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Happy Halloween! October 31, 2009

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Happy Halloween everyone! Have a great time going Trick-or-Treating or at the party, and stay safe! YES, my dolls WILL have their own halloween Trick-or-Treating photo story, which will either be posted today, October 31, or November 1. Thank you and have a wonderful time whatever you are doing!

1.What are you being for halloween?
2. What are your dolls being for halloween?
3. What do you do for halloween (trick or treat; going to a party; etc.)?



Show and Tell Wednesday-Week 2 October 28, 2009

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Ok,  now it’s week 2 of Show and Tell Wednesday. And with that comes a brand-new feature at AGDC! Printables!

evagracecoloringpage Yes, Coloring pages! We have an-all new set of them! Posters will soon be available, but right now you can get out your pens and crayons and print your favorite coloring page out! And color well, there IS going to be a coloring contest soon!


My Dolls get their Halloween Costumes!

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IMG_1805Ok, so it was a Saturday morning in October and the American Girl Doll Central dolls were just finishing up their breakfasts. After chatting with Madeline about what would be going on that day, Lulu made an announcement. “OK,” she began. “Madeline finally thinks I’m old enough to take you to the Halloween Doll Store to get our costumes. It’s just down the hall. Everyone get dressed!”

IMG_1811“The halloween store?” asked Kit, unsure.  Lulu came over to Kit. “Don’t be afraid, sis. Last year you were only seven years old, but now your eight. Being eight years old, you can stomp on those creepy electronic skeletons if they scare you again.” Kit shrugged. She thought to herself that one birthday couldn’t change a person’s fear of halloween, but it should fine.

IMG_1812Soon all the girls were outside of Halloween Express, and were  headed for the doll department after Lulu counted everyone’s heads to make sure all were there. Only… SOME girls were missing.

IMG_1814Lulu felt proud to be in charge of her 8 little sisters running around, all around 10 or 11 years old (with the exception of Kit being 8), and Molly, who was the same age as Lulu. But, gone from the site, was little Kit. But suddenly that girl came running to Lulu’s side. “Lulu! I’m scared!” Lulu looked down. “Of what? Are you hurt?” Kit shook her head. “No, I’m scared of the halloween store. I’m scared to go in and see the devils and the witches and ghosts!” Lulu patted Kit’s head. “Kitty, you know we don’t go near that. I’ll cover your eyes until we get to the good part. If not though, you can stay out here with Elsie. She doesn’t want to go in, either.”

IMG_1813“It’s OK, Kit. I’m here. I don’t like that place anymore than you do.” Elsie said, comforting Kit. “Elsie, I mean, I WANT to get my costume. I REALLY want to be an Olympic Swimmer for halloween. And I know Lulu won’t let me look at the bad stuff anyway, but I’m scared.” Elsie cocked her head, confused. “Huh? You mean you don’t celebrate the scary stuff? Then what do you do, if halloween is supposed to be this bad scary thing? ”  Kit explained about how Madeline wouldn’t let them be anything bad, only fun, reasonable things, and the were only allowed to go trick-or-treating on October 30, before the real halloween when scary things came out. Elsie smiled. “Then why are you scared? If you block the bad stuff, halloween seems fun. C’mon, let’s cover each other’s eyes, and let’s go find Lulu and get a funny costume.” Kit shivered but followed Elsie.

IMG_1815Inside, everyone got to try on their costumes they picked. Josefina and Eva Grace first came out of the dressing room explaining their outfits. Eva and Josie said they originally wanted to be Carly and Sam from ICarly, but there weren’t any more outfits for those. So they chose others that were really cool.
Eva Grace- Hospital Patient
Josefina- Hula Dancer/ Hawaii Girl

IMG_1821Next came Kathleen and Felicity.
Kathleen- Heavenly Angel
Felicity- Movie Star Fancy Nancy

IMG_1822In the comotion, Kit noticed someone in a wheelchair and looking a little sick in another aisle. Lulu whispered to Kit, “Don’t stare.”

