. Yesterday, all the dolls had their awards and promotion ceremonies. Felicity, who had been in 3rd grade, was still asleep, hoping to be able to sleep in. She held her stuffed duck, Mr.Muggles, close. She had had him since she was a baby. Molly, who had been in 6th grade and was going to 7th grade next year, crept in slowly. “Lissie,” she whispered. “Wake up, Lissie…” Molly felt bad to wake Felicity early on her first day of summer. But she needed to, if she was going to get Felicity on time to her……

“HHHOOORRRSSSEEEBBBAAACCCKKKKRRRIIIDDDIIINNNGGLLLEEESSSSSSOOONNNSSS!” Felicity screamed. Molly slapped her hand over her mouth. “SHUSH! The other girls are sleeping.” Felicity nodded. “I know!” she whispered as loud as a whisper would go. “But I’m so excited! I’ll finally ride a horse like my Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother and namesake! Oh, do you think she’ll be brown like Gramma Lissie’s Penny was-” Molly put a finger over her lips and giggled. “We can talk ALL we want on the way to your lessons. But let’s get out of this room. We don’t want wake up our sisters. And get dressed”

Felicity changed into the horse-back riding outfit Madeline had bought her. It even had an “LA” emblem on it, which stood for Lipton Anderson, which was where Felicity would be taking her lessons. She tugged on her boots as her and Molly headed out the door.

When they got to the stables, Felicity saw a small, plump African-American women who would be her teacher. “Good golly!” she exclaimed in her sweet southern accent as Felicity and Molly approached. “I had no idea my student would be such a fine lady!” Felicity smiled but before she could say her thanks the women started again. “Anyway, you’ll have to excuse me. I’m not in usual uniform. You see, it was my day out of the staff to clean the stables. I tried to tell them I had a gal to teach, but I couldn’t get out of the job. And oh my, I didn’t have no time to change. Oh dear me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mrs. Anderson, I’m the co-manager of the stables next to Mrs.Lipton, and I love to teach kids like you. It’s wonderful that kids have an interest in these animals,” she said as a horse snorted. “Nice to meet you, Mrs.Anderson.” Molly spoke for Felicity. “I’m Felicity’s older sister. Could I watch her¬†over on that bench?” Mrs. Anderson smiled a smile filled with pretty white teeth. “You sure can.” she answered. Then she turned to Felicity. “So who is my student again?” she asked. “Mrs.Anderson, my name is Felicity Merriman, Mrs.Anderson. Nice to meet me–OH I MEAN you, Mrs.Anderson!!!! I’m so sorry!” The lady laughed. “You don’t have to repeat my name so many times, child. And that’s fine. Now what got ya all roused up in horses?”

“Well,” Felicity began. “My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great- Grandmother¬†was the FAMOUS Felicity Merriman. They even wrote a series of books about her and made a doll of her, you see. My mother named me after her. Sometimes I even dress like her. She’s my hero.” Mrs.Anderson went, awwww and muttered “Bless her heart!” as Felicity went on. “Well you see, when my Grandmother was ten like I am, she fell in love with horses. There was an awful man named Jiggy Nye in her neighborhood, who beat horses, (Mrs. Anderson puts a hand on her chest and goes, “Ooh!”, wrapped in the story) “And, one day she was helping her father’s apprentice, Ben, deliver some horse things to him. My many-greats grandmother saw his new horse, Penny, and saw how badly he treated it. So in the night, my Grama Lissie-that’s what I call her- visited the horse to give it food and treat it well. She even learned to ride it. She eventually set the horse free so it wou;dn’t die from Jiggy’s harsh treatments. One day at her grandfather’s plantation, Grama Lissie was reunited with Penny, and she loved her and took care of her. I’ve read my Grama’s 6 biographies about her and Penny. I want to follow in her footsteps of being a hero and saving Penny. Also, I want to glorify God.” Mrs. Anderson grinned. “What a great story! That’s a better answer than any of my students have said when I asked them why they wanted to learn to ride. C’mon, I’ll let you meet Blackie.”

