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GIRL OF THE YEAR 2010!!!! August 4, 2009

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On Doll, Somebody put on new information on what could be Girl of The Year 2010. Here are some clues and hints on what our 2010 doll could be like:
: She COULD be an African American Girl
: Her books are already on Amazon, although there is no name
: Her books are written by Jan Kurtz

That’s all right now, I will get you new scoop later! Thank you, Doll Diaries!!!

Lena pointed out that many times AG has tricked us with GOTY dolls, so we can’t be so sure. What is your idea of the GOTY?

UPDATED: I NOW understand that Lanie is NOT African American. I have made newer posts about that. Some smarty people keep telling me that she is not, MONTHS after I told everyone that she wasn’t and even showed her picture here. I keep this website updated with everything new about American Girl. If you look through old “new information” make sure you check newer information so that you know. 🙂 OH AND BTW, I never said she WAS African American, I simply said (about a year ago) that she COULD be.



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About a week after I got Samantha, we had a garage sale. I made $135 in it, selling all my old toys. I decided I want to buy a Life-Of-Faith-Doll. Thankfully those dolls are not just order-online sort of thing. They had the dolls at Family Christian Stores, which is very close to us. I went and bought Kathleen Mckenzie. She even came with a nightgown and a little Bible! Please enjoy Samantha and Josefina’s adventure when they met Kathleen.

One day, Josefina went hiking in the mountains. She was with Samantha, who was not very interested in hiking, and was far behind. Josie stopped when she saw a mysterious looking object underneath a pile of rocks? “What’s that?” she wondered.

“Maybe I can get it out,” Josie said. She pulled and pushed and pulled, pushed and pulled, but the box wouldn’t budge. She really wanted to know what was in the box, so she called for help. “SAMANTHA!!!” she cried. “COME HERE, FAST!”

The two girls pulled the box right out of the rocks. “Thank you, Sam!” said Josie.
The words on the box were two blurry to read, and the picture was faded. “I wonder what it is?” asked Samantha. “I don’t know, but it looks exiting! Let’s open it!” cried Josefina. Samantha didn’t like the idea, but she had no other choice to follow her sister.

“MhmmHmmHMM!” said a object inside. It was wrapped with paper and string. “What is it?” asked Josie. “I…I…I think it is a little girl.” Sam said, a shake in her voice. “C’mon, let’s get her out!”

Out  came a pretty little girl with an old-fashioned green dress and long, red, curly hair. She had freckles all across her face and a little book in her hand. “Hello,girls” she said. “My name is Kathleen Mckenzie, and I come from Scotland to America in the 1930’s,” said Kathleen, sharing her history. “But you may call me Katie.” she said.

“What is that little book?” asked Samantha. “This is the Bible, it tells about God and Jesus.” answered Katie. “I will read some verses to you,” she said.

Here is a close-up picture of Katie. She is an all-vinyl doll. Her eyes do not close like American Girl Dolls do, but she is very cute!!!! Now you will be able to see her in upcoming posts!