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American Girl Craft Tutorials August 11, 2011

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Hey guys! I’m working on a new blog, American Girl Craft! Visit it HERE!


Cecile and Marie Grace are out! August 8, 2011

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NEW URL! April 14, 2011

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Dun….dun dun dun….dun dun dun….dun dun dun DUUUUUN…..

I’m happy to announce the NEW URL for AGDC!!!!!!!!!

—————> <—————-

Oh yah! Click HERE to go to the new site now!!!!!!


American Girl Doll Central is moving to Blogger! April 4, 2011

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That’s right! I’m actually super excited- Blogger is so much more fun  and easy. I can do so much more too!
A whole new age for this site is about to begin!

Don’t worry, this site will still be up as the AGDC “original” site and you are still free to view comment here on my old photo stories and posts here.

• You can now follow my site!!!
• All new elements, like music player and chat board!
• I’ll be way more persistent with this site
• More colorful designs and options!!!

What do you think???


Please read… March 13, 2011

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First of all, let  me say….



As you know, I haven’t posted for over 2 months, plus even then I was hardly posting. Well, it’s not as if I’ve not been online. I’ve been hopping on Picasa and have a bunch of new photostories, plus, AGDC has gained a new friend. 😉 LANIE! That’s right, for Christmas I got LANIE!!! But…I’ll get to that later.

I know all you are probably super mad at me or really upset or whatever and I’m really sorry. I’ve also started my own blogger blog starring, well, me. And this AG blog was really feeling like a burden to me, and I don’t want to blog if it doesn’t make me happy to blog, you know? So I kinda just, stopped and just forgot about it for a while. My bestie came over just yesterday and kept telling me that people were emailing HER saying that they wanted me to come back. I’m not sure if this means I’m going to all the sudden starting coming on here and blogging every week like I used to.

I’m still definitely keeping this blog. I will still post when I need to, and I am making some major alterations to it, so stay tuned!!! But, first, there will be some changes:
1. All photostories are going on Picasa. I probably will make a page on here linking to all my picasa photostory albums, not to mention the ton I’ve added here. It is just way to hard to upload them to both, and it is so much easier on Picasa.
2. Feefee the Fairy is also probably discontinuing, at least for a  while, it never really got anywhere. 😦
3. All of “my stuff” like Tween Girl’s Daybook, or random thoughts from myself, are all being moved to my new blog, which I will mention soon.

I will try to be working on this blog for the next couple of days and try to get it to where it supposed to go. For now, please please please check out my other stuff! Because, I haven’t been gone from the internet, I’ve actually been here the whole time 🙂



^This facebook profile was made specially for my online friends. My personal account has some PI I would rather not share. 🙂

I hope all of you understand! Talk to you soon! Hang in there!


MORE AG 2011 DOLL STUFF! INCLUDING….MINI DOLL OUTFITS?!?!?!?!?!?! December 21, 2010

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UPDATE! December 16, 2010

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Ok! So, most of you know….I’m going to NY! Not the city, but we are going up to the snowy state and see family and hang out and have a good time! Well, it’s a 20 HOUR CAR RIDE, which means, it’s 11:30 AM right now, and we won’t get there until TOMORROW MORNING! So please pray that through all the ice and snow we will get there safely and we won’t die of boredom. 🙂 I’m sure you wondering…will I be online? Probably not for the next 24 hours, but I will have internet access there. I don’t think I can upload pics until I get back. What dolls am I bringing, you ask? Samantha and Julie! Heehee! We are just about to leave so I am writing this quickly!!! Bye!


Carpatina Dolls Beautiful Clothes….and Giveaway! November 26, 2010

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How can you transform your doll into a girl long ago….a Chinese empress, a Renaissance princess, a Victorian beauty? With Carpatina! Carpatina is a company that makes amazing dolls and beautiful clothes made to fit 18″ dolls like American Girl! And the best part is, Doll Diaries is hosting a giveaway for this beautiful Dianna Renaissance Dress!

You can enter today! To enter, click HERE!


Hey! November 13, 2010

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Hey? Itching to know how many days until CHRISTMAS????? Visit our new page (to the left) and click on “How Many Days Until Christmas?” to find the days left until the big day along with December, tons of pretty Christmas and snow pics of the dolls, and more! So head over to the fun now!


Happy Birthday Sarah!!!! October 19, 2010

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There are lots of birthdays going on right now, and if I’m not mistaken, today is the birthday of a very special girl!


Sarah is turning 11 today! In celebration I have invited her dolls online….Sallyjoe, Molly, and Felicity!!!!

Happy Birthday Sarah! Have a wonderful day!!!!
Madeline and her dolls!