“This girl always ends up being my students’ favorite. Meet Blackie.” Felicity reached her hand out. She was a little nervous about how BIG the horse was. But the anxiety melted away when she felt the horse’s soft mane. “Now,” began Mrs.Anderson, “The first and most important step for being a rider is to get¬†familiar with his/her horse. You need to meet your horse and give her the ability to trust you. If she doesn’t, she won’t let you ride her. But Blackie does nice on children after she meets them, and I can already tell you’ll be a natural.”

“Here,” said Mrs.Anderson, handing Felicity a bucket of apples. “Try feeding her. That’s a good way of earning trust from her.” Felicity took an apple from the bucket. “Here, Blackie, sweet darling, c’mon, Blackie, I won’t hurt you.” Then she made kissy noises as a coax to get Blackie to come near her. Like magic, Blackie took the apple out of Felicity’s hand. A wave of astonishment passed over Felicity. The horse’s tongue tickled. Excitedly, Felicity pulled another apple out, and the horse took it. After that she patted Blackie, guessing two apples were enough for a snack. Mrs. Anderson, who had been watching from afar, came over. “I’m impressed, Felicity!” she said. “It usually takes a while for Blackie to get near kids, even though she ends up loving them. But she came right up to you. And you even knew when enough apples were enough, you didn’t over feed her. Maybe I’ll let you brush and wash her. How’s that?” Felicity nodded.

Felicity washed Blackie and brushed her in circular motion the way Mrs. Anderson had taught her. Soon, the horse was clean and “neighed” at Felicity. “That means he loves you!” her teacher assured her. Felicity giggled and petted the horse. “I love you too, Blackie!

Finally, it was time for riding. Felicity sucked in her breath as Mrs.Anderson hooked up the bit and saddle and other supplies and secured the helmet on Felicity’s head. “Hop up. Uppity up!” Mrs.Anderson coaxed her and helped her up onto the huge saddle. Felicity felt as if she were on the top of a mountain. “We are going to trot. I will hold the reigns.” Mrs. Anderson said.¬†Felicity felt amazing on top of the horse. It was great. Felicity leaned forward and held onto Blackie’s mane as if she were going 100 miles per hour. “Don’t worry,” Mrs. Anderson said. “You won’t fall off.” Felicity laughed from the joy of riding a horse. “It’s not that,” she said. “I’m pretending I am in a horse race, and I must go super fast! Hee-yah!” Now it was Mrs. Anderson’s turn to laugh. You deserve to try it on your own. I will be right here to catch you if you fall. Now ride to you hearts desire.” She handed the reigns to Felicity, who rode quite fast for a beginner around the large prairie. She felt just like her Grama Lissie. Finally, the miraculous ride had to be over. How could Felicity bear it?

“My Golly oh MY!” exclaimed Mrs. Anderson. “I am going to enter you in a fine respected horse show. Don’t doubt it. Just a few more lessons and I WILL. That canter–from a first-timer! It’s in your heart, child, not your brain or mind like with most children. You don’t need me to teach you. But we both want me to. You are AMAZING, let me say!” Felicity hugged her. “You are a great teaher, Mrs.Anderson!!!! I cannot wait till next week for my lesson!”


A Pretty Picture of Felicity! April 19, 2010

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I think it’s one of my favorite doll pictures! It was taken at a French bakery we visited before the Mint Museum! Photo story coming soon, but I just had to share this one photo. You have pictures like that, right?


Happy St.Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2010

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Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Felicity and Kathleen are ready to have fun, all dressed in their greens!!! Are YOU wearing your own sweet shade of verde?

Be sure to EAT those greens too!!!! Heehee!

American Girl Dolls can also be “green” by turning off lights when they are not being used! Hah!

