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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas-Decorating the Tree November 29, 2009

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It was the exact day after Thankgiving, and Christmas was beginning to sprout. Lulu, Molly, and Kit were the first to notice. First, they had heard on the human’s radio that Christmas music would play on the radio after Thanksgiving. Then, they saw that Madeline’s blog had a new Christmas style. So did her YouTube channel. And now, Madeline had placed a big mystery box by her bed. It was red and green, and the three girls were sure it had to mean it was Christmas again. Lulu, Molly, and Kit sang Christmas songs by the Hang-Out Circle, where the 7 other girls sat and talked. “Sing with us!” Kit said in the middle of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” She pulled Ea Grace’s hand. “It’s Christmas again!”

“What makes you so sure?” A tired Eva Grace said as she lay  in the middle of the circle. “I haven’t seen a trace of green or red around. I mean, besides you three and your crazy costumes.” The dolls surrounding Eva Grace seemed to be on her side. “Besides,” said Addy. “Thanksgiving’ was only yesterday, and I ain’t ready for another holiday so soon!” The other dolls with Eva and Addy buzzed in agreement. Kit knew that her sisters were only tired from yesterday, staying up late and eating pie and all. Kit knew they didn’t truly mean to hurt Kit’s feelings or say what they thought  so harshly. But she felt a boil inside her and felt the determination to prove that the littlest sister, the baby in the house was not always wrong. Kit was determined to get her sisters to think straight, the way things were.

Kit marched over to the box Lulu, Molly, and she had examined earlier.  Kit couldn’t read, she didn’t know how yet. And since Lulu and Molly had never seen one of these, the reading didn’t help them. Molly had just click her fingers saying, “Oh, I seen one of these! The humans use them on Christmas. Uh, I dunno what they are called. Uh…” But now all 10 girls gazed at the box Kit leaned against. “Is it a Christmas present for us, maybe?” Kathleen asked. “I am not trying to sound greedy, but it looks like… WAIT! There is a note for us on it. Read it, Mols.”

Molly looked closely at the note. She read it aloud to the others. “My Girls,” she began. “I have laid out my personal little Christmas tree to you. Decorate it and take care of it. Then,  I am giving you my permission to tour the Christmas spirit through the house! Love, Madeline.” The girls were quick to open up the box. But they were dismayed to find what was inside.

“Aww!” the younger girls sighed. “It’s just a plant!” Kit said. “It looks boring! Let’s  just put it back in the box and tell Madeline we don’t want it.” The girls were disappointed, but most did not want to let go of their special treat, at least, that’s what Madeline thought of it. “Um?” said Felicity. “Check the directions? Maybe you press a button and it dances and sings or something.” Samantha and Josefina were already checking the box. “No directions. Just a bag full of little toys, I think. “Toys?” Kit jumped up. “Maybe that’s what Madeline wanted us to have. Maybe she was just trying to trick us and let us find the surprise for ourselves!” The girls “yayed” in hope. Elsie did not. “Why do you care so much about toys?” she asked. “I mean, they are wonderful and I would love a new doll for Christmas, but is toys what Christmas is about to you girls?”  She looked like she was about to start a story of what Christmas really was about, but she couldn’t get anyone’s attention. Some other dolls agreed with Elsie and spoke harshly to the girls who said they would certainly die if Madeline did not get them the Mini-Rebecca American Girl Doll for Christmas. But Lulu and Molly hushed them. The girls realized they had been out of the whole conversation. “Everybody!” Molly called. “We’ve figured out that this is a Christmas Tree, and what it is for is it is a pretty tree that you decorate with these little toy-like things called ornaments.” Then she nodded to Lulu. “Yeah,” Lulu said. “Then, you plug it in the wall, and the whole thing lights up!” Now the girls got excited that this plant turned out to be no plant after all. At least, not a boring one.

