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Birthday Updates! August 12, 2009

Filed under: Birthday,Doll Fun,Samantha — Madeline@AGDC @ 8:41 PM

IMG_0828Hey, Guys! It’s me, Samantha! You’ve probably heard that it’s that time of year-yeah, my birthday! And it’s the best party you’ve ever known. My real party will be taking place at Madeline’s house with some of her friends, but since not all of you can come to our house and celebrate, we are having a virtual party right here a day after the real one! The date is not clear yet, but I will certainly tell you when I am aware of it.

What’s a party without friends? Please tell me if you are or probably going to be attending this party, or at least parts of it. I want to know who’s coming! Why? Because, one of my sisters will be acting as you (for example, if “Meghan” came, one of Madeline’s dolls will be acting as Meghan! See what “you” do at the party!

PRESENTS!!! I don’t mean to sound greedy, but every birthday girl deserves presents! This is how it works: write down as a comment on this page what you would like to give to me, and writer down a card. (Don’t worry, I won’t peek! Josefina is checking it for me!) Then on the day of the party at present time, ” you” will hand me your gift (you don’t have to send it, she’ll buy it for you, jut tell her what you want to give me!) and read me your card, and I will send you a special shout-out!

Games Time! You can see me hit the pinata, and you can give it a try, too! (This will be explained at the time of the party) There will also be other games you can see and play in.

Cake time! The doll playing as you will say how she likes the cake. Do you agree? See the dolls dig in a doll-sized cake!

And on this day, the whole website apperance will be birthday-style! A birthday layout will be the website style, and Madeline is going to try and get Bithday music playing! It’s a time you don’t want to miss!!!!