Have a great, green day!!! Check out our fan page on Facebook (American Girl Doll Central) to see the full album!!!


American Girl Doll “Elf Yourself” Music Video! December 5, 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

“Give Thanks” Week – Day 1 November 22, 2009

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Ok, I’ll kick-off Give Thanks Week. This is my own entry as Madeline, LOL. I have three photos.

My dolls, Eva Grace and Felicity, ¬†are thankful for food to eat, and the opperatunity ¬†to bring the extra that they don’t need to a food drive.

My doll, Addy, is thankful for music and the ears to listen to it.

My doll, Elsie, is thankful for Jesus dying on the cross for her sins.

Well, that’s that! Join us next time and enter your own photos! COMMENT AND RATE!


The True Friend-Part 1- A New Friend? October 4, 2009

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IMG_1490“Elizabeth Amelia Smithans! Did you not hear what I said?” The gruff voice of Mrs. Melee broke Elizabeth’s thoughts. “I am sorry, Mrs. Melee. My mind was in a whole different place. Won’t you forgive me!” Mrs. Melee made a face. “I GUESS I can let you off this time, Miss Smithans. But don’t make me repeat what I say again! Now go off to your recess, you can finish your work tomorrow morning.”

IMG_1493But Elizabeth didn’t feel like playing. She sat on a bench in the yard of the huge Smithans Manison. She sighed and looked through her satin purse that held her most valuable items. In it was a beautiful trimmed hankerchief that belonged to her great-grandmother. Wrapped inside the beautiful item was a tiny coin that belong to her great-grandfather. The coin was very old ¬†and one of the rarest of its kind. It was worth fortunes, and only her parents, great-grandparents,and God knew she had it. No one else in the entire universe. But Elizabeth wanted just one more person to know. And that was a best friend. There were no more kids at the mansion, and she was more lonely than ever. She often thought about it in school, and her thoughts carried her away. Suddenly, Elizabeth heard a rustling noise. She looked up to see a flash go by her. “Hello?” she called, and stood up.

IMG_1495The flash went by again, and now Elizabeth could see that it was a girl about her age. Elizabeth tingled with fear and exitement. Could this be who she was always waiting for? The flash went by one more time, but Elizabeth stopped it. But when she saw that she was holding on to a dirty, unkept girl, she jerked her hand away. The girl was breathing hard. She had on old, patched overalls and nothing else. She had short, dirty hair which was a pale brownish-blonde color. The girl had freckles all over her face, and had lips which were almost the blue color of her eyes. She had tan skin and was carrying a bag made out of a flower sack. Elizabeth gasped. This must be one of those people her parents told her about. “They are disgusting, mean little people,” Mother had said. “Why?” Elizabeth had asked. “Because,” had said Father. “They don’t have money. They can’t afford anything so they turn sick and rotten.” Elizabeth had believed her parents but now that she looked at the girl, she noticed something different about what her parents had described.

IMG_1503The girl WAS sick. ¬†She HAD disgusting features. But she wasn’t mean or rotten. Elizabeth could tell by looking in her eyes. They were a beautiful blue and were sweet. When Elizabeth met face to face to her, the girl looked down at her toes and waved a little at Elizabeth. “Hi.” The girl coughed. “I’m Millie. Short for Mildred.” Millie had a sweet southern accent. “Hello,” said Elizabeth. “I’m Elizabeth. Short for Elizabeth Amelia Smithans. The girl named Millie giggled. “You’re nice.” she said. “Thank you,” said Elizabeth said. She led Millie to the bench, but then stopped. What if her parents or anyone else saw her with Millie? They would both get in big trouble. “But we can’t talk her. Follow me to my secret hiding place. It’s only me and my special friends!” The girls talked and talked, and Elizabeth had an idea. “Millie, come to my house on Saturday. Wear really nice clothes and comb your hair, and we can have tea!”