Molly and Lulu laid out the ornaments on the ground in front of the tree. Lulu explained what the plan was. “Ok,” she began. “Everyone gets to pick two ornaments to hang on the tree. Please no shoving or pushing. When it is your turn, you may pick up your two ornaments and hang them wherever you want on the tree.” Molly smiled at the little blonde-haired, freckle-face girl standing beside her. “And we’ve decided that Kit gets to put on the tree-topper, since she is the youngest. Kit grinned and hugged Molly.

Before anyone chose and hung their ornaments, Molly put the lights and wrap-around on the tree. Then she invited everyone to start the fun.

Eva Grace was first. She chose the delightful reindeer Clarice from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Then she hung up a little snowman.

Next, Josefina and Samantha went up together. Josie chose a a little green and red heart with a bell at the bottom, and Samantha chose a red one that was similar. And what other ornament did each girl put on? 😉

Sam and Josefina were fascinated by the fact that Madeline actually had ornaments with theirs and Kirsten’s face on it! Well, not exactly ORNAMENTS, but little magnets that stuck to the pot the Christmas Tree was in. Josefina and Samantha laughed at the little magnets with their faces on it!

Felcity chose a Clifford the Big Red Dog ornament. along with a Rudolph ornament that was supposed to go with the Clarice one Eva Grace chose.

Addy went for the ones that looked homemade. She claimed they reminded her of home. She picked a buttoned mitten and a little heart. As she placed them on the tree, the heartwarming little cloth ornaments made the tree shine even without the lights on.

Elsie picked hers carefully. She picked up a little angel with a pretty face. It reminded her of the First Christmas, a story she hoped she would have time to tell. Elsie also picked a little wooden reindeer, with a red collar and green belt. It was lovely to her.
She got up and put them on the tree.

Next, it was Kathleen’s turn. She picked the two twin baby angels and green mittens.

Lulu, a little more sporty, chose a Carolina Panthers candy cane, and also a little ornament version of the Oak Island Lighthouse.

Kit had proudly chosen hers.  First thing, she had grabbed the tree topper angel, and as her sisters chose their ornaments, she picked out a miniature snow globe. It would look like it was really snowing if you shook the little glass ball!

“Come over here, Margaret Mildred!” Molly said to Kit. Kit smiled. Molly was her very first sister, and the very first doll of all of AGDC. Kit admired Molly even more than she did Lulu or any of her other big sisters. Molly was kind and funny, and went out of her way to protect and entertain Kit and her sisters. Kit had always wanted Madeline to buy a doll her own age, but the only dolls ever welcome were older than Kit. Addy, Josefina, Felicity, Eva Grace, Samantha, Kathleen, and Elsie were 9 or 10 years old, and Lulu was about 12. Molly was 12, too, and Kit loved Molly so much. Kit loved ALL her sisters the same, but Molly was still special. Now, Molly lifted up Kit on her shoulders and the little 8 year old put on the tree topper and everyone cheered.

Now it was time to stare back at the girl’s creation. Fun, colorful ornaments mixed with the warm, heartfelt homemade ones. The girls smiled.

This is what the tree looked like in the back. Marvelous!

Now Folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The tree lit up like a star. Wow, it was incredibly beautiful. 🙂
From the back of the tree, lit up.

Well, thank you for reading! COMMENT AND RATE! To see the video/slideshow version of this photo story, visit my Youtube. — AGmadeline17 —


An American Girl Doll Central Thanksgiving November 27, 2009

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“OK, everybody! Settle down, settle down! Everyone stand back!” Molly McIntire was trying to push off 8 excited girls off her. Molly was the leader of AGDC, and they decided that she should run the Thanksgiving Feast, as long as Addy helped her cook the food, since Addy was the best cook in the dollhouse. But since Molly was running the feast, everyone had questions and everyone quickly decided that she would them with buttoning their nice dresses or help them on their “Thankful” acrostic for school.

