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It's Christmas at AGDC!

Merry Christmas AGDC Dolls! December 25, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you guys had a WONDERFUL day and that you got everything you wanted. Let us be reminded that today is NOT about Santa, presents, treats, etc. It’s about our Savior Christ Jesus being born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. He is the TRUE reason for the season and why Christmas is what it is. Unfortunately people nowadays try to block that from us, saying how Christmas is about gifts or winter or whatever. CHRISTmas is about CHRIST, and we can’t forget that this holiday season. I pray that all of you and your families have a wonderful Christmas and Christmas break! (and to you guys up north, don’t take advantage of the snow! We don’t have any 😉 )

It was early December 25—Christmas morning. It was the day people had been talking about for months. The dolls were still asleep, dreaming about what the morning would bring.

“IIIIIITTTTTTSSSSS CCCCCHHHHHHRRRRRIIIIISSSSSTTTTMMMMMAAAAASSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Samantha on the top of her lungs.


The girls got up and began jumping on their sisters to wake them up.

“What’s all this about?” asked an annoyed Kathleen.

“ITS CHRISTMAS!” shouted Kit in reply.

Poor Eva and Addy were getting stomped on by Samantha.

The rambunctious two soon awoke the whole gang. The girls had decided to sleep in their Christmas dresses, because for one, Madeline was too lazy to change them, and second, because they had been so tired after their Christmas Eve service and gift exchange that they just hit the sack. 

“Oh my goodness, sisters,” said Elsie. “It is again the day of our Saviors birth! Now let us go and see what treats Saint Nicholas brought!”

“Oh Elsie, you’re so old fashioned.” Samantha sighed. “PRESENTS FROM SANTA EVERYONE! LET’S GO!!!!!”

The girls walked quietly into their living room, filled with beautiful gifts. 

Delete caption“Santa” had eaten the cookies and milk and left a special note to the girls. 

Molly picked up the note to read it.

“Dear girls, Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! You all were very good girls. Thanks for the cookies and the reindeer food. Comet couldn’t get enough!
*Samantha – watch that mouth of yours. I don’t want you on my naughty list.

Merry Christmas!
Santa Claus

Next the dolls darted to presents. Unfortunately Madeline did not have time to wrap them like normally but the dolls were excited anyway. Kit and Sammi got into all the candy.

Felicity and Eva loved the clothes Santa brought them.

Felicity loved the crimson red color of Kit’s Christmas Dress and Eva loved the Cheerleading outfit and Diva nail stickers!

Julie loved the Rebecca Play Scenes and Paper Dolls and the Princess and the Frog movie she got.

Kathleen and Lulu were the first the open the stocking. They also loved the Rhema Marvanne CDs. She is the dolls’ favorite singer!

Josefina loved the Shirley Temple movie collection she got, with 14 features!

*Note the Shirley Temple autobiography in the background- I got that too (you can probably tell I love Shirley Temple). I am on chapter 3 and it is great so far! I’s a huge book though!

You can just guess the two girls who were ecstatic about the old-timey sewing machine.

It was a great morning in itself.

Just as Josefina was opening her dvd to see what disks were inside, a small piece of paper dropped out. It read:

“There’s one more gift yet to meet – Follow these clues, this fantastic gift can’t be beat!
Clue 1:
When I first got here, I had a look. Then a bubble bath I took!”

To read the rest of the story, click HERE. If it doesn’t load on your computer, let me know. 🙂



Happy St.Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2010

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Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Felicity and Kathleen are ready to have fun, all dressed in their greens!!! Are YOU wearing your own sweet shade of verde?

Be sure to EAT those greens too!!!! Heehee!

American Girl Dolls can also be “green” by turning off lights when they are not being used! Hah!

Have a great, green day!!! Check out our fan page on Facebook (American Girl Doll Central) to see the full album!!!


American Girl Show And Tell Wednesday-Week 3 December 2, 2009

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Hi guys! It’s that time of week again-Show and Tell Wednesday! I have been lacking *sorry* doing this, and it is technically my third week. I know, it’s sad. But I will try my best to continue it every week. You can see what the story is behind AGSATW at Liz’s website, American Girl Fan. Ok, here we go!

