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Traveling Mia and Addy Go to the Mall August 31, 2009

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“HEY, MIA, WAKE UP” Mia was hiding in a cave in France away from soldiers who were trying to capture her. She has saved a slave girl from a palace who had been treated badly, and now the two were trying to escape to America. Tomorrow they would catch a plane and do just that, if nobody caught them. But now the slave girl named Annie was asking Mia over and over to wake up. “Mia, PLEASE wake up, PLEASE.” Then Mia woke up, her eyes still adjusting. Was the blur in front of her Addy? Yes, it was. It was all a dream.

IMG_1124 “Addy, whatever do you need? I am still sleeping!” Mia grumped. “Mia, you are a LATE sleeper. I finished breakfast two HOURS ago.” Addy said. “I want to know if you will go to the mall with me. I am going to get my hair done and buy a new IPod. Want to join me?” Mia smiled. “OF COURSE! Hold it, I’ll go get dressed. And bring my money. I want to buy myself a hair treatment too!=, and maybe an IPod!

IMG_1130Mia borrowed an outfit from Eva Grace and pulled her hair in two pigtails. “Ready!” she said. “Let’s go to the hair place, the Apple store, and wherever next!” Mia was so exited to be going out with her friend to the mall. It was so exiting!!!

IMG_1224The first place they went was Mountain View Hair Salon. Mia got her hair washed. The woman at the sink washing her hair, Mrs. Kibwana, was very gentle. She made sure Mia’s special braid stayed tucked and nice during the whole thing. It was so soothing. Soap going through her hair, and it being all washed out again with cool water. Ahhh….

IMG_1228After Mrs.Kibwana washed Mia’s hair, she clipped the braid back and began rolling Mia’s hair up in curlers. Mia stared at herself in the mirror. How weird she looked!!! 🙂

IMG_1233“Now dumplin’,” Mrs.Kibwana said. “Keep them curlers in for a while or so, I’ll be back to check on ya in a little bit.” Mia smiled at Mrs.Kibwana’s accent. She called Addy over and the two of them read their favorite magazines to pass time. Mia though she should enter herself for “Crazy Hair” contest. Oh, those curlers!

IMG_1252Finally, Mia got the chance to take the curlers out. “Oh, how beautiful I look! Look at my curls bounce! Look at them bounce as I spin! LoOk At My CuRlErS!” Mia couldn’t believe it. The beautiful, red-headed, curly-haired girl in the mirror in front of her was MIA SLUSARSKI! HER!

IMG_1272 Next, the girls went to the Apple Store. Boy, were there lots of people in line for that. But they finally got in. They got to check out cool laptops, IPods, and more. Mia and Addy both each picked out a new blue IPod Nano. But at the checkout counter, it was too much money! They decided to share one, each paying one half.

IMG_1286The girls listened to music together. It was soothing and relaxing. “Mia, we didn’t get to do much today. Maybe  I will take you again tomorrow” Addy said. Mia was thankful. “Only if you feel like it, Addy. You are so nice, you are my friend. I love you” 🙂
“I love you too,” said  Addy. 🙂


5 Responses to “Traveling Mia and Addy Go to the Mall”

  1. AGlover Says:

    I love it! 🙂

  2. hannah Says:

    that is very good cool afect on the first page her curls were beutiful how did you do it?

  3. Madison Says:

    Really cute!

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