Lulu finally helped Molly line them up in a line. “Ok,” Molly began. “Today is Thanksgiving, and we are going to have a better one than we did last year. Don’t even make me remind you. Thank goodness Madeline didn’t have a blog back then, where she can show us to the world. No. This year’s will be inspirable. You here me?” The dolls nodded and raised their hand to their forehead in a salute. “Ma’am, yes, Ma’am.” Molly nodded. “Ok, then, recruits. Everyone dress in a nice outfit, a dress or skirt outfit. If you need help zipping or buttoning, go get Lulu. She’ll help you. Then I want everyone to retreat to the main doll dining hall, A.K.A. Madeline’s living room. Now everyone pledge.” The dolls nodded . “My country tis’ of thee, sweet land of liberty, of the I sing! Land where my father died, land of the pilgrim’s pride! From every mountain side, let freedom RING!”

When they got there, Molly and Addy cooked good food and decided to make a buffet of it so it would be easier and more organized to get everyone’s food.
Yum! But before anyone could get their food or eat, they gathered at the table.

Molly spoke. “Ok, is everyone here? Good job, recruits. Before we eat, let’s do devotions and have prayer. Kathleen and Elsie, will you help us out?” The twins nodded, excited to take such responsiblity.

Kathleen began with a word from the Word.  She found a very nice verse for the occasion in Psalm. “Enter His gates with Thanksgiving,enter His courts with praise.”

Everyone bowed their heads and closed their eyes, and Elsie began to lead the prayer.

“Oh, Father in Heaven. Thank you for this day, for our friends and family, and I thank you for everyone in this room, O Lord. Thank you that we can come together today to feast on food you gave us. Please help us to remember that today is the day that we serve you and thank you. We thank you for sending your son and all you’ve done. Help us to remember that. Bless others with us. Guide us through the day and help us to be more like you. In Jesus name, and everybody said, ‘Amen'”

The dolls started down the line, each picking a piece of food from each plate.

From the back of the line.

All the dolls sat down and enjoyed an great feast!!! Then Elsie had a great idea.

“I know!” she said. “How about we all go around and say what we are thankful for? I will start. I am thankful for, as I said before, that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. God gave his only son for me. He died for me,a sinner! I think that is just something to praise the Lord for. Kit?”

“Um… I am thankful for my Molly and Lulu and all my big sisters. I love them all so much for protecting me. For loving me and making me food and tucking me in bed and caring for me. I am thankful for my mommy Madeline. I know some dolls aren’t as lucky as me. Their mommies sell them on ebay bare, cold, and messy-haired. But I have clothes, I am warm, and my hair is brushed and neat. All because of my mommy and great sisters.” Everyone went “Aww.” when they heard this.

Addy was next. ” I am thankful for freedom.  I am thankful that I am a freed girl and I know what it is like to be locked up and treated like a work animal. But now, I can fly and I am free and I live in a free nation. That is what I am thankful for.” Felicity was next. “I am thankful for ability. I have two legs and arms that help me run and play freely. I have eyes that see clearly, ears that hear delicate music and pounding, a mouth that will talk and eat food. My nose can catch and ring up thousands of different smells. Some children don’t have all of these abilities.

Molly started hers. “Like Kit, I am thankful for family and friends. I am in a grand home with humans and fellow dolls that love me and keep me safe. You all mean so much to me. And Madeline, she dresses me and feeds me food and does that most creative fashions in my hair.  I love her. And I love all of you. I love my family and friends, and that is what I am thankful for. Josie, you may go.” Josefina smiled. “I am thankful for color and creativity. I am thankful for a world I live in, where nobody is the same. Every country, city, and family have different traditions. When I step out of the house, I hear voices of children, see a blue sky and sunshine,  and smell great things. My friends and even family members are all different. I am also thankful for education, where I can grow up to be the woman I want to be, and I hope that God will guide me in my path.”