IMG_1823Then came Molly and Sam.
Molly- Mall Cop
Samantha- AG Cheerleader

IMG_1824Here come Lulu and Addy!
Lulu- Street Skateboarder Girl (WITH official American Girl doll Heelys)
Addy- African Princess

IMG_1825“OOhhhOoo.” said Elsie after looking at some outfits. “I want to be a pumpkin!” she exclaimed. One of the workers at the store helped her pick on out her size, and back Elsie went to the dressing room.

IMG_1826“Are you seriously going to wear all those pantalettes and undergarmets under your costume?” asked Kit. Elsie nodded and answered properly, “Yes, I like to stay true to my historical being.”

IMG_1827“Look, I’m a pumpkin!”
Elsie- Pumpkin

IMG_1828“And I’m an Olympic Swimmer!!! Yay!”
Kit- Olympic Swimmer

So, whose outfit do you like best? What are you being for halloween? Comment and Rate Today!


FeeFee the Fairy and New Updates October 26, 2009

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Have you guys heard about FeeFee the Fairy, our newest character at American Girl Doll Central? You haven’t? Well, look on her special page, and she’ll tell you what she’s up to. 😉

And there are many new updates made here on our pages. Check out them all if you haven’t in a while–Each one has something new and special!


Traveling Doll Mia- Part 2 October 25, 2009

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Well, it’s time to see what’s happening with our friend Mia Moyer in Part 2 of “Traveling Doll Mia”!

IMG_1750Mia Moyer was sitting at the breakfast table just about ready to pour Cheerios, her favorite cereal. Mia was tired from all the action yesterday. She yawned deeply, content that she would be able to have a long nap today, after she ate and did her morning errands around the house.  Mia layed her head down on the table. She was also content when assuring herself that the next two days would go by quickly, and then she would get to go home at last. Mia had met wonderful new friends in a lovely house, but she was not enjoying this traveling thing that her owner Ally had set up for her. “How would SHE feel if I sent her away to a stranger’s house…” Mia muttered to herself. “Well…” she thought again. “I guess she wants me to have fun, that’s all.” Mia hardly noticed her cereal getting soggy  when Molly, her new friend and leader of the AGDC dolls, burst into the room. “Mia!” she called. “What do you need?” Mia asked. “Mia,” said Molly. “You need to get a sweater and skates on. I am going to take you to Thin Cruster Lake. You need to practice for your competition tomorrow!” Mia put down her spoon and gave Molly a hopeless look.  Mia was usually and happy and bubbly and nice girl, but this trip wasn’t working out for her, especially when her hostess thought up things that could never happen in a lifetime. “Molly,” Mia said. “Face the facts, here. You CAN’T get me ready for the competition.  This travel doll thing has cut me DAYS of practice off. If I went, which I can’t, I wouldn’t win at all, I’d be so bad.” Molly put a hand on Mia’s shoulder. “Mia, that’s exactly WHY we are going. To practice. So you can follow your dream of skating. To get your confidence back! But not to win. Mia, as long as you try your best, you’ll always be a winner, regardless of awards and prizes.” Mia almost had tears in her eyes. That was so beautiful to Mia. “OK.” she sniffed. “I’ll go because you are so sweet to me. For you and God. That’s why I’ll go.”

IMG_1752“MOLLY!!!!!!” Mia’s yell rang out in all of Thin Cruster Way.  Right there, ont he snow edge of the lake, was a horrible thing. It was a sign that showed Mia’s picture and said, “MIA MOYER WILL BE STARRING IN THE LUCERENE GIRLS ICE ARENA COMPETITION! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AND SEE THIS GIRL PREFORM!” Mia brought the sign over to Molly.

IMG_1753“LOOK AT IT! LOOK AT THIS HIDEOUS THING! DID YOU DO IT, MOLLY?” Mia raged. Her red hair seemed to catch fire. “IT SAYS THAT I WILL BE PREFORMING AT THE COMPETITION! IT SAYS, “BRAVO, MIA” WHICH MEANS PEOPLE WANT TO ME TO PREFORM THERE SO MUCH THAT THEY ARE ALREADY CHEERING FOR ME!!!!” Mia screamed. Molly told her to stop. “Calm down, Mia!” Molly said. “That’s just one of Madeline’s books. She probably left it here on accident. It says ‘Bravo, Mia’  because that’s the title of the book. AND it’s about the human-being Mia, not the doll. So chill out! Stop thinking about hot-dogs and more about cold-popsicles!” But Mia protested. “Buh..buh..but what about the thing that said I will be preforming at the-” Molly stopped her. “That was your imagination. See? It says, ‘Laurence Yep.’ That’s the author, not gossip news. See? God is with us, so nothing will hurt us. It’s fine. So show me your ice skating moves! I know you’ll do good.

