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Sorry… May 20, 2010

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I’m sorry, but Josefina won’t be entering the contest after all. Apparently I’m too young to be apart of the forum it’s named after, so that means I can’t do the contest. 😥 I’m sorry, and I was looking forward to entering the contest as well, but I’ll have to wait a few years. Hey, maybe I can at least take pictures as if I was in the contest, and show them on here instead. So what do you say?


Are Chrissa’s Party Dress and Treats Available Again? May 18, 2010

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Did you miss out on getting GOTY 2009 Chrissa’s Sundress and Party Treats? Well, not to fret! *AMERICAN GIRL IS RE-SELLING THESE ITEMS FOR WHICH I BELIEVE IS  A LIMITED TIME.* It is in the 40% section, and it may go away soon. It is labeled as: “Sundress for Dolls” and “Party Treats for Dolls” and is for JLY’s. Did AG have leftover Chrissa stuff when Lanie tookover? Maybe that’s why they are making this mysterious move….


READ! May 14, 2010

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Hey guys! I just wanted to talk to you about something that’s been going on at this website. Some people have been telling me about things that are just a little gross or otherwise uncomfortable for me and other girls who play on here. Like, for example, telling me not only that they are sick but giving me specific details of HOW they got sick and WHAT was the result of being sick (example: I threw up today. It was green and stuff). I’m not trying to be mean at all, I really love all you guys (as friends and fans, of course! 😉 ) and I know some of you younger ones like to tell me about your day and what you like to do, and I’m fine with that and I love it when you guys like to talk to me, and I am very glad I have friends on here, but some things you must keep to yourself. I am not banning you from saying that you are sick or something, but please don’t say what is the sickness and what it looks like or things like that. It’s just that lots of people visit here and they may not want to again if they read inappropriate or yucky comments. Please don’t be upset. It really is good for everyone.
Because of this, I am going to delete comments on my website that have been posted in the past that include these things, so you won’t see them anymore. If you DO post a comment like that, it will be deleted. 😦 I really hate to delete your lovely comments, I really do, so please keep them nice for everyone! 🙂
One last thing. If you meet a friend on here and you get into a long conversation, please ask them for an e-mail address so you can continue the conversation without going too off subject with the post. And with that, I have opened up a writing wall. You know how you like to tell me something random, like how you got a new doll or how you went on vacation? That’s what the writing wall is for. It’s also for carrying conversations between two people as long as they aren’t way too long. Thanks! Also, if you care to know my email, it is:
I love hearing e-mails from you! 🙂

NOTE: The thing about gross comments INCLUDES the whole thing going on with teeth.

Thanks for understanding, my awesome blogging friends! 😉
From, Madeline


Josefina to be entering AGPT Photo Contest! May 12, 2010

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That’s right! Your favorite hispanic girl is going to take a chance and enter the American Girl Playthings Photo Contest; made by the Bean Stalk. We hope you will cast a vote for Josefina! This year, you can give split and give points to other dolls, so that means you can vote for Josie’s friends, too. I’m not exactly sure when the contest will be starting. I think around May 23rd, so be sure to check out the Bean Stalk website soon!!! Thank you and have fun voting!


Eva Grace, Super Star! May 2, 2010

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