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Out with the Old, In with the New! January 1, 2010

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Hey everyone! Looks like the search is over. The rumors. The facts. The guesses. The ideas. She’s here, and there is no changing her. So why don’t you all give a big handclap to the newest American Girl, Miss Lanie Holland!!!
So Lanie, why don’t you tell us about yourself?
“Hi, my name is Lanie Holland, and I’m definitely an “outside” girl. I keep a notebook with factoids and notes and drawings and expirements, so you are dealing with a scientist here! It’s sort of hard having “outside” genes when the rest of my family has “inside” genes. I have two sisters. Number #1 is Angela, my sixteen year old sister who plays the cello and may have the most inside genes in my family! My other sister is only seven, and bugs me a lot and is very annoying, although she is my sister and I still love her. My dad loves paddle ball and the only time he gets out is to do that. He also cooks really cool food. And guess what? My very best friend Dakota is HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD in Indonesia rescuing orangutans. I feel like I never get to have an adventure. But then, my favorite Aunt Hannah comes and shows me the wonder in my own backyard.”
That’s cool! Sadly, both Chrissa and her friends and all her accessories are officially retired. Like the title says, Out with the Old, In with the New!
Also, Kirsten is also officially retired and now only available through Ebay or Craigslist or other websites like that.
It is a rumor that a new doll will be coming out this year to replace Kirsten as Rebecca did to Samantha.  This will be exciting!
Well, I hope you all have a great day!
Love, Madeline and the dolls ♥



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CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?????? SHE’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
We’ve had so many clues and facts and rumors…. but now….. as far as looks goes, all those mishaps are put to the final test. Title says it all.

I am going to read the Lanie books  all-the-way, because this is the first GOTY I may actually want to get. (I mean, since I’ve gotten into AG.) But if she turns out the way I hope—Get ready for Lanel Amanda Holland in Summer 2010.


Scoop on 2010 Girl of The Year Doll ‘Lanie Holland’ December 21, 2009

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A few days ago, girls everywhere received an online invitation to Lanie Holland, our brand-new 2010 GOTY. According to this perticular picture, Lanie’s polo shirt seems to be a polo DRESS, a nice, knee-length one. Lanie is also accompanied by a small golden bunny with a leash. Her pet, maybe? It is official that Lanie is a “nature girl” by her invitation.
Looking for a place to go the weekend of January 1? Why don’t you head over to any American Girl Store across the country? But get their FAST…the first 100 girls each will get their own Lanie-inspired goody bag and a chance to win Lanie’s collection.
I wonder if they will have any kind of contest like they did with the previous dolls? For Nicki and Mia, they challenged girls  to share their story to see if they were worthy to be “The Real Girl of The Year” and for Chrissa, girls entered a contest of making their own poster to help stop bullying, the guide line of Chrissa’s story. I was thinking, if they go along with Chrissa, that maybe Lanie’s poster idea will be about caring for the earth, and possibly ‘Going Green’.We’ll have to wait and see for the new fun and surprises Lanie will bring us! It’ll be fun to once again welcome a brand-new character to the world of AG, and American Girl Doll Central at that!


GOTY 2010 Lanie BIG NEWS! December 12, 2009

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Let’s review some facts:
1. Her books are written by Jane Kurtz
2. Her name is Lanie Holland
3. Her book plots went online informing us she cares about the earth and likes to garden. (I guess you could call her a Go-Green girl?)

Let’s review some “rumors” that have been spread.
1. She is likely to be African American. (PROVED WRONG)
2. She is a gardening, care-about-the-earth girl. (PROVED RIGHT!)

Well, now we have one of the most important things of all- her book cover! Based on the stuff she is holding, she does look like a gardening girl.  She doesn’t look girly-girl, I mean, to me she doesn’t based on her outfit. Here, take a look at my comment on, where this was found, and you can se what I think about her:

“Well, Lanie isn’t African American or another nationality or whatever-you-call-it, but she is BEAUTIFUL. She looks unique, a feature I value in dolls, (if you look at the dolls I own, the 9 out of the 10 dolls I have are “unique” and not just really plain.) I will think about her. She is VERY pretty. Love the curlies! Her outfit seems cute too, and not one of a girly-girl. Her hair makes her seem that way, but I hope she’s cute-sporty!”

UPDATE: Cover of Lanie’s second book, ‘Lanie’s Real Adventures’

Well, that’s my opinion! You can share yours and post MORE information about this new Lanie here, at AGDC,or e-mail me at:


Girl of the Year 2010: UPDATED! November 5, 2009

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OK, so we’ve already heard some rumors about the Girl of the Year 2010. But now, we have FACTS!!! And GOOD ones, tooo0o!

1. Her name will be Lanie
2. Her books are written by Jane Kurtz
3. Her look/style of the doll has not been said YET, but there has been quite a rumor she will be the very first African-American GOTY
4. Based on some research, she might very be an adventurous girl who loves nature, possibly.
5. So she will have two books:
“Lanie” by Jane Kurtz
“Lanie’s Real Adventure” by Jane Kurtz

Well, those are your promises and promises and facts and facts. I can’t wait to meet Lanie! How about you?


GIRL OF THE YEAR 2010!!!! August 4, 2009

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On Doll, Somebody put on new information on what could be Girl of The Year 2010. Here are some clues and hints on what our 2010 doll could be like:
: She COULD be an African American Girl
: Her books are already on Amazon, although there is no name
: Her books are written by Jan Kurtz

That’s all right now, I will get you new scoop later! Thank you, Doll Diaries!!!

Lena pointed out that many times AG has tricked us with GOTY dolls, so we can’t be so sure. What is your idea of the GOTY?

UPDATED: I NOW understand that Lanie is NOT African American. I have made newer posts about that. Some smarty people keep telling me that she is not, MONTHS after I told everyone that she wasn’t and even showed her picture here. I keep this website updated with everything new about American Girl. If you look through old “new information” make sure you check newer information so that you know. 🙂 OH AND BTW, I never said she WAS African American, I simply said (about a year ago) that she COULD be.