Elsie and Kathleen have a favorite thing for the holidays and beyond. Every Christmas they look forward to again cheer and celebrate the birth of Jesus more than ever. They love to sing songs, collect advent calenders with the Nativity Scene on them, and set up their own little Nativity Scene! Here, that’s just what they’re doing. This year, Elsie hopes to share this wonderful story with her sisters.

COMMENT AND RATE! Join us next week!


A NEW member of AGDC!-Kathleen and Elsie get reunited! October 17, 2009

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IMG_1674“C’mon, Kathleen! I KNOW something’s wrong.” Samantha insisted her sister one day. “No,” said Kathleen. “Nothing’s wrong. Just because I do not want to play right now doesn’t mean I am upset!” Samantha sighed. “Come ON, Kathleen. You gotta tell me.” Kathleen looked up at her sister. “WELL,” she began. “Ever since Josie told me she could find Elsie, it was one thing that wouldn’t come out of my mind. Voices have been taunting me saying, ‘You can never find Elsie. She went out of business,’ and things like that. It’s hard to explain. Things seem to revolve around that lately, in my world. ‘Sigh.’ ” Samantha heart rose a little. “YEAH, ABOUT THAT. You wait here, little angel Kathleen.” Samantha jumped of Madeline’s bed, the place they had been sitting, and ran away.

IMG_1675 Hushed voices rose from a far side on in the room.
“So, it’s set?” whispered Samantha. Josefina nodded.
“Yeah, I think she’s out there. You go ahead and get Kathleen.”
Samantha smiled ear to ear. “Oh, can you imagine the look on her face when-”
Josie pressed a finger against her lips. “Hush, we can’t spread a rumor. Just go get Kathleen, I’ll be ready for you.”

IMG_1672“Kathleen, you have got to come with me,” told Samantha to Kathleen the very next minute. “I think I know how to  make all your taunting voices leave you. Kathleen followed her sister Sam into the hallway, then stopped. There, far in the dark but more glorious than the rising sun, came coming a small girl. But not just any girl. Beautiful spiral ringlets framed her face and ran down her back. She wore a big fancy dress with bows and frills. And she had, the most kindest, christian eyes that seem to sine through the dark. Kathleen sucked in her her breath.
“Elsie?” She whispered. “OH, ELSIE! OH ELSIE!!!!!!”

IMG_1676“Oh, Kathleen! Shall it be you?” The girl named Elsie Dinsmore shouted. “OMGoodness, Elsie Rebecca Dinsmore! It IS me but I can’t believe you! YOU are here!!! AHH!” The two girls, best friends and twin sisters, danced and jumped. “AHH, KATHLEEN! The Lord is good! For He has brought us together again!!!” The two little godly girls danced and discussed the amazing Lord. The other 8 girls danced in.

IMG_1677In all the fun, Katheen studied her companion’s face. It was precious, and it had shining hazel eyes with eyelashes like spiders. She had color in her cheecks and face and had  tiny ringlets circle her face. And she had the prettiest, prettiest, smile. She was smiling. Elsie was glad to be here. With a home that loved her, countless sisters and companions, Kathleen,  and Madeline and most importantly the Lord.

IMG_1680After everybody was danced their heads off, Felicity felt like being helpful. “Elsie, is their anything you left in your taxi when you came here? “Elsie stopped to think. “WELL,” she said. “I DO know that Madeline’s parents bought me with four other outfits. I hope the taxi driver hasn’t gone off with them yet. I will go get it.” Felicity stopped her. “Oh no you don’t. You enjoy your time. I will go get them. So, LOL BFFs! BRB!” Elsie suddenly looked lost. “Is there anything ELSE you should tell me? LIKE THE  FACT THAT THAT RED-HEAD GIRL JUST SPOKE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE?” Lulu turned to her new little sister. “Calm down, lil’ Elsie. LOL BFFs BRB just stands for ‘Laugh out Loud, Best friend forevers! Be right back!’ So you don’t need to worry, girl. We all speak english here! So, LOL!” Elsie laughed. “OK, I’ll LOL BFFs!”