IMG_1756 Move 1: Rotate and spin, strike a pose!
IMG_1757Move 2: Turn to the left right, take it back now yall!
IMG_1758 Move 3: Upright turn, slide in a row!
IMG_1759Move 4: One foot you know, makes a pro. To be a pro, it’s the way to go!
IMG_1761Move 5: A striking pose will know them on their toes!
IMG_1762Move 6: Lean back do a twister- “AHHHH!” Mia yelled. She had fallen. Failed. Ohhh, how this could get worse, to fall in front of- “Are you ok, Mia? Here, let me help you up.” Molly’s gentle voice and embrace surrounded Mia. What a great friend she had. “You think I am a good skater even though I fell on the easiest trick of all?” Mia asked. Molly smiled. “Of course. I used to think when I watched people on TV ice-skate, that falling is the test of a good skater. I thought people who failed were losers. But then, I fell. I was on a gymnastics competition show. It was me and this other girl on the balence beam.  And I lost. Came with it a great conciquence. A broken arm. But then the other girl came to help me. She didn’t care about winning. She wanted to help me, and she cared more about the loser finishing than herself winning. In fact, she helped me win first and claimed herself the last place. It changed my thoughts about winners and losers. The real winners are often the people in  last place. It depends on what kind of sport you are.” The girls sat down.

IMG_1763Mia’s head felt turned around after Molly’s lecture about good sportsmanship.  Wow. What a life lesson could be hid in these tiny photo stories.  “Molly,” Mia said. “You are the real winner today. If you were to skate like an Olympic Champion or not be able to stand up straight on these skates, you’d be the one to win in my eyes.” Molly smiled. “Well,  we’ll see who can really win a gold medal tomorrow at the competition. But you can’t go unless you practice! So drink some water and let’s see some more moves!!!

Traveling Doll Mia Part 1 — Now Available!
Traveling Doll Mia Part 3 — Coming Soon!


American Girl Show-and-Tell Wednesday! October 21, 2009

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Hi! We are proud to anounce that this is the first Show and Tell Wednesday here at AGDC! You can see what’s going on at Liz’s website, American Girl Fan.  Well, SATW is a day where I show a picture of my dolls doing something and tell about it. Here goes week 1’s picture!
IMG_0783My doll, Molly McIntire, is a real fan of Heinz Ketchup! See her with her red shirt and bib, her own ketchup bottle, a Heinz Ketchup cookbook, and a human-sized ketchup.  “It’s just gotta be red!” says Molly.

You can also host Show-and-Tell Wednesday on your blog. And to spread the word,  go to Liz’s website and tell now!


Traveling Doll Mia! Part 1 October 19, 2009

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IMG_1716“And a one, two, spin.. and stop.” Mia Moyer spun around twice on Thin Cruster lake. It was a cold day in winter, and Mia went out to ice skate. “I can’t wait!” she said to herself. “In just two days I will get to be in the Lucerene Girls Ice Arena Competition! I HAVE to win best ice skater, or I will certainly die.” Mia spun around and did a full jump. Nothing could stop her from winning! She just HAD to. Good sport or not, it would all pay off soon, right?

IMG_1717“Mia!” Mia stopped and saw her best friend, Marina, approaching her. “Yeah, Marina. What do you need?” Mia said. “First of all,” Marina said sharply. “WHAT in the world so you thing your doing, out here in the cold, in your “skating outfit”? You gotta get a sweater on! And come inside, you don’t need this ice-skating!” Mia felt hurt but nodded slowly. “but… your not wearing a sweater, either.” Mia said quietly, her head bowed. Marina’s expression did not change. “Well, so what? I am only out here to get YOU, for a mere minute! Now come on!” Mia could not argue. She knew Marina had some spiky approach on people, but it was worth it. At least to Mia. Marina was also the very best friend AFTER her preformance. It was Ok.

