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Out with the Old, In with the New! January 1, 2010

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Hey everyone! Looks like the search is over. The rumors. The facts. The guesses. The ideas. She’s here, and there is no changing her. So why don’t you all give a big handclap to the newest American Girl, Miss Lanie Holland!!!
So Lanie, why don’t you tell us about yourself?
“Hi, my name is Lanie Holland, and I’m definitely an “outside” girl. I keep a notebook with factoids and notes and drawings and expirements, so you are dealing with a scientist here! It’s sort of hard having “outside” genes when the rest of my family has “inside” genes. I have two sisters. Number #1 is Angela, my sixteen year old sister who plays the cello and may have the most inside genes in my family! My other sister is only seven, and bugs me a lot and is very annoying, although she is my sister and I still love her. My dad loves paddle ball and the only time he gets out is to do that. He also cooks really cool food. And guess what? My very best friend Dakota is HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD in Indonesia rescuing orangutans. I feel like I never get to have an adventure. But then, my favorite Aunt Hannah comes and shows me the wonder in my own backyard.”
That’s cool! Sadly, both Chrissa and her friends and all her accessories are officially retired. Like the title says, Out with the Old, In with the New!
Also, Kirsten is also officially retired and now only available through Ebay or Craigslist or other websites like that.
It is a rumor that a new doll will be coming out this year to replace Kirsten as Rebecca did to Samantha.  This will be exciting!
Well, I hope you all have a great day!
Love, Madeline and the dolls ♥



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kirsten-archiveIt’s official-One of the original dolls, Kirsten Larson, is being archived, as Samantha is. I found out the news at doll (SEE LEFT) and I got to letter in the mail, along with the e-mail. So it is official. You can read the letter I and many others got at Doll Diaries (I can’t seem to post it  on here ). The dolls here at AGDC are sad to see Kirsten go but are exited to learn that new dolls may be coming soon, including Girl of the Year 2010! Bye, Kirsten!

What special times did you have with your Kirsten?Do you remeber when you got her? What did you play and explore? You can post about your and Kirsten’s adventures here at American Girl Doll Central.