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Contact me! (Plus our other locations) March 20, 2010

Hi! If you need to contact me, Madeline, for ANY reason, you can either comment here or e-mail me at:

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142 Responses to “Contact me! (Plus our other locations)”

  1. Amanda S. Says:

    hey, Madeline! I’m a HUGE fan of your site! In fact, I’m such a huge fan of your site AND AG dolls, I started a an american girl doll mini- newspaper. I just started today. Since it IS AG, then I was wondering if I could use your site name in my newspaper. Nobody (stranger-wise) will be getting this newspaper (I’m only giving it to my friends and fiamily) so, they will MOST definately visit your site, ‘cuz I don’t lie about great sites! Anyways, please contact me back and tell me if it’s ok to use your site name in my newspaper. If it’s not, that’s ttly fine, but I thought you would enjoy some people knowing about the site, so, thanks! ttyl, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Amanda

  2. Amanda S. Says:

    Hey, Maddie! I just looked you up on Facebook! Please accept my friend request!!!

  3. Abby Says:

    Hey! Wow!! This is sooo cool! – Abby Pepper

  4. Leigh1 Says:

    My daughter and I have been bonding over making beds for her doll & the dolls in our neighborhood….we’ve actually started a business:

    My product tester & quality control manager, Liam, feels it is necessary to jump up and down on the beds, to be extra sure they are strong enough to support those extremely heavy 10 oz. dolls (Insert Liam’s picture 19 months old, here).

    The production department is very thorough when building and painting the beds. One coat of paint would be sufficient, however, Kathleen (insert Kathleen’s 7-year-old picture here) my “pre-painter” prefers to begin the process in an art-deco free-form manner. This is quickly followed up with a second coat of paint by the finish-painter (me).

    Bedding and embellishments are laid out on the display area (kitchen table) and thoroughly examined and rated for color clarity, softness, and durability by the quality control department (anyone who can reach them).

    Check us out at: and yes, that’s my cutie-pie on the home page. 🙂

  5. Jinnie Says:

    Wow! I am very impressed by your site. You are one creative young lady. My 4 year old has been asking for one and I’m very hesitant to get it for her because I KNOW she won’t be able to take care of it. BUT, after browsing your site, I am tempted. Definitely, if she was older, I’d get it for her so that she can develop such a wonderful hobby as yourself. GREAT JOB!!!!

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Thank you very much Jinnie! I got my first AG doll at about 8 because that’s when I started getting into them, but most girls I know start collecting at age 6. You know, there are also cheaper baby dolls and toddler dolls made by American Girl for younger girls. I’m sure your daughter would be able to care for one of those very well until she’s old enough for a big one. Thanks for visiting my site and have a Merry Christmas (early! heehee)! 🙂

  6. Madison Says:

    Hope you don’t mind if I E-mail you! I’m going to right now!

    Mads 🙂

  7. Lauren Nitchie Says:

    hi whats up

  8. Carly Says:

    Hi my name is Carly and i love american girl dolls and your website!!!!! I went 2 and watched the videos you made.I love the Kirsten one!!!!! i love you website bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sammy Says:

    Hey my Friend Carly the one who were talking to before told me about this site Its really cool!! I have 4 AG doll Samantha Molly Emily and Alyssa a look like you doll I REALLY want Kirsten but she isnt there anymore 😦 well bye!!

  10. Carly Says:

    Thanks Madeline!!!!!!! No-one on this website has EVER written to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do a WONDERFUL JOB on this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you ever watched “I love Lucy”? thank you soooooo much 4 talking to me!!!!!!


  11. Sammy Says:

    TO EVERYONE: PLZ VISIT MY SITE(u too madeline!) Its and can i mention ur site on my site??

  12. Sammy Says:

    I have a question How do u get so many people to go on ur site?? i have one its called plz go on it and follow me!

  13. Felicity Says:

    Hi Madeline!You are seriously awesome!I’m like the biggest fan of this site,as you know,I go on EVERYDAY!I LOVE the blogs and the photo stories.My favorite AGDC dolls are Molly,Samantha,and Felicity.I already have 2 dolls.Felicity Merriman,and Brianna,a just like you doll.And soon to be an innerstar U doll named Sophia,and Kanani.My parents said I will get Kanani!!!!!!!!!I want to be a member on AGDC but I dont know how.Can you help me Madeline?And can we be friends?PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE?????????