IMG_1509As Elizabeth skipped back to the house, she thought about something. She liked Millie just the way the girl was, poor or rich. But for the tea party, Elizabeth strictly told Millie to wear something really nice. If her parents saw how “nice” Millie was, then they would let the girls play. But if they saw who Millie really was, they would never let Elizabeth even go near her. Was she tricking Millie??? Elizabeth wasn’t sure.
When she got back, Mrs. Melee stomped towards her. ¬†“Elizabeth Amelia Smithans!!! You were out late!!!!! And you left your stink “prize possessions” on the bench. I thought I should throw them away, but then your mother would be furious. But she’d also be if she knew about you leaving them!!!!! I am going to hold on to your little “prizes” for ahwile, so I hope you didn’t get too comfortable with carrying them around! Now go to bed!!!!” Elizabeth sobbed to bed, having so much on her mind.

IMG_1513Saturday came fast. Elizabeth had lied to her parents about a Millie the night before and wasn’t sure if she should tell them the truth. She wondered how she could pull this off. Even if she did, she didn’t think she would feel so good about it. But no turning back now. Millie was on her way and Mother was setting up the Tea Room. When Elizabeth opened the door, she gasped. Millie was wearing rags. She had some pants on that were too little for her and made out of feedsack, and Millie was also wearing a robe much to big for her on over that. The robe was flower print and very nice, but it wasn’t used in the right way. She had no shoes and had a brown lace for a hair ribbon. It looked awful. But Elizabeth couldn’t say anything. It must of had to been Millie’s very best.

“Millie, come in. Oh, don’t mind meeting my parents, I’ve already told them about you. Quick, come in the Tea Room.” Elizabeth rushed to make everything hidden and perfect. ” ‘Lizabeth, you’re acting kind of strange.” Millie said. “Oh, it’s nothing. Just don’t let my mom and dad see you.” Elizabeth said. “Why?” asked Millie. “Honestly, ‘Lizabeth, something must be wrong. Tell me.” Elizabeth let out a shaky breath and began her story. “Millie, you’re right. There is something to tell you. When I met you I was so happy to find a friend. I was happier than ever and you were so sweet, and I loved you for who you were. But, something was wrong. I was rich, you were poor. It doesn’t seem to matter, and it doesn’t, but to my parents it does. They….they…. they’d be embarressed ¬†to know that I was playing with somebody like you. So when I made friends with you….I..I lied, ok??? I’m sorry.” Millie’s eyes widened. “Oh, so that’s the truth! I knew I should have listened to my Mama when she said not to mess with those rich girls! You may like me for who I am, but you just want to make yourself look good!!!! You don’t care about me, you lie your head off so your Mama doesn’t think you’re playing with “a girl like me.” Well, you know what??? I think you should just go tell her the truth, because I am leaving!!! I thought you were a true friend! Ha! SILLY ME!!!!!” Elizabeth tried to stop Millie but ¬†the girl stomped out. “OH,NO!” said Elizabeth to herself. WHAT HAVE I DONE???”



Felicity-Early Fall Photos September 27, 2009

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Hi! Thanks to everybody’s awesome Get Well Soon messages and thoughts, Felicity is again up and about. She’s got to take medicine for one week so that the sickness won’t come back, but she is ready to have fun.

Anyway, it’s that time of year again. The cool weather and falling leaves have ¬†started. I am starting to see decorations for Thanksgiving and Halloween in stores. It’s FALL! It’s only early Fall, so no carving pumpkins or dressing up just yet. But Felicity went out to explore!
PHOTOS TAKEN BY: Madeline (me)
MODEL: Felicity Merriman
 BACKDROP: Scenes from the outside of my house
 DATE: September 27, 2009

IMG_1448                                                              Going for a stroll

IMG_1449                                                        Playing in the leaves
IMG_1451 IMG_1452                                      IMG_1456                                                            More pretty pictures

IMG_1454                                           Close-up of beautiful Felicity 

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