IMG_1718 “Ok, Mia!” said Marina happily as they were inside Marina’s house drinking Hot Chocolate. “I got you a little gift, just for you and your ice skating thing. I DO care about it, I just don’t want you shivering out in the cold.” Mia nodded. “Oh, your just great, Mary.” But Mia hesitated to open it. It was something very fancy and crazy for sure. But it had to be from Marina’s heart. So she opened it quickly.

IMG_1719 It WAS something awfully crazy. It was a springing, colorful hairbow. “Marina….. I don’t know what to say…. I mean, it’s-” Marina cut Mia off. “I KNOW, right! You will TOTALLY wear it because it’s the best gift you’ve ever had!” Mia bit her lip. “Marina, I already have my outfit planned for the competition. But look, I will wear it sometime, I promise. Pinkie.” Mia smiled and felt more confident. “OK,” Marina said. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt if you don’t wear it for the competition. I know! We can be rainbow girls for halloween! And we can wear the hairbows! And matching skirts And, And! And—– I’m not making any sense, am I?” Mia laughed. “Let’s talk about this like, when it’s actually OCTOBER! Ok, I will see ya later, Mary!”

IMG_1720Mia’s plans were to get out of the skating outfit and cuddle up to some TV in pajamas, but NO. Her owner, Ally, had OTHER plans. Next thing she knew, Mia wound up in a travel book bag.
And then, Mia had a car-ride to…  to…. A SLEEPOVER! Flashes of girls went by. Laughing and noises and lights filled Mia’s long night. It must have been a birthday sleepover. But, the restless night was finally over and Mia found herself very tired, but she just couldn’t fall asleep. OOhhhoooHHHHuuuuuHH…

IMG_1721Right before Mia’s eyes closed for a while, she felt a dainty, light hand pat her head. She looked up. “Mary…I mean, Marina???” she asked drowsily. ” The girl made a face. “No… my name is Eva Grace, I’m one of the dolls here. Welcome to AGDC, American Girl Doll Central. You must be Mia! You’re the second one we’ve had, you know.” Now it was Mia’s turn to make a face. “I am…uh… not sure what those words stand for. I’m supposed to go straight home with my owner, Ally, when this is over, so please, ma’am, Miss Eva, don’t let her forget me. ” Eva Grace didn’t tell Mia the truth about the young girl’s stay, but she said simply, “Come and meet the girls. I know you’ll like them.”

IMG_1722“Ok, Mia,” said Eva Grace. “These are, Kit with the blond hair and blue eyes; Josefina is the girl in the blue dress with braided hair; Elsie is the historical, fancy girl with the brunette curls; and at the end you have Samantha in the cute, sporty outfit.
IMG_1723“Right here we have these girls. The first african-american girl with the blue dress and necklace is Lulu; the girl with glasses and a pink dress is Molly; you’ll see african-american Addy in the yellow easter dress. Now in the black and white outfit with red hair is Felicity.

IMG_1726Lastly but not leastly, Kathleen with the black bows and red curls; and Maggie, who’….has to be fixed up a little. You’ll learn about Maggie’s history…..later.

IMG_1740 IMG_1745 IMG_1746
Mia was pleased with meeting new friends, but her dreams in her nap that day were filled with strange pictures and scenes, and when Mia woke up, she knew something was TERRIBLY, HORRIBLY, UNFORGETABLEY WRONG.

IMG_1729NO. This could not be happening. Mia sprung to the window and began kicking and screaming and yelling, tears running down her cheeks. “NO, ALLY!” Mia screamed. “HOW DID YOU FORGET ME!!! YOU DON’T LOVE ME ANYMORE, YOU FOGOT ME IN A STRANGE PLACE! PLEASE COME GET ME, ALLY! I’M SCARED!!!!!” This happening could be in a horror movie in the doll world, so Mia was in total freaking out. “AHHHHHHH! ALLLLY!”

