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About Me, Madeline July 30, 2009

Hi! My name is Madeline  but some people on the web call me Maddie, so whatever you want to call me is fine. I am a 11 year old Christian girl who loves Jesus in the 6th grade. Some: I love writing stories, reading, drawing, sewing & arts and crafts, cheerleading, dancing, collecting AG dolls, having sleep-overs and hanging out with my with my BFFs, blogging and more!

Collecting American Girl dolls and writing  blend together in this website and I hope you enjoy it and stop by my Picasa and read some of my newer stories! If you need to contact me for any reason, my email is:


81 Responses to “About Me, Madeline”

  1. americangirldcentral Says:

    LOVE the new blog!! Great job!

  2. Meghan Says:

    Hey Madeline i love your new blog/website thing it is so cute. Hey i will be giving Mai to you for her time at the spa really soon. Next time i come over i will bring her so you can take care of her for a weekend. She needs some pampering. Do you think you can do that? See you real soon.
    —– Your friends Meghan,Kit Maria,Mia 🙂 Kit and Mia say HI….. Kit wants to send a shoutout to her NEW friend Sam. Kit says she wants to see Sam real soon and to introduce mai to her. Bye for now

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Thank. Yes Mia is welcome but her stories will not be published until Kit’s are done. I will try and post them all. 🙂

  3. allie Says:

    OMG i love your blogs, they are so cute!

  4. Penni Says:

    Love the site! I saw your post on doll diaries and just had to check it out. It’s great!

  5. Ally Moyer Says:

    you have the best website ever I love it

  6. Mackenzie Says:

    i LOVE your site! im 13 years old and im a christian too!
    you are a really good writer!!!

  7. Leanna Says:

    You look sooo pretty Madeline.And I love your website/blog!

  8. allie Says:

    i love the way you narrate the stories.your blog is the best!!!:D

  9. Amanda Says:

    Hi, Madeline! I think we have talked on doll diaries before =) Awesome blog!

  10. sammi Says:

    hi im your pen pal!

  11. hannah Says:

    you look alot like a girl who used to go to my church exsept she is a big meany and im pretty shure your not (sorry i can not spell)

  12. hannah Says:

    just to let every one know there is no such thing of americangirl8 .com i thout that you had to have a website to comment and my email is fake too i am not aloud to have a email so i made one up trust me if i had one i would have wrote it down sorry (really i am)

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      It’s ok, Hannah! You don’t need an e-mail or website. Just leave those spaces blank. But thanks for making us aware! 🙂

  13. hannah Says:

    merry christmas every one it is 8:16 here ate my house i have shacken all my presants and i think i know what i got!

  14. hannah Says:

    hey every one go to cherished playtimes top ten girl sites and vote for madeline!!!!!!

  15. Rose Says:

    Wow, Madeline! I am very impressed that you are only 10 years old and running such an awesome blog! That’s pretty cool! It’s always good to meet fellow American Girl fans 🙂

  16. Rose Says:

    And one more thing…I wear glasses too, but never in pictures!!! I can’t believe I found someone else who does the same thing 🙂 That’s funny!

  17. Rachel Says:

    What is doll diaries???

  18. Rachel Says:

    Hey Madeline! I think you are so cool. Especially that you’re a christian. I’m a christian too and I don’t often find other christian girls and your so nice to everybody! Most of the girls I know are kind of mean. Keep up the good work! I give you and your website two thumbs up! : )

  19. Rachel Says:

    happy new year every one i have not been on in a long time oh and rachel i think i know you

    • hannah Says:

      oh sorry i forgot to change the name on my comment .that comment i made that says happy new year is really mine. sorry!!!!

  20. hannah Says:

    p.s hey madeline is there a way for me to delete my old comment??

  21. Rachel Says:

    OK let me explain that last comment. Hannah was on my computer and forgot to change my name and email to hers and and it looks like that comment was from me. So that comment is really from Hannah. Sorry if that was confusing!

