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What should Molly be for Halloween? August 30, 2009

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IMG_1142Molly has been thinking a while of what she should be for halloween. So far, she has  looked through the wardrobe came up with 6 great ideas. Help her decide who she should be!

IMG_1145                                                          A STAR SWIMMER
Molly is fast and friendly in this sporty suit! She can be the star swimmer on any swim team,  or she can just be hanging out at the pool! She has on a swimsuit and a cap. Should she be this?

IMG_1153                                                  A HULA DANCER / HAWAII GIRL
Come and dance and play on the soft beach with Molly! She is wearing a beautiful grass skirt, a top, and a yellow lei. Don’t forget to put her hair in cute little braids! Is this what Molly should be?

IMG_1164                                           MOLLY THE FRIENDLY GHOST
I’t’s all treats and no tricks for Molly! She may be very white ,but it doesn’t mean she is a bad ghost, she wants to be your friend! She is dressed in an all-white, old fashion outfit. Is this what Molly could be?

IMG_1165                                                  CUTE HOSPITAL PATIENT
Molly is kind and sweet strolling in a little wheelchair, wearing an ID bracelet and a purple gown with a fun design. She is wearing cute pigtails. She will open her heart for you. Should Molly be this?

IMG_1176                                                       MALL COP MOLLY
Molly looks cute and funny in this suit! She is wearing a vest with a badge to prove that she is a mall cop Molly. Watch her travel in her scooter! Molly, should you be this?

IMG_1174                                                     RIDIN’  COWGIRL
She’s a sweet little cowgirl and wants to be your rockin’ friend. If this is what Molly is for halloween, she will ride on a horse from house to house, trick or treating. I forgot to put that in the picture. She has a demin dress, pink belt and vest, a necktie, and cowgirl boots! I lost the hat, but I will try and find it again! Should you be this, Molly?

Thanks! 🙂