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It's Christmas at AGDC!

Merry Christmas AGDC Dolls! December 25, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you guys had a WONDERFUL day and that you got everything you wanted. Let us be reminded that today is NOT about Santa, presents, treats, etc. It’s about our Savior Christ Jesus being born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. He is the TRUE reason for the season and why Christmas is what it is. Unfortunately people nowadays try to block that from us, saying how Christmas is about gifts or winter or whatever. CHRISTmas is about CHRIST, and we can’t forget that this holiday season. I pray that all of you and your families have a wonderful Christmas and Christmas break! (and to you guys up north, don’t take advantage of the snow! We don’t have any 😉 )

It was early December 25—Christmas morning. It was the day people had been talking about for months. The dolls were still asleep, dreaming about what the morning would bring.

“IIIIIITTTTTTSSSSS CCCCCHHHHHHRRRRRIIIIISSSSSTTTTMMMMMAAAAASSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Samantha on the top of her lungs.


The girls got up and began jumping on their sisters to wake them up.

“What’s all this about?” asked an annoyed Kathleen.

“ITS CHRISTMAS!” shouted Kit in reply.

Poor Eva and Addy were getting stomped on by Samantha.

The rambunctious two soon awoke the whole gang. The girls had decided to sleep in their Christmas dresses, because for one, Madeline was too lazy to change them, and second, because they had been so tired after their Christmas Eve service and gift exchange that they just hit the sack. 

“Oh my goodness, sisters,” said Elsie. “It is again the day of our Saviors birth! Now let us go and see what treats Saint Nicholas brought!”

“Oh Elsie, you’re so old fashioned.” Samantha sighed. “PRESENTS FROM SANTA EVERYONE! LET’S GO!!!!!”

The girls walked quietly into their living room, filled with beautiful gifts. 

Delete caption“Santa” had eaten the cookies and milk and left a special note to the girls. 

Molly picked up the note to read it.

“Dear girls, Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! You all were very good girls. Thanks for the cookies and the reindeer food. Comet couldn’t get enough!
*Samantha – watch that mouth of yours. I don’t want you on my naughty list.

Merry Christmas!
Santa Claus

Next the dolls darted to presents. Unfortunately Madeline did not have time to wrap them like normally but the dolls were excited anyway. Kit and Sammi got into all the candy.

Felicity and Eva loved the clothes Santa brought them.

Felicity loved the crimson red color of Kit’s Christmas Dress and Eva loved the Cheerleading outfit and Diva nail stickers!

Julie loved the Rebecca Play Scenes and Paper Dolls and the Princess and the Frog movie she got.

Kathleen and Lulu were the first the open the stocking. They also loved the Rhema Marvanne CDs. She is the dolls’ favorite singer!

Josefina loved the Shirley Temple movie collection she got, with 14 features!

*Note the Shirley Temple autobiography in the background- I got that too (you can probably tell I love Shirley Temple). I am on chapter 3 and it is great so far! I’s a huge book though!

You can just guess the two girls who were ecstatic about the old-timey sewing machine.

It was a great morning in itself.

Just as Josefina was opening her dvd to see what disks were inside, a small piece of paper dropped out. It read:

“There’s one more gift yet to meet – Follow these clues, this fantastic gift can’t be beat!
Clue 1:
When I first got here, I had a look. Then a bubble bath I took!”

To read the rest of the story, click HERE. If it doesn’t load on your computer, let me know. 🙂



Josefina to be entering AGPT Photo Contest! May 12, 2010

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That’s right! Your favorite hispanic girl is going to take a chance and enter the American Girl Playthings Photo Contest; made by the Bean Stalk. We hope you will cast a vote for Josefina! This year, you can give split and give points to other dolls, so that means you can vote for Josie’s friends, too. I’m not exactly sure when the contest will be starting. I think around May 23rd, so be sure to check out the Bean Stalk website soon!!! Thank you and have fun voting!


What’s for dinner? Mexican! October 7, 2009

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After school and homework, my dolls got very hungry. “What should we make for dinner?” they asked each other. Josefina claimed she was a natural at making Mexican food, so  the girls agreed that Josefina should make just that! So Josefina got out the Old El Paso taco ingredients.
IMG_1523IMG_1527 Yum… Josefina cooked and cooked and tasted the ground chicken to make sure it was just right, mixed in a few more ingredients, and finally finished. Mhhmmm… what’s that smell? C’mon, let’s go to the kitchen to see what Josie made!
IMG_1528 Cheese Quesedia (or however you spell it! 🙂 )

IMG_1529 Yummmm! Salad-pita!
IMG_1530 Tacos!
IMG_1535 Don’t forget the doll-sized tiny treat!!!!

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About a week after I got Samantha, we had a garage sale. I made $135 in it, selling all my old toys. I decided I want to buy a Life-Of-Faith-Doll. Thankfully those dolls are not just order-online sort of thing. They had the dolls at Family Christian Stores, which is very close to us. I went and bought Kathleen Mckenzie. She even came with a nightgown and a little Bible! Please enjoy Samantha and Josefina’s adventure when they met Kathleen.

One day, Josefina went hiking in the mountains. She was with Samantha, who was not very interested in hiking, and was far behind. Josie stopped when she saw a mysterious looking object underneath a pile of rocks? “What’s that?” she wondered.

“Maybe I can get it out,” Josie said. She pulled and pushed and pulled, pushed and pulled, but the box wouldn’t budge. She really wanted to know what was in the box, so she called for help. “SAMANTHA!!!” she cried. “COME HERE, FAST!”

The two girls pulled the box right out of the rocks. “Thank you, Sam!” said Josie.
The words on the box were two blurry to read, and the picture was faded. “I wonder what it is?” asked Samantha. “I don’t know, but it looks exiting! Let’s open it!” cried Josefina. Samantha didn’t like the idea, but she had no other choice to follow her sister.

“MhmmHmmHMM!” said a object inside. It was wrapped with paper and string. “What is it?” asked Josie. “I…I…I think it is a little girl.” Sam said, a shake in her voice. “C’mon, let’s get her out!”

Out  came a pretty little girl with an old-fashioned green dress and long, red, curly hair. She had freckles all across her face and a little book in her hand. “Hello,girls” she said. “My name is Kathleen Mckenzie, and I come from Scotland to America in the 1930’s,” said Kathleen, sharing her history. “But you may call me Katie.” she said.

“What is that little book?” asked Samantha. “This is the Bible, it tells about God and Jesus.” answered Katie. “I will read some verses to you,” she said.

Here is a close-up picture of Katie. She is an all-vinyl doll. Her eyes do not close like American Girl Dolls do, but she is very cute!!!! Now you will be able to see her in upcoming posts!


Meet my Dolls! July 30, 2009

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Here at AGDC, you will be seeing A LOT of my dolls. So you should meet my American Girls! One of them is really a different doll, but she is still in our family! This shows the order when I got them. I also gave each of them a middle name. Some of them already had one. And, their nickname. Enjoy!
Molly Marie McIntire
You may call me: Molly
Margaret Mildred Kittredge
You may call me: Kit
Addy  Alliea Walker
You may call me: Addy
Maria Josefina Montoya
You may call her: Josefina or Josie
Felicity Lee Merriman
 You may call her: Felicity or Lissie
 Eva Grace Ward
You may call her: Eva Grace (or, sometimes just Eva )
Lulu Rehema Kibwana (Karito Kids Doll)
You may call her: Lulu