IMG_1731 Mia ran to a corner and began to cry. Then another girl came up to her. Mia just wished it would stop. “What’s wrong?” asked the girl. Mia reconized her as Molly. “Oh, Molly, something terrible has happened. Ally forgot me!!! She doesn’t love me anymore and wants to give me up! I want her to come get me and love me again!!! But she forgot me! She..she… I WANT TO GO HOME!!!” Mia let out a yelping cry. But Molly rubbed her back. She wanted to laugh at the silly incident, but she didn’t want to make Mia feel bad. “It’s ok, Mia. You are only staying for two days. That means you visit, you are going home soon. Your owner still loves you a lot. She wants you to have FUN, so don’t cry! ‘-giggle-‘ Ok, you come dress in something cozy, and meet me in the living room and talk.

IMG_1732Mia chose a purple cozy outfit and joined Molly. “Molly… I have to tell you something!!!” Mia said. Molly looked concerned. “Tell me, then!” Mia let out a shaking breath. “Molly, something else is terrible. I have a really important thing, the Lucerene Girls Ice Arena Competition, and it’s in TWO DAYS! I don’t know what to do.” Molly nodded. “And you WILL make it. We will do it. I will take you to Thin Cruster Lake tomorrow. But right now, let’s get some dinner. I’m hungry, and I’m sure you are too!”
IMG_1751What are Mia and Molly eating for dinner? Can you guess?

Comment and Rate! PLEASE! Thank you!


A NEW member of AGDC!-Kathleen and Elsie get reunited! October 17, 2009

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IMG_1674“C’mon, Kathleen! I KNOW something’s wrong.” Samantha insisted her sister one day. “No,” said Kathleen. “Nothing’s wrong. Just because I do not want to play right now doesn’t mean I am upset!” Samantha sighed. “Come ON, Kathleen. You gotta tell me.” Kathleen looked up at her sister. “WELL,” she began. “Ever since Josie told me she could find Elsie, it was one thing that wouldn’t come out of my mind. Voices have been taunting me saying, ‘You can never find Elsie. She went out of business,’ and things like that. It’s hard to explain. Things seem to revolve around that lately, in my world. ‘Sigh.’ ” Samantha heart rose a little. “YEAH, ABOUT THAT. You wait here, little angel Kathleen.” Samantha jumped of Madeline’s bed, the place they had been sitting, and ran away.

IMG_1675 Hushed voices rose from a far side on in the room.
“So, it’s set?” whispered Samantha. Josefina nodded.
“Yeah, I think she’s out there. You go ahead and get Kathleen.”
Samantha smiled ear to ear. “Oh, can you imagine the look on her face when-”
Josie pressed a finger against her lips. “Hush, we can’t spread a rumor. Just go get Kathleen, I’ll be ready for you.”

IMG_1672“Kathleen, you have got to come with me,” told Samantha to Kathleen the very next minute. “I think I know how to  make all your taunting voices leave you. Kathleen followed her sister Sam into the hallway, then stopped. There, far in the dark but more glorious than the rising sun, came coming a small girl. But not just any girl. Beautiful spiral ringlets framed her face and ran down her back. She wore a big fancy dress with bows and frills. And she had, the most kindest, christian eyes that seem to sine through the dark. Kathleen sucked in her her breath.
“Elsie?” She whispered. “OH, ELSIE! OH ELSIE!!!!!!”

IMG_1676“Oh, Kathleen! Shall it be you?” The girl named Elsie Dinsmore shouted. “OMGoodness, Elsie Rebecca Dinsmore! It IS me but I can’t believe you! YOU are here!!! AHH!” The two girls, best friends and twin sisters, danced and jumped. “AHH, KATHLEEN! The Lord is good! For He has brought us together again!!!” The two little godly girls danced and discussed the amazing Lord. The other 8 girls danced in.

IMG_1677In all the fun, Katheen studied her companion’s face. It was precious, and it had shining hazel eyes with eyelashes like spiders. She had color in her cheecks and face and had  tiny ringlets circle her face. And she had the prettiest, prettiest, smile. She was smiling. Elsie was glad to be here. With a home that loved her, countless sisters and companions, Kathleen,  and Madeline and most importantly the Lord.