It was now Samantha’s turn to say what she was thankful for. “I am thankful that I have things I need when I need them. I have a bed when I am tired, food when I am hungry, medicine when I am sick, family and friends around me when I am lonely. I am never really needy. God has blessed me. I am also blessed with things I am not in need of, but I am fortunate with things I also want. I have games and toys and more clothes than ever when I only really need one outfit.  I am in a wonderful wold, and I praise God for it. Eva Grace, it is your turn.” Eva Grace smiled an sat up. “Well, OK.” she began. “I am very thankful for water and clean clothes and food. Not much people here realize that clean underwear and warm socks would be only a dream to some people in other countries. And the only water some kids every see is the dirty water with trash floating all in it. I am thankful for that everyday I wake up to brush my teeth in clean water. I can take baths in clean water. Drink it, water flowers with it, use it for pleasure and more. I am thankful for this wonderful home and all of you guys.”

Next it was Lulu’s turn. “Ok, first of all, let me say this has been a wonderful time with you guys from the day Madeline  took me out of that box. I love all of you. I am thankful for what we are eating right now.  A FEAST. A BIG, blown-out FEAST. And this is only a third of our meals each day. You know how much this would mean to a girl in Kenya, where I came from? They have to walk miles for a handful of dried rice. And that’s all they have for that day, everyday. But we all have more than a Kenyan girl could imagine in one plate. And we all have our own flavored refreshments. I am thankful for food and water.” Kathleen was last but not least for saying what she was thankful for. “I am thankful for everything. But I am thankful for you guys. We could be stranded in the middle of Africa or the streets in China and I would feel the exact same-happy, as long as I am with you girls. You mean the world to me. And my twin sister, Elsie. I love you so. I am also thankful for food, water, clean clothing, ability, creativity, education, family, friends, big sisters, freedom,  and salvation. Folks I could stand here all night naming things I am thankful for, thanks to you. Thanks.” Everyone cheered for everyone. This was a special time. “Ok,” Molly called cheerfully. “Let’s all get a family photo!”

TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Josefina Montoyez, Eva Ward, Samantha Parkington, Lulu Kibwana,Kit Kitteredge, Felicity Merriman, Molly McIntire.
BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathleen Mackenzie, Addy Walker, Elsie Dinsmore

Funny Faces LOL!

Bounus Content:

My dolls are also thankful that they are able to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! 🙂

Well, Thank you for reading! What are you thankful for? COMMENT AND RATE!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hey, everybody! Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry about we have missed Give Thanks Week these last two days ago, nobody really has sent us anything but Leanna. Please send in your photos before the week is over!!!

My doll’s Thanksgiving celebration should be posted either this evening or tomorrow at the latest. If anyone else has a Thanksgiving doll celebration or anything going on at their site, please tell us! 🙂

Have A Happy Thanksgiving! Here are “Questions to Think About”:
1. Where/What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
2. What is your favorite meal or course that you get to have on Thanksgiving?
3. What are you Thankful for?


New Youtube Channel for AGDC! November 25, 2009

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Hey, do you like to watch videos on YouTube? Well now, we now are starting a video channel on YouTube! That means there is not only photo stories for American Girl Dolls, but videos! The videos will be short movies, stop-motions, slide-shows, informational ones or messages from me to you. (For example, one of me showing all my dolls or one asking for advice about them or their “health”.
But since it is my only channel, it will also have a couple videos that may have to do with my sewing, or other videos my friends and I made, or so on.
I have just started, so only two really cool slideshows are up. They have special effects and everything! They are called:
“The Best of Lulu”
“Felicity Merriman, An American Girl Doll”

Right now I am working on a few more to be posted later on this month. So you can find me, my username is:
And my profile picture is of Eva Grace. PLease check it out!!! We are proud to be YouTuber people now! 🙂
From, Madelime


“Give Thanks” Week – Day 2 November 22, 2009

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It’s day 2 of Give Thanks Week, and Leanna’s two dolls, Ana and Kristy, would like to share with us what they are thankful for.

