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FeeFee the Fairy-CLOSED October 25, 2009

Feefee the Fairy is currently closed. Come back soon.

Hi Friends!
It’s me, your beloved fairy friend FeeFee.

My club has been under construction for a while, but it is now open!
And it is for special girls like you.
Can you keep a secret? You cannot tell anyone who I am, if you figure out.
So you will keep my secret? Thanks!
I have hidden secret messages somewhere in this blog. If you find all three messages, you will be emailed a special message from me, FeeFee, that will tell you how to join my club.
This club is for ALL girls EVERYWHERE, and I really hope you can find the messages and join.
Each time you find a message, you will receive a hint that tells you where the next message can be found.
When you find all three messages, please e-mail Madeline telling her what each message said. Her email is:
The first hint IS: “Our friends are holding the first message. You’ll have to get past them all to reach the bottom!”
Now, go off!!! You have a scavenger hunt to go on!
Hugs and Fairy Kisses,


38 Responses to “FeeFee the Fairy-CLOSED”

  1. Sunbeenz Says:

    I love your website!!!

  2. AGlover Says:

    This will be so fun!

  3. kayla Says:

    i love your website.fefe is so cool

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Thank you, Kayla. I’m glad you are beck on the website after that Felicity book thing. I am SOOO SORRY.

  4. AGlover Says:

    What do you mean, “It’s in the bag on the bottom?”

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      When someone has it “in the bag” means they have it. They have the message
      Now, you SHOULD know what BOTTOM means.

      Good luck!!!!

  5. kayla Says:

    oh it’s not because of that.i just can’t email you.i have been on

  6. Leanna Says:

    Cool!Well I have to go look now for the ”secret” message…..

  7. Mackenzie Says:

    i don’t get what you get to do when you are in Fee Fee’s club?

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      I am having t work on that. So far no one is really a member, but Mackenzie, don’t get your hopes down! 🙂 I will have to remind FeeFee to wake up and get back on the job! She isn’t a winter-lover, and doesn’t like h ow cold it is getting outside!

  8. Alexis Says:

    THIS IS REALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Emma Says:

    Hi… I love your website. I have 4 dolls. And my dad made a house a couch a bunkbed and a tv for them. also a wardrobe… I will send some pics and tell my friends!!!

  10. Rachel Says:

    Is this ever going to come back? It sounds kinda fun!

  11. Rachel Says:

    Okay! : )

  12. How To Weld Says:

    You article definitely was one of the highest parts of my Saturday. I was on Bing searching for something totally unrelated when the blog caught my attention. I’m glad I took the time to read your article! Feel free to comment on my blog at Singorama Review!

  13. sarah Says:


  14. hannie96 Says:

    Hmmmm….past them all??? Confused! I have an idea…but I’m stuck now! 😀

  15. Anne Says:

    I found all three messages!!!

  16. Mackenzie♫ Says:

    ok.. so what am i supodes to do, because i was the first and only member before you shut her club down for a while…

  17. sarah Says:

    could u ask feefee 2 do some more posts?its been a while scince she posted on there.bye!!!

  18. Mechel Says:

    yahoooooooooooo! I made it! I’m new here, and have 3 American girl dolls and some faerie ones too.

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Oh that’s cool! What kind of faerie dolls do you have? 🙂

      • Mechel Says:

        I have a few BJD (ball jointed dolls) that have faerie wings and faerie ears too. I take my dolls with me everywhere. Sometimes I get rude remarks but I don’t care. 🙂

  19. agcentral Says:

    Cool.I found them all and can you tell FeeFee to do some more posts please?

  20. agcentral Says:

    umm Angel?I don’t think people really like you telling them the messages.It takes the fun out of finding them.So when you get the website please don’t post it on here.

  21. Rachel Says:

    Hey Maddie?Can you please send me the website again?I lost it……

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