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What’s Happening This Week. By: Lulu August 6, 2009

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Hi guys! It is me, Lulu. I wish I could post a picture story for you today, but you see, the camera is dead. This week, I want to post the weekly happenings, which is something we are starting.  One of our girls gets picked to write a blog post on the beginning of the week to write what will be happening. I know it is Thursday, but I was so exited about being the first girl to do it, I snuck on early!!!

What’s happening this week:

Molly has some health issues. Her hair is very ragged and thin, and her face is all scratched up with marks. She is still our pretty sister though, of course. She may have to go to the doll hospital soon. She will check in with you on that.

Madeline’s cool friend, Lindsay, is staying over tonight, then will stay in until five in the afternoon. Lindsay does not have any American Girl dolls yet, but loves Molly! Maybe she will get her soon! 😉

Maria Kit has left, but not her stories!!! Her two last stories of her stay will be posted by the end of this week.

We have three upcoming Traveling Dolls who could be our guests!!! Can you guess who they are?
1. She is hockey-player who is great on ice
2. She has high spirits during the world war
3. She is a colonial girl who comes from London, England