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It's Christmas at AGDC!

New York 2010 Winter Display at AG Place! December 23, 2010

Hey! Char from Doll Diaries posted pictures of the AG Place NY’s Christmas/Winter display! Her friend visited there last weekend and took lots of pretty pictures of the doll displays! This one shows a main window,  I believe. It’s so cute! I love the mailbox and the girl peeking through the window at the top! 🙂
To see a gallery of pictures from the beautiful historical, MAG, and bitty baby displays, click HERE! 🙂 Merry Christmas ~CHRISTMAS EVE IS TOMORROW!~ 😀

American Girl Doll Central is inviting you to a “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” Gallery Display- here at AGDC! To participate, keep reading!
1. Take a picture of your doll(s) celebrating Christmas, New Years, or just enjoying winter activities.
2. Send your picture to .
3. When sending your picture, include what your dolls love most about Christmas/Winter. Also include your first name or nickname and the names of the dolls in your picture!
1. You can send in up to 3 pictures.
2. Pictures must have to do with Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Snow, Wintertime, etc.
3. Pictures must be sent in by Jan. 3, 2011! Mark the date!
Other information:
1. Pictures will be posted as a “Winter Wonderland” gallery on both AGDC’s website and picasa. You will get full credit for your picture.
2.If you would like to take a picture of any AG store’s winter displays (the picture must be owned by you) these will also be accepted!

Have a fun time! 🙂


Camp, A new Photostory & JULY 4TH PICS! July 15, 2010

Hi everyone! Just letting you know that I will NOT be on tomorrow (Friday, July 16) through next Monday (July 19). This is because I am going to camp with my church that weekend—Camp Dixie!!!!! I may or may not bring my doll, but if I do, I will TRY to take a few pictures but it is not guaranteed. If I can’t maybe I can make a special camp thing with my dolls or something here at home when I get back.  Also, yesterday my sister left for Nicaragua on a missions trip with her school. They are staying for a week and going to the biggest garbage dump in the world, home to hundreds and thousands of families. So please pray for us campers to have a safe trip and for my sister’s mission trip and that Nicaraguans will be saved. 🙂

In other news, I have made a brand new photo story on Picasa. I have decided that when I make a new photo story there, I will post a picture from it and a brief explanation wheat the story is about. Here I go:
Julie has always loved to play the violin, even before she came to AGDC. But when she’s really put to the test to see how well she plays, can she prove her musical heart well enough to get into a fine respected orchestra???”
To read this story, scroll down to my link bar and visit “Madeline’s Picasa Albums.” This will take you to my picasa page, where you can read a few photo stories. Many other stories are found on this site. If you’d like to comment on this story but do not have a Picasa, come back here saying you’ve read the story and what you thought of it. Thank you! NOTE: As for what I have decided, I am going to start to do some stories on picasa, some on here, so I can keep a well balance. I hope to add some more stuff here soon besides just photo stories. I am also working hard on making some AG videos for my youtube.

NOW, THE MOMENT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR….JULY FOURTH PICTURES! So, I got three pictures. Not too many, but I’m very thankful that these three sent them in! Thanks!!!!! I have also added some of MY pictures.

This picture was sent in by  Hannie (Hannah), from IrishGirl! I think it’s really pretty. All three of her dolls are celebrating America’s Independence with a party! I love all the decorations-the poster, the little mini paper chain…. the cookies are a nice little touch, as well! The clothes on the dolls are totally red, white and blue, too! Hannah is kind of an Irish-American girl living in Ireland, I guess you could say! LOL

This next picture was sent in by ANNE! Her doll Charlotte is doing a patriotic dance for her friends. I think this is really nice! You get the feel that Charlotte is really dancing, she’s not just standing still. The box is a cute little stage. The girls below look like they are really enjoying the performance. Are you? 😉

Last but not least…..Leanna’s picture! (Sorry Leanna I am not sure if this is the picture you wanted. I hope it is!) Leanna’s dolls, Kristy and Lanie, are having a picnic to celebrate the Fourth of July. Another great pic! The lighting is just very cool and still Summery in the picture. I like how she used the bandanna as a picnic blanket and I love the little food! And note that it’s food you eat at a picnic, she didn’t just stick a piece of pizza or beans on the plate.


Ok, now for some of mine…….

Earlier in the day before we go see fireworks, Julie goes on A little car ride. “Do you like my outfit?” she asks.

“Oh, look, look, look, Madeline’s mom!!!! Lemonade!!! Can we get some??? Pretty, pretty, pretty please???” I don’t know how anyone COULD say no! They were all little kids raising money for charity with big signs and waving flags. Right at a stoplight in a neighborhood, too.