Leanna’s doll, Kristy, is thankful for food to and a place to eat it.

Ana is thankful for shelter.

Well, that’s it for today’s “Give Thanks” photos. Send in your own before the week is up! 🙂 Thank you!



Interview with AG Fan Leanna’s Dolls!

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Hi everyone! Wow, two posts in one day! Anyway, you know Leanna, a very frequent, awesome commenter and fan of AGDC. The other day I got to chat with her two dolls. I thought it would be nice to have an interview with them. Enjoy!

(Ana is on the left with the blonde hair, and Kristy is on the left with brunette hair)

1. AmericanGirlDollCentral: What are your names?
Ana: Ana
Kristy: Kristy

2.AmericanGirlDollCentral: If you could meet a “star” from  AGDC, who would you want to meet?
Ana: I would say Eva Grace . But they’re all super nice, it’s hard to pick
Kristy: Elsie. being the new girl must be tough. But AGDC is a great place! 😉

3. AGDC: What do you wan to be when you grow up?
Ana: A teacher
Kristy: A doctor

4.  AGDC: Tell us something about the each of you.
Ana: I love all kinds of sports. But my favorite are ice-skating and soccer.
Kristy: I’d like to travel all around the world. Maybe someday I CAN….

5. AGDC: If you could have another sister (doll), who would it be? A historical? A Bitty Baby? A Just Like You, maybe?
Ana: Kirsten We almost look alike.
Kristy: Bitty Twins. They look so cute and it would be fun to have little brothers and sisters.

6. AGDC: What would you day if you wanted to introduce yourself to a new girl at doll school?
Ana: Hi, my name is Ana, What’s yours?
Kristy: Hi, I’m Kristy. Do you want to talk?
Both girls said they also would have a big smile on their face.

7. AmericanGirlDollCentral: You’ve just one a dream vacation for dolls to an awesome place. Also, to make matters BETTER, you get to take TWO friends along with you. Where are you going and who’s coming with you?
Ana: I would go to Hawaii and bring Jess(girl of the year 2006) and Kristy, my sister.
Kristy: Hmmm….that’s a hard pick…. I say American Girl place Chicago and I would take Samantha and Nellie (the historical dolls).

8. AGDC: If you could be a human for a day, what would you do and why?
Ana: I would go on a place, because when your 18″ inches high, it’s pretty scary, but if your a human, it’s not so bad. It’s actually pretty fun.
Kristy: I would  go to the park and go on the swings and see how it feels to swing really, really high.

9. AGDC: What next photo story would you want to see posted on American Girl Doll Central?
Ana: Something about Christmas.
Kristy: Anything with lots of pictures and dolls in it!

10. AGDC: What is your most favorite thing in the world?
Ana: My hair scrunchie. It helps me keep my hair out of the way when I’m working.
Kristy: My pet kitten, Smoky, because she cheers me  up when I’m sad.

Well that’s that! Thank you for reading!!! COMMENT AND RATE! 🙂


“Give Thanks” Week – Day 1

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Ok, I’ll kick-off Give Thanks Week. This is my own entry as Madeline, LOL. I have three photos.

My dolls, Eva Grace and Felicity,  are thankful for food to eat, and the opperatunity  to bring the extra that they don’t need to a food drive.

My doll, Addy, is thankful for music and the ears to listen to it.

My doll, Elsie, is thankful for Jesus dying on the cross for her sins.

Well, that’s that! Join us next time and enter your own photos! COMMENT AND RATE!


“Give Thanks” Week November 21, 2009

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Hello everyone! Next week, as you should know, it Thanksgiving. My dolls WILL be celebrating, and you can join the fun. Next week is Give Thanks Week. It will last until Sunday, November 22—Saturday, November 28. All week we are giving thanks for everything we have and for our protection. If you would like to join the fun, you can!