    = }

  22. hannah Says:

    yeah sorry i was not thinking p.s i am the same hannah who wrote the comment 15 comments ago

  23. Anne Says:

    You’re pretty, Madeline!

  24. hey maddie!!!i know u already know this,but i ❤ ur website!!!bye!!!

  25. also iam a christian 2!!!10 years old 1 ag and bye!!! 🙂 lol

  26. Sarah Says:

    Wow. I am alot like you. I’m a fun loving 12 year old girl. I am a christian and love American girl Dolls! I love drawing(desinnign clothes), sewing, hanging out with friends, reading and dancing! I am on a dance team at my shool. I think your really pretty to! I love your website!

  27. Amanda S. Says:

    hey maddie, just to let you know, I’m not the same amanda who commented last december, if you remember. I’ve been a fam of your site since april, and the other amanda has been your fan since december or longer. lol, just wanted to let you know.

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Oh, I know Amanda. Thanks!

      • Amanda S. Says:

        Hi again Madeline! I am starting a boarding service for dolls at my house- like the ‘traveling doll’ thing you do on here. Right now, I have my own four dolls (Faith, Hannah Marie, Zoey, and Kirsten) and I’m boarding on friend’s JLY doll (Named Ann) and another friend’s historical dolls (Julie and Elizabeth). I’m excited because I have seven little dollies running around my house!!!

      • Madeline@AGDC Says:

        Coolio! 🙂

  28. Madeline@AGDC Says:

    so coooooooooool 🙂 from nick

  29. sarah Says:

    i think im gonna get a doll that looks like u and name her madeline and put little freckles around her nose like u have!

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Oh my goodness! That makes me feel honored. 🙂

      • sarah Says:

        🙂 course,it might b a while,since im savin up 4 jly 33…but i WILL buy a doll that looks like u from ebay or somethin like that with my 15 bucks on my mommys credit card….

      • Madeline@AGDC Says:

        Wow Sarah! That’s so awesome! I feel honored that you’d buy a doll of me. 🙂

  30. sarah Says:

    hey,wat happened 2 ur pic?

  31. Brittney Says:

    Hey Madeline your website is AWESOME! Keep up the good work.

  32. Ricki Says:

    Hi Madeline this is my first time commenting but I have been going on here for a long time, if you comment me back that would be great! P.S. Do you like big time rush?

  33. Mechel Says:

    I found all three messages!!!! I found them all!!!!!

    I’m so excited, I have three American Girl dolls now!!!! 🙂

  34. Madison Says:

    I love your site!!! It’s very cool!


  35. Angel Says:

    Do You Have A Facebook???

  36. Renee Says:

    Luv this website!!!

  37. emily & carla Says:

    hello i love your website u are sooo creative!!!!!!

  38. Carly Says:

    hey Maddie it’s me Carly!!!!! i LOVE your web-site!!!!!

    can u reply please????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Noelle Says:

    You are my age exactly! I am a Christian girl too. I thought that you were like 30.

  40. Sammy Says:

    Hey I’m Sammy! I’m so glad your a young girl and a christian I am one too!! I thought you would be older too!

  41. Carly Says:

    Hey Maddie!!!!! hey Sammy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Felicity Says:

    Maddie,I should’ve written sooner.I love your website!How do you make a website anyway?Which AG doll should I get?I really like Julie and Rebecca.I also like Molly and the ISU dolls.(Innerstar U dolls)I love them all I can’t decide!I was also planning on getting a girl of the year doll on ebay(Most likely Mia,Chrissa,Lanie,Marisol,or Jess)Can you help me decide?I trust you!PS-Please don’t say Kanani cause I already know i’m getting her for Christmas.I really like Mia,but I like alot of other dolls too.I can’t decide!Can anyone give me some ideas?

  43. Felicity Says:

    I think I might get Kit because she looks like me,but I want to see what you think.

  44. Hannah Marie Says:

    Hi, Felicity. I have Kit and she’s gorgeous you should get her! I should thought I’d tell you she’s great!

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