“Yum, yum, yum! Dee-licious!” Those kid’s mommies sure do make some good lemonade!!!!”

(Sorry for the bad quality! I had to use flash and it always makes my dolls look all shiny and weird.) Later, we grab Addy decked out in her fourth of July wear and head to the fireworks show. “I can’t wait!” says Addy. “Me neither!” Julie agrees.

When we get to the sow, we sit on a quilt Madeline’s great grandmother had made. We meet our friend Nicki, too! “Hi Nicki!” And then we watch the fireworks. They were so pretty! Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Oh and I forgot to mention- we have some new people in “Our Friends and Their Dolls”. Visit the page to see!


4th of July Fun! July 2, 2010


It’s only 2 more days until one of the most important days in American history- Independence Day. Over 200 years ago America became an independent country,and my dolls are ready to have fun with the Fourth! Are your dolls?
We hope so! Dress your dolls in red, white, and blue for the big day and make crafts with them. Eat plenty of watermelon and apple pie and ask your family to have  picnic at your local fireworks show. Bring your doll, I want to see those pictures!
That reminds me. You know how Liz asked all of you to share your summer photos? It wasn’t a contest, but she posted them all? I would like to do something like that. Here’s how it works:
1. Take a picture of your doll wearing/doing something that has to do with America or 4th of July. You could take her picture in her favorite patriotic attire, having a picnic with her friends, watching fireworks, or even dressed up like a  colonial girl who actually heard the news that America was free. Is your doll a different nationality, and proud to be an American? Express that. Plus, if you have any extra pictures such as a cool firework or a red-white-and-blue cake you might have made, or a craft, send that along with your doll picture.
2. Send your photos to Deadline is July 7, so you have enough time to take pictures of her on the actual fourth or around that time. I will display the photos soon after.
3. Have fun that day! Hopefully I can get my dolls to do something. They will be coming to a Fourth of July fireworks show with me, so  might be able to show those pics.
5. ONE MORE THING- If you have an idea for a fourth-of-july craft or recipe, that’s great too.


Josefina to be entering AGPT Photo Contest! May 12, 2010

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That’s right! Your favorite hispanic girl is going to take a chance and enter the American Girl Playthings Photo Contest; made by the Bean Stalk. We hope you will cast a vote for Josefina! This year, you can give split and give points to other dolls, so that means you can vote for Josie’s friends, too. I’m not exactly sure when the contest will be starting. I think around May 23rd, so be sure to check out the Bean Stalk website soon!!! Thank you and have fun voting!


A Pretty Picture of Felicity! April 19, 2010

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I think it’s one of my favorite doll pictures! It was taken at a French bakery we visited before the Mint Museum! Photo story coming soon, but I just had to share this one photo. You have pictures like that, right?


The moment you’ve all been waiting for- Who Won the “February Fun” competition! March 5, 2010

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Hello everyone! Well it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for- who won the February Fun Photo Contest 2010!!!!!! First of all, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who entered and you will all be getting a special certificate. You all did GREAT and this was a hard decision. But sit still while we anounce 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place!

3rd Place is awarded to……..Leanna!!!!!!
A special shout-out to you: Leanna, you did awesome!!!!! Your pictures were very lovely and cute. I like how you set up your own little doll room. The pictures were almost like a photo story that I’m reading in my head. I love the bitty bears and mini Rebecca!!! LOL!!! Yours matched very well,  good job!!! Everything did go together, and I could imagine the dolls exchanging valentines. A+++
What you’ve won: A special shout-out from me to you on AGDC (and soon Youtube); A special 3rd place certificate; and a Doll Pillow sewn by Madeline!!!
*Important Notice: I have not been clarified that you have got your parents permission. After you do, please send me the address you’d like me to send the package to in a email:

2nd Place awarded to: Hannah!!!!
A special shout-out from me to you: *I can’t yet give you a shout-out, though your pictures were awesome!!! The reason is because I may have accidently deleted or something…I don’t know. Please send it again and I will update this!!!!
What you’ve won: A special shout-out from me to you on AGDC (and soon Youtube); a special certificate; and a Doll Dress sewn by Madeline!
Notice: Please e-mail me the address you’d like me to send the package to!
1st Place awarded to:   Anne!!!!!!!!
A special shout-out to you: Anne, you did beyond amazing even in one picture! Everything cordinated and went together perfectly!!!! I LOVE the colors you used-red, white, pink, orange..awesome!!!! Your picture is very cheery and lovely; and just spells out V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S! You didn’t over-do it, as in you didn’t put too much in the picture to make it overwhelming to all take in at once- for example, your background was mainly two pillows propped up. You didn’t lay it off and put too little, either. You used accessories such as chocolate and valentine cards to complete the picture. A+++
What you’ve won: Special shout-out from me to you on AGDC (and soon Youtube); a special certificate; doll dress, doll pillow, doll blanket all sewn by Madeline!
Notice: Please e-mail me the address that you’d like me to send the package to!