Send in a picture of your American Girl or other dolls doing or *eating* something having to do with Fall or Thanksgiving. Then tell us what your doll is thankful for and why. If you’d like, you may have all your dolls share one thing that they are thankful for, OR you may do each doll individually.
1. Only pictures that have to do with dolls. (For example, you AND your doll can be in that picture, but please no pictures of JUST you.
2. This is NOT  a contest or competition. EVERYONE who enters WILL have their entry posted.
3.  Please include what your doll is thankful for in the picture, not two different, random things. (Example: A picture of a doll hugging another doll would be good for: “My doll Maria is thankful for friends and family”. But a picture of a doll eating turkey would not be good for that same idea.)

Please Send:
1.Your first name OR nickname
2.Your Doll (s)  name(s).
3.A picture of your doll doing or eating something that has to do with Fall or Thanksgiving
4. What your doll is thankful for and why


PLEASE enter and Enjoy!


Elsie’s Biltmore Adventure – Part 1 November 15, 2009

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Hi! I made took these pictures to make a photo story during our fall break in October. One of the main reasons we went there was to see the Biltmore House. But there were also so many other things to do! But anyway, I chose to bring Elsie. I hope you enjoy! Here’s Elsie!

IMG_1858 “Hello! Today is a very special day! I am in Madeline’s car with her and her family.  And oh, may we be in here for the next few hours! We are going to Asheville, and we are going to the Biltmore! Oh, how wonderful it shall be!

IMG_1860Madeline and her brother and sister brought many things to do for the long ride. Madeline is sharing with me.

IMG_1861 “Look out the window! (Madeline, get your camera!) That’s a mountain! Isn’t it pretty! Surely it means we are close to our destination!
IMG_1864IMG_1869After some hours of driving, Elsie and Madeline and the rest of the family found their spot.

IMG_1870“Ok, here we are at the hotel! Unfortunately, Madeline and her family are going out again to walk around and eat and get dessert and just look around. I’m not allowed to come because I’m a doll and it might be too busy and crazy being 18” and everyone and everything more than twice your size. So I have to stay here. Sigh.

IMG_1871“See the nice view?”

IMG_1873“Ok, I guess it’s time to kick back and relax until Madeline comes back!”

Elsie naps and watches TV a little, then Madeline and her family get back to the hotel….. So later…..

“Can you BELIEVE she forgot to take a picture of me in my PAJAMAS!  I mean, if your going on a trip she could at least take pictures of me! Well, anyway, I’m a little tired. Since I do I have them on, I am going to try to sleep. After all, tomorrow is the big day!!!”



New Websites to go To! November 14, 2009

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American Girl Doll Central is proud to support four more fantastic websites!

Quinny & Co. — Quinlyn’s awesome website! Includes American Girl Dolls, Club Penguin, and lots of other cool stuff!

American Girl Today — This website was created by a big fan of American Girl Doll Central, Alexis. She and her AG dolls have many adventures on her fantastic site, so be sure to check that out! She is newer to blogging, and she hasn’t been getting to much visitors. She asked me politely to advertise her website on this one, and I will. 🙂

Samantha and Her Sisters’ Extraordinary Blog! — This very cool website really is extraordinary! It is made by another big fan here at AGDC, Pioneerfan04, who is a lot of times just called “Pioneer”. Join Pioneer and her doll’s and head on over to: SAMANTHA AND HER SISTERS’ EXTRAORDINARY BLOG!
You guys will also see we have a fourth new website, Doll Dreams. We have been having trouble to link to that website, but it is awesome! It even has a magazine you can subscribe through e-mail. Since we are having technical difficulties, we can’t really “link” to it currently. But if you would want to see it, go to:
and scroll down until you find “Doll Dreams”

ANYWAY, I hope you guys have fun touring there fun websites! Have a good day! COMMENT and RATE on all of our link sites!