IMG_1684Felcity came in later with a stack of clothes. “This is it, I think?” she asked Elsie. “Thank you, Miss Felicity. You are a big help.  Yes, those are my clothes.” Elsie began taking them out and putting them in her wardrobe that Nick, Madeline’s brother, had made for her. But then she stopped. “I know!” she said. “Let’s all play dress up! You can all use my clothes, I’ve got plenty to share!” And so they did. But first, Kathleen went up to Josefina.

IMG_1682 With tears of joy in her eyes, Kathleen sputtered out. “How….how did you this, Josefina??? It’s such a remarkable time. And you were the girl behind it. How did you find Elsie?” Josefina smiled at Kathleen’s interest. “Well, It wasn’t just me, first of all. It was mostly Madeline’s parents. It was Madeline’s birthday and I told them what she wanted. The day after LOF went out of business, Madeline’s dad went to the store, picking up Elsie, before it was too late. But I was taking care of Elsie under the bed in her parent’s room. I nursed her until it was time for her to be given to Madeline! And to you, of course.” Kathleen smiled. “You are wonderful! And so are Madeline’s parents! And mostly God!”
The End-But not of Elsie’s adventures! 😉

Yes, I got Elsie my birthday, which is October 17.  I first opened the clothes and then my parents were like, “sorry. We tried to find her but she was sold out. We can find her soon, though.” I got  a little upset because I had hopes of getting  Elsie. Then my mom said, “can you get the vaccume cleaner? We have to clean up.” And when I went to get it, there was a box in there just the size for  a doll box. And you know the rest of the story! 🙂 Here’s the clothes I got:
IMG_1685 IMG_1686 IMG_1687 IMG_1688
From left to right: Kathleen’s feedsack nightgown set with sockies and a blanket ; Violet’s school apron set with hairbow clips; Millie’s school dress set with socks, shoes, and hairbow clips. Bottom: Yellow undergarmet set (not sure who’s).

IMG_1690Last but not least, this is Elsie posing in front of the wardrobe my brother made me for the dolls out of the Elsie box.

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LOF to be Going Out of Business! October 4, 2009

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It’s true. Right after the news about Kirsten, we heard about the rest of Kathleen’s christian friends, accessories, and books. Life Of Faith was going out of business. They were leaving. I am christian so these books and dolls are very important to me. Especially the books because they have helped girls through the years become better christians. The books and dolls and everything are now offline, so you can’t buy anything online again. Thankfully everything will stay at retail stores, but only what’s left. If your retail store has the Millie doll, that’s great, but if you were planning to get Laylie and she wasn’t there, the store won’t get to order anymore. So if you are planning to get a Life Of Faith item, get it now at your nearest retail store or on Ebay before that item gets sold out or really rare!!!! When my Kathleen heard the news, her biggest dream had left her.


It was a perfect cloudy fall day, and Josefina was going on a walk. But then she heard something. “Sniff…aooahahh!..sniffff…..aoohhh!”

 “Kathleen! What is wrong?” asked Josie. Her sister Kathleen looked up “Well.. I..I wwas pplayying… on Dia Dolleries… I mmeann… Doll Diaries…. ABOUT KIRSTEN! I was uppsettt…. I wanteddd.. to….t..telll you but… then…I..I…I saw it..”

“Saw what?” Josefina was concerned. Kathleen sat up and tried to make her vice sound stronger. “Well, t..that my, t..the I..I was born at,is going out of… of business.” Then Kathleen burst into tears again. “And……that means t…th..that Elsie w..won’t ever c..come back. I..I..I’ll never see her a…aga..again!” 