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Aww, thanks so much Felicity! You are awesome for checking my blog everyday! Unfortunately I’ve stopped posting on this website and now have a new blogger site you can check out here:

      For more photostories and fun, check out my picasa account!

      We can definitely be friends! I love making new friends! 😀 Even though I don;’t update this website anymore, I still love reading new comments! Or we can start emailing! Check out my Contact Me page for my email 🙂

  14. Felicity Says:

    P.S. Sorry for the such long note Madeline!

  15. Felicity Says:

    Hi Madeline! I loooooooove your site.It is Aawwwwwwwwssssssoooooommmmmmeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  16. Felicity Says:

    So so so so so sorry Madeline.Am I sending you to much?Well anyway,Last night I forgot to tell you i’m also a fan of Eva Grace.She looks like Ivy Ling!

  17. Felicity Says:

    Hi again Madeline!Me and my AG Dolls Felicity and Brianna love your site.We want to make our own American Girl Central,Nicknamed AGC.Is that ok,since it’s close to AGDC?ps-Did you get my other e-mails?

  18. Felicity Says:

    I have a question.Will you still have this site?I’m confused since I started using this site in May,and I love this site.And I’m not trying to brag,but I want all the AG dolls.Oh,and sometime this week can you tell me which day you can play on the computer,because I want you to try and play on with me!My name is sophia6962.Tell me what server your going to go on if you can play.we can be buddies!And maybe if you give me your address(through e-mail not AGDC)I could send you something special.Bye!

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      That sounds great! Do you have my email? You could email me! It’s on my contact me page! 😀

  19. Felicity Says:

    Can you write me back Maddie?

  20. Felicity Says:

    How do I get to the Contact Page?(Sorry,I’m bad with Computers)

  21. Felicity Says:

    PS-The whole time I was chatting with you I was using my DSi.Now i’m using my mom’s computer,I may be getting of soon,in like half an hour maybe.

  22. Felicity Says:

    Hey Maddie!I just sent you a few e-cards from american!If you want to send me one my mom’s email address is don’t have one of my own.

  23. Felicity Says:

    PS-My mom dosn’t want us extanging addresses.So I can’t send you anything.Anyway,How do I email you?And how do I get to you contact page?Am I on it?Well,Can I interview you?
    1.What is your favorite Color?
    2.TV Show?
    Heres my anwsers

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      1. Blue, pink, green 😀
      2. Good Luck Charlie, iCarly, America’s Next Top Model
      3. Panda
      4. I love the whole world! LOL But I would love to travel to Hawaii, and also anywhere in Europe!
      5. Hmm… I like lots of names!


  24. Felicity Says:

    R U having little troubles?

  25. Felicity Says:

    Madeline,i’m on the phone with my friend Lizzy and she can’t type.

  26. Felicity Says:


  27. Felicity Says:

    LIZZY?????????????????????R U going to write me back?????????

  28. Felicity Says:


  29. Felicity Says:


  30. liz Says:

    yes i said i was eating srry

  31. liz Says:

    sophia/felicity?:( are you there?

  32. liz Says:


  33. liz Says:

    cry cry sob sob 😦

  34. Sophia Says:

    Lizzy,please comment!

  35. liz Says:

    hey felicity is there somthing rong i am worried about u if u r eating supper u should have told me i have sent about 5 messeges i can see ur messeges can u see mine?

  36. liz Says:

    I am about to cry please answer me Felicity!:(

  37. Sophia Says:

    I really need to stop commenting soooo much in a row.I feel Wierd about it.

  38. Sophia Says:

    So anyway, Bye!(Not forever)I’ll probably be back in 5 min. to check if i got a responce.

  39. liz Says:

    Good morning AG fans!

  40. liz Says:

    Felicity can i meet maddie?

  41. Sophia Says:

    Yes you can meet Maddie!She’s the one who made this site!Just ask or tell her something.She’ll write back in about 5 days.Sorry about before.I was busy 😦

    PS-Call me.PLEZ!