IMG_1680After everybody was danced their heads off, Felicity felt like being helpful. “Elsie, is their anything you left in your taxi when you came here? “Elsie stopped to think. “WELL,” she said. “I DO know that Madeline’s parents bought me with four other outfits. I hope the taxi driver hasn’t gone off with them yet. I will go get it.” Felicity stopped her. “Oh no you don’t. You enjoy your time. I will go get them. So, LOL BFFs! BRB!” Elsie suddenly looked lost. “Is there anything ELSE you should tell me? LIKE THE  FACT THAT THAT RED-HEAD GIRL JUST SPOKE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE?” Lulu turned to her new little sister. “Calm down, lil’ Elsie. LOL BFFs BRB just stands for ‘Laugh out Loud, Best friend forevers! Be right back!’ So you don’t need to worry, girl. We all speak english here! So, LOL!” Elsie laughed. “OK, I’ll LOL BFFs!”

IMG_1684Felcity came in later with a stack of clothes. “This is it, I think?” she asked Elsie. “Thank you, Miss Felicity. You are a big help.  Yes, those are my clothes.” Elsie began taking them out and putting them in her wardrobe that Nick, Madeline’s brother, had made for her. But then she stopped. “I know!” she said. “Let’s all play dress up! You can all use my clothes, I’ve got plenty to share!” And so they did. But first, Kathleen went up to Josefina.

IMG_1682 With tears of joy in her eyes, Kathleen sputtered out. “How….how did you this, Josefina??? It’s such a remarkable time. And you were the girl behind it. How did you find Elsie?” Josefina smiled at Kathleen’s interest. “Well, It wasn’t just me, first of all. It was mostly Madeline’s parents. It was Madeline’s birthday and I told them what she wanted. The day after LOF went out of business, Madeline’s dad went to the store, picking up Elsie, before it was too late. But I was taking care of Elsie under the bed in her parent’s room. I nursed her until it was time for her to be given to Madeline! And to you, of course.” Kathleen smiled. “You are wonderful! And so are Madeline’s parents! And mostly God!”
The End-But not of Elsie’s adventures! 😉

Yes, I got Elsie my birthday, which is October 17.  I first opened the clothes and then my parents were like, “sorry. We tried to find her but she was sold out. We can find her soon, though.” I got  a little upset because I had hopes of getting  Elsie. Then my mom said, “can you get the vaccume cleaner? We have to clean up.” And when I went to get it, there was a box in there just the size for  a doll box. And you know the rest of the story! 🙂 Here’s the clothes I got:
IMG_1685 IMG_1686 IMG_1687 IMG_1688
From left to right: Kathleen’s feedsack nightgown set with sockies and a blanket ; Violet’s school apron set with hairbow clips; Millie’s school dress set with socks, shoes, and hairbow clips. Bottom: Yellow undergarmet set (not sure who’s).

IMG_1690Last but not least, this is Elsie posing in front of the wardrobe my brother made me for the dolls out of the Elsie box.

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Samantha’s birthday!-Part 1 October 12, 2009

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That’s right! Samantha’s party has been postphoned like so many times, so I decided we should just get on with it! It’s not as big as the planned birthday party, but read and have fun!!!!

First, Samantha greeted her friends and they had pizza!
Next, Samantha had a deluxe chocolate cake with all her friends

Then there were fun games to play and things to do!
And finally, it was time to open presents. I have pictures and a photostory for this on! Enjoy! Let it Begin:

It was Samantha’s birthday party and it was time to open gifts. All her other friends had already left, so it was only Samantha and her mother, Mrs.Parkington. Samantha unwrapped her first gift.


Samantha: OooOoOh! Look, Mom!!!! It’s a nice box!!!!
Mrs.Parkington: Yes, dear, it is. But you’ve got to see who it’s from. Give me the wrapping paper.