Thank you and you ALL did a WONDERFUL job!!!!! Special thanks to all your dolls for being love-ly models! And don’t forget what Valentine’s Day is about- friendship and love. Have a GREAT day everyone! Good job!


Eva Grace is auditioning for AGMA Season 3! March 4, 2010

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Hey guys! Did you hear the news? Eva Grace has auditioned fro Season 3 of AGMA on Youtube! Please check it out! Me and her worked VERY VERY VERY hard on this so please enjoy and let Eva know she did a good job on everything. I can’t wait for the results, can you? There are over 100 contestants and AGMA must pick 20…….so there is a likely chance Eva Grace may not get in….. but hey, 20 people WILL get in, and maybe……JUST maybe…….. one of them will be Eva!


Christmas Holiday Time and Pictures! December 18, 2009

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Leanna, a big fan of AGDC and former friend, wanted to show her dolls, Ana and Kristy, all ready for the holidays. These girls show their Christmas Spirit posing next to their painted Christmas Tree.

The painted Christmas Tree was made by Leanna’s little brother, a clear artist in this case! 🙂

Great detail work on the star, Leanna’s-little-brother LOL!

Leanna is the first to send in her own Christmas (or other Winter Holiday) pictures. But you can be the next!!!
About: Send in a photo of your dolls in a Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, or other holiday scene. Posing your dolls in snow or outside in cold weather is also acceptable.  It can be your doll decorating the tree, sleeping in pajamas (waiting for Santa), dressed in her holiday attire, or even giving and opening presents. For Hanukkah, let your doll play with her dreidal by the menorah or for New Years, put a popper in her hand and put 2010 glasses on her eyes. Express your doll’s own special traditions. And go crazy with the snow!!! Do anything imaginable.
1. No pictures of humans alone, please! Although, pictures of you AND your doll are fine. (This rule is just for safety.)
2.  Pictures and photos are acceptable all throughout the winter season. No more after January 23, 2010.
3. Please only photos having to do with the activities above. Save other photos for other special times!
4. The minimum of photos is 0. The maximum is 100,000,000. Send how ever many you would like! 🙂

Send to:


“Give Thanks” Week November 21, 2009

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Hello everyone! Next week, as you should know, it Thanksgiving. My dolls WILL be celebrating, and you can join the fun. Next week is Give Thanks Week. It will last until Sunday, November 22—Saturday, November 28. All week we are giving thanks for everything we have and for our protection. If you would like to join the fun, you can!

Send in a picture of your American Girl or other dolls doing or *eating* something having to do with Fall or Thanksgiving. Then tell us what your doll is thankful for and why. If you’d like, you may have all your dolls share one thing that they are thankful for, OR you may do each doll individually.
1. Only pictures that have to do with dolls. (For example, you AND your doll can be in that picture, but please no pictures of JUST you.
2. This is NOT  a contest or competition. EVERYONE who enters WILL have their entry posted.
3.  Please include what your doll is thankful for in the picture, not two different, random things. (Example: A picture of a doll hugging another doll would be good for: “My doll Maria is thankful for friends and family”. But a picture of a doll eating turkey would not be good for that same idea.)

Please Send:
1.Your first name OR nickname
2.Your Doll (s)  name(s).
3.A picture of your doll doing or eating something that has to do with Fall or Thanksgiving
4. What your doll is thankful for and why


PLEASE enter and Enjoy!


American Girl Show-and-Tell Wednesday! October 21, 2009

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Hi! We are proud to anounce that this is the first Show and Tell Wednesday here at AGDC! You can see what’s going on at Liz’s website, American Girl Fan.  Well, SATW is a day where I show a picture of my dolls doing something and tell about it. Here goes week 1’s picture!
IMG_0783My doll, Molly McIntire, is a real fan of Heinz Ketchup! See her with her red shirt and bib, her own ketchup bottle, a Heinz Ketchup cookbook, and a human-sized ketchup.  “It’s just gotta be red!” says Molly.

You can also host Show-and-Tell Wednesday on your blog. And to spread the word,  go to Liz’s website and tell now!