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Felicity is sick! September 25, 2009

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IMG_0857“WAKE UP, LISSIE! TIME FOR SCHOOL!” Felicity awoke, but her eyes were still sleeping. It seemed like a struggle to get them to open. When they finally split, Felicity suddenly felt a chill and her head felt heavy. Her legs felt stiff. She groaned a little. “MoM…uH, cAn YoU uH, ooh..” 

IMG_0859Mrs.Merriman came over to feel her daughter’s face. “Lissie, how do you feel?” Felicity  felt hot, then cold, and hot, then cold again when her mothers hand touched her face. “Awful, Mom, but please! I need to go to school! Today is the day that one project is due, the one I have been working on ALL WEEKEND! I want to see my friends. I’ll…I’ll.. be fine…” But Felicity knew she was indeed NOT fine. The chills that once freezed her core were now a threatening burn. She felt week.

IMG_0861“No, Lissie. You feel hot, and I am not sending you to school.” Mrs.Merriman WAS going to take her child somewhere though. She wrapped a pink robe around Felicity and they drove to the doctor’s office. Dr.Montoyez checked Felicity then told the news. “Merrimans, Felicity has The Flu. I suspect that the flu germs got to her during school hours. I will contact the principal telling her about Felicity’s illness, and I will instruct her to tell the teachers to clean school items like computers, desks, chairs, and others. I will also put a bottle of hand sanitizer in the room so none other children will be infected.” Dr.Montoyez gave Mrs.Meriman simple  instructions to care for Felicity, and they left.

IMG_0868Mrs.Merriman set up Felicity’s room with proper supplies. A bell to ring if Felicity needed help, a wheelchair since Felicity’s legs were weak, a robe for Felicity to wear if she got cold, magazines for Felicity to read, and hand sanitizer to keep clean.

Felicity needs your help to get better. It will encourage her body to do that if you send her a “Get Well Soon” note. The notes will be presented by Felicity soon.


Life Of Faith Doll Ribbon Removal August 15, 2009

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Hey! Do any of you have a LOF ( Life of Faith) doll or planning to get one? You may or may not have noticed, but sometimes the bows or ribbons are sewed into the doll’s head. Some of Kathleen’s hair was back with two green ribbons, and one day when I tried to take them out, I realized they were stuck. But I thought there had to be a way to get them out, so yesterday I successfully took her hair down. Here’s how:

You will see the ribbon wrapped  around a piece of hair. Flip that piece of hair so you can see the under . You will see where the ribbon attaches to a white string, which is tied into the doll’s scalp.

You will also see a little string end with a knot on it. Start picking at it, and if it doesn’t come out like that, just cut the knot off.

Pull that part of the string out of the bow, and now your bow is not attached. Slip the bow out, and then pull the elastic rubber band out,too.

Comb out her hair a little. The white string  might still be caught up in her scalp, just pick at it and pull it out.

This is what it should look like:




Hope you guys enjoyed this! Bye!


Molly’s MAKEOVER! August 10, 2009

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I decided that I didn’t really want to send Molly to the hospital for lots of reasons. For example, getting a new head and shipping was already around $50, and since I am saving my money  for something, that was NOT happening. Second, I really loved Molly, and she was my first doll. I didn’t like the idea of her being taken off. 😦 So I decided to give her a makeover. A REAL makeover. 😉 Like repaint parts of her and actually wash her hair. So here are  the before pictures (the camera is working again!):

Here is how much hair she SHOULD have on the right, and this is how much hair she just has on the left.


Marks and scratches all over her leg



For  her hair situation, I filled up water in my sink to about half the sink

Next, I put Revlon synthetic wig shampoo ( available at Sally’s hair store ) in her hair then dipped and massaged her hair in the water. Then, I drained the soapy water out and did the same thing over until her hair was clean.

Then I layed her down on the counter, her hair going down. I brushed it this way. Then I trimmed it a little bit, just to keep it straight and nice. If you do this and you are under 12 years old, ask a parent for help.

Then, I lifted her up and brushed it a little more. Her hair is still in that thin, cut situation but it is clean, fresh, and healthy

For her skin, I put soap on all her limbs. Then I rubbed them with with a towel that was wet with warm water. Finally I dried them with a towel. For her face, I rubbed a little soap on her cheeks, forehead, chin,  and around her eyes and nose. I added just a pinch on her eyelids, when her eyes were closed. Then I rubbed all those spots carefully with a warm water towel. Then dried it.

For eyes: Make sure that no liquids get in her eye, which is why you should keep them closed during this. If it gets a little wet, don’t freak out, just dry it and move on.
For mouth: When drying her face, you will still see some unreachable soap in her mouth. Use a toothpick to scrape it out.
For Teeth: If the white teeth in your dolls mouth are going away or fading, just use a little white dab of paint on your toothpick and touch them up. If you accidently “paint” on another part of her mouth white, scrape it out with a toothpick. Ask a parent for help on this step.

I kept brushing her hair occasionally throughout the whole makeover, to keep it  fresh, and so it would dry clean and not shrivel up again.
This is a great thing to do to your doll even if she does not have anything wrong with her, just to keep her moving clean. Here are Molly’s after pictures:

Molly feels better now! YAY! 

Her hair seems healthier then it was

A close up of beautiful Molly

Her legs still have some dark, oozie spots, but they are looking a LOT BETTER!

A side picture. Here you can see where her hair was once cut, but it is better 

I asked my dad to untie her strings, then tie them again to tighten her head. You should do this every once in a while to your doll. 

Now old Molly is beautiful again! She still has a little bit of a I-need-to-go-t0-the-hospital look in her eye, but she won’t have to for a while! Molly says, Thank you. 🙂