IMG_1542Samantha: It’s from my sisters. Molly,Kit,Addy,Josefina, Felicity, Lulu, Eva, and Kathleen. NOW can I open it???
Mrs.Parkington: Of course, but if you don’t say thank you to your sisters, you can’t keep it.
IMG_1543 Samantha: I know, Mom! Now let’s see….. OMGoodness, Mom!!! HEELYS! YEEP!
Mrs.Parkington: That’s great! You can try them on later. But what I said….


Mrs.Parkington: Ok, Sam, here is the gift from Madeline. I know she must have gotten you something good. 🙂
Samantha: Thank you, Madeline! Can I see it, Mom?
Mrs.Parkington: What is it??? It is what you really wanted?


Mrs. Parkington: I know you love it. But calm down. Here, let’s open her.


Joelle (busting into the room): OMGoodness, Samantha. It’s me, Joelle. Don’t ask me what I’m wearing. I was in a play. I said I would get you the Rebecca doll??? Well, I’m sorry because I told my mom about that is what I want to get you, and my mom’s like, “NO JOELLE! Every dollar is worth a fortune these days, you know that!!! Unless you can find an American doll on ebay or something, we can go to the store tomorrow and pick out something else!” So we had to, Sam. I’m sorry. But I know you’ll really like my gift!!! Here!


Samantha: Wow! Julie and Kaya activity books! Thank you!!! I really love them, I do!
Joelle (pleased with herself): You are welcome. Very welcome!
Mrs.Parkington: Okay girls, get together so I can get a picture!


Joelle: Bye! Hope you liked my gift. Wait…. someb0dy else it here!
Leanna (panting) : Don’t…PUSH….start….PUSH….the party…PUSH… without me! (GASP BREATH PANT!)
Samantha: WOW. How much is that????
Leanna: Only $100. It’s your best gift, huh? Enough to buy a whole ‘nother sister!!! And DO NOT ask me what I’m wearing, either.
Samantha: It’s so great. Really, Leanna. Thank you. It could really come in handy.
Mrs.Parkington: I’d give the money to Madeline, girls. Maybe she will surprise you one day with something nice. I’m sure she bought those heelys you got new.


(Leanna says “bye!” and leaves)
Mrs.Parkington: Ok, this one is from Jerica.
Samantha (opening present): Shoes? they are nice, but…
Mrs.Parkington: Not quite, my girl. Keep ripping!


Mrs.Parkington: Lovely, huh? Well, you opened enough presents today. And you’ve got practice for that True Friend play tomorrow. Get some rest and we can open the rest tomorrow.
Samantha: OK!!! Thank you, everybody!!! I will open the rest of my gifts from all of you tomorrow! Don’t forget to COMMENT AND RATE! Bye!


American Girl Doll Quiz! October 10, 2009

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IMG_1053Hey! Have you seen that other blogs are doing quizzes and surveys to themselves or their dolls? I made my own quiz and  my doll Eva Grace took it. Hope you like it!!!

American Girl Doll Central: How would you, Eva Grace, introduce yourself to someone new?
Eva Grace Ward: Well, I’d say, “Hi! I’m Eva! The one and only Eva Grace Ward!”

AGDC: Director or Movie Star?
Eva Grace: Movie Star!!!! But I bet my sister Kit could write an awesome script!

AGDC: Ice cream and cake or cookies and baked goods?
Eva Grace: Ice cream and cake-y cake!

AGDC: Mustard or Ketchup?
Eva: Do sprinkles count? 🙂

AGDC: If your friend had really hurt feelings, what would you do?
Eva: I would try and help her and try to do something entertaining  or funny to get her mind off it. I’d really want to help my friend.

AGDC: Say you auditioned for a movie and got the part! On the same day as the premiere is your best friend’s birthday party!!! What do you do?
Eva Grace: I’d invite my friend to have her birthday party at the premiere! What else do you do???

AGDC: Summer or Winter?
Eva: Spring. 🙂

AGCD: If you had to pick a new name, what would it be?
Eva Grace: Isabella Elizabetha LeGrace!

AGDC: Favorite color?
Eva: P–I–N–K!!!!

AGDC: You are just going out to the mall with your friends, what do you wear?
Eva Grace Ward: I would wear something casual, like a simple dress but not to fancy, with leggings. Shoes would be like flats or something.

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