Josefina sat down beside Kathleen. “Oh, Katie! I am so sorry! But who is Elsie?” Kathleen tried to stop her crying again and tried to speak to Josefina. She began her long story. “It was long ago, I remember being shipped away with lots of clone versions of me. Then I was unpacked and put up on display with four other girls. Their names were Millie, Laylie, and Violet, and I loved them. They were my friends and I played with them each day. But the fourth girl wa smy favorie. We were twin sisters, for we were made in the factory on the same day. She was made 12 minutes earlier than me, though. Anyway, Laylie and Violet were bought, and soon it was just me, Millie, and Elsie. Millie was our great friend. But me and Elsie, what we had was so special. We were literally  two peas in a pod. Then Madeline came and got me. I love it here, and the day I step foot into the wonderful world here at AGDC, I had a dream that Elsie and I would soon be reunited again”

 Josefina bit her lip, not knowing what to say. Something that concerned her Katie everyday was now coming out in one spill. But then Josefina felt determined. She had to find this Elsie, one way or another. By Ebay or retail store, on Christmas or Birthday or just a random day, she did not know anything about finding Elsie BUT…That one day this Elsie girl and Kathleen would be reunited. She just HAD to.


Felicity is sick! September 25, 2009

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IMG_0857“WAKE UP, LISSIE! TIME FOR SCHOOL!” Felicity awoke, but her eyes were still sleeping. It seemed like a struggle to get them to open. When they finally split, Felicity suddenly felt a chill and her head felt heavy. Her legs felt stiff. She groaned a little. “MoM…uH, cAn YoU uH, ooh..” 

IMG_0859Mrs.Merriman came over to feel her daughter’s face. “Lissie, how do you feel?” Felicity  felt hot, then cold, and hot, then cold again when her mothers hand touched her face. “Awful, Mom, but please! I need to go to school! Today is the day that one project is due, the one I have been working on ALL WEEKEND! I want to see my friends. I’ll…I’ll.. be fine…” But Felicity knew she was indeed NOT fine. The chills that once freezed her core were now a threatening burn. She felt week.

IMG_0861“No, Lissie. You feel hot, and I am not sending you to school.” Mrs.Merriman WAS going to take her child somewhere though. She wrapped a pink robe around Felicity and they drove to the doctor’s office. Dr.Montoyez checked Felicity then told the news. “Merrimans, Felicity has The Flu. I suspect that the flu germs got to her during school hours. I will contact the principal telling her about Felicity’s illness, and I will instruct her to tell the teachers to clean school items like computers, desks, chairs, and others. I will also put a bottle of hand sanitizer in the room so none other children will be infected.” Dr.Montoyez gave Mrs.Meriman simple  instructions to care for Felicity, and they left.

IMG_0868Mrs.Merriman set up Felicity’s room with proper supplies. A bell to ring if Felicity needed help, a wheelchair since Felicity’s legs were weak, a robe for Felicity to wear if she got cold, magazines for Felicity to read, and hand sanitizer to keep clean.

Felicity needs your help to get better. It will encourage her body to do that if you send her a “Get Well Soon” note. The notes will be presented by Felicity soon.


Kathleen at the Fields September 20, 2009

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IMG_1368“Hi, Guys! It’s me, Kathleen. Today is a super-special cherry-on-top day! Madeline’s little brother Nick recently started Flag Football, and now we are going to one of the games! So fun, huh? I even might meet someone new!”

IMG_1369“Well, here we are! This is just a part of a giant field that is broken up into little ones. Well at least it’s GIANT to a little doll like me. Let’s see, they are doing practice right now so….”

IMG_1370“I’ll just play with this word search until a real game starts. OOH, FOUND A WORD!” 

IMG_1383“OOH, A REAL GAME IS STARTING! Hey guys,I am not the best at football but I could sure roll this soccerball out and we’ll play!”

Kathleen had so much fun. YES, we DID meet another girl who had Gwen the American Girl doll. I said “Hi!” to them but I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of Gwen and Kathleen “playing” together. Me and my mom also later in the day went to the christian bookstore to go to the Life Of Faith doll section. I got the first two Elsie Dinsmore books, and got an outfit that was apparently undergarmets but it look like an easter dress. It also came with pants so you could put the  pants on instead of the skirt and make them into pajamas!

IMG_1391“OOH, LOOK AT THE CLOCK! It’s time for bed. Let me change into my new pajamas.”

IMG_1395“Dear God, Thank you for this day. Thank you for everything you’ve given us, Lord. Please help everybody around the world. Please forgive me for my sins. Thank you. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!”