  42. Sophia Says:

    Maddie,Your like me!My 2nd fav name is probably Madeline to be truthful. 🙂

  43. liz Says:

    i want u 2 go 2 my posted flipnotes i made my own vampire series!

  44. Sophia Says:

    Lizzy?Write me!

  45. liz Says:

    i want u 2 go on my posted flip notes really quick pleeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz

  46. Sophia Says:

    I read them.I think their great.And since when did you start drawing like me???You are awsome!You and me are like perfecional artists!:)

  47. Sophia Says:

    Good job girl:)

    PS-Can you act when we are 18?I want to be an actress.And im going to the bread store right down the street

  48. liz Says:

    thanx u r so nice and thanx for tha magizine

  49. liz Says:

    kk go as quick as possible

  50. Sophia Says:

    Maddie,I know your e-mail address.It’s i’m on the contact me page +other locations now.Do i search up your address?What do i do?

  51. liz Says:

    i am glad u found this site

  52. Sophia Says:

    yippie yi ya!

  53. Sophia Says:

    Well,it’s american girl for crying out loud!Why wouldn’t I find it?:)

  54. Sophia Says:


  55. liz Says:

    lolz haha :p

  56. liz Says:

    wow! thats so kool!

  57. liz Says:

    yes sorry my dad just got here

  58. Sophia Says:

    Can u call me lizzy? I want to actually talk to u:)

  59. Sophia Says:


  60. liz Says:

    i cant rite now i dont like it wen he does that 😦

  61. liz Says:

    say i cant call u

  62. liz Says:

    i will be rite back i am going home so i wont have internet 4 a while i will comment dont worry

  63. liz Says:

    im home!!! sorry 4 the wait

  64. liz Says:

    r u there? sophia

  65. Sophia Says:

    Yes i’m here!:)

  66. liz Says:

    hey! i know wen u get ur membership card for fantage!

  67. liz Says:

    wen i get another1 we will get u 1 in about a month

  68. Sophia Says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Sophia Says:


  70. liz Says:

    sophia r u there u arent answering me

  71. liz Says:

    y would i go with out saying bye?

  72. liz Says:

    ooooooooooooooo do u wanna be in my new vampire diaries series

  73. Sophia Says:

    Don’t Worry Liz.I’m still here.I was trying to post a comment.R U mad?:(

  74. Sophia Says:

    wat do you think?I wanted to all alog!Want to be in my new series?

  75. liz Says:

    i will be rite back sophia

  76. Sophia Says:

    It’s called Vamp Island

  77. liz Says:

    kk im here and yes of course i do

  78. liz Says:

    kk wat do u want ur name 2 be

  79. Sophia Says:

    Where are you Lily?I’m calling u that

  80. liz Says:

    sophia my ds is going to run out soon so if i dont answer dont worry

  81. liz Says:

    my opinion i think u should be a were wolf named mia

  82. Sophia Says:

    Charge you DS

  83. liz Says:

    we coul be BFFs and u could be alex`s girl friend

  84. liz Says:

    i left it at my nanas house

  85. Sophia Says:


  86. Sophia Says:

    Use the computer,or use Parker’s or something.And make… in your story.And I want to be a Vampire!

  87. liz Says:

    im on fantage

  88. Sophia Says:

    Lets chat on Maddie’s Writing wall.I am going now.

  89. Sophia Says:

    I asked my mom if I could go on and she said maybe after dinner which my dad was gone grocery shopping and brings home dinner.If I go on i’ll tell you.

  90. Sophia Says:

    Why aren’t you at Maddie’s Writing wall?

  91. liz Says:

    hello sophia

  92. liz Says:

    today is landons b-day!

  93. liz Says:

    can u be a wolf plz

  94. Felicity Says:


  95. Felicity Says:

    I had to go to Walmart.

  96. liz Says:

    i cant answer any thing from u cause my sister:<(mad face)made me let her play MY professor layton game.

  97. liz Says:

    so can becca be a wolf

  98. liz Says:

    o o

    vv little person!

  99. liz Says:

    im going swiming b rite back

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