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My new site! December 5, 2010

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Hey guys! I made a new site with my BFF- it’s called Babysitters Bungaloo! I made it for girls like you who love kids and love to babysit! I just made it, so it’s kind of new, but there are already some things up there! So head over there and check it out and tell me what you think- I would appreciate it if you leave a comment, too. 😉 Here’s a little big of information about it which i posted on then site:
“Welcome to Babysitters Bungaloo blog! My name is Madeline, and I am 12 years old. I made this site for babysitters everywhere to meet and connect and share their funny stories, cute quotes, and helpful tips! My BFF Abby and I LOVE little kids and both babysit, as well as work in the nursery on Sundays at our church! We will be posting our experiences on here as well as tips and more! Check back soon and have a great day! :)

To visit the site, click HERE! I hope you enjoy and have a great day!!!!



Another awesome blog! November 27, 2010

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Hey guys! Not sure which book to read next? Want the lastest reviews on the coolest books? Search no longer! My friend Lexi’s new site, CanterWood Crest Fan, is where you need to be!
Get the dish on all your favorite authors and book series, and find out the news on which great books to pick up at the bookstore next! Girls know what girls want!!! Lexi just finished reviewing “Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Chip Cookies” by Erin Dionne. So head over there now: Click HERE!


An Awesome New Site! November 24, 2010

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Hey guys! My BFF (you may know her as Abby AKA pepperlot) just got a new doll site— Caring Christian Girl Academy! There’s photostories, coloring pages, pictures, games, and even a real Christmas countdown clock!!! Meet her dolls- Marisol, Tracy, Felicity, Arielle, Kit, Kailey, Katie, Julie, Josefina, Kirsten Faith, Samantha, Emily, and more! There’s so much fun things to do there- you can even play real American Girl brand games and more!

Please visit her site HERE and leave a comment! It would mean so much to the both of us! Check out the chatboard too and leave a message there!



New Bed Styles from AMGD Beds! November 19, 2010

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Hey! Do you guys remember the awesome bed I got from American Made Girl Doll Beds? Well, now Mrs.O’Connor is selling it- along with a bunch of other new bed styles! What’s so nice is that she named the bed I got after me- The Madeline Bed! 🙂 (thank you!) Now this bed and a bunch more can be found on AMGD Bed’s Etsy shop. Click HERE to visit it now!

Also, use the code TENOFF at the shopping cart and receive 10% off on any purchase over $50! (Note: this offer is only valid on the American Made Girl Doll Bed’s website)

Thanks and have a wonderful day!


“American Made Girl Doll Beds” Giveaway on Doll! October 5, 2010

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Hey! Do you remember when I told you about the handmade American Made Girl Doll Beds? Well, now you can win one-for free!

To win this beautiful bed, handmade by a woman and her two children, all you have to do is enter the giveaway on Doll !!! It’s easy- all you have to do is get a parent’s permission (if you are younger than 14) and leave a comment saying what you most like about the doll bed and which doll you would give the bed to. I entered, and I am excited to see the results!

*NOTE~You cannot enter the giveaway by leaving a comment here. You must go to Doll Diaries and enter on the “Cool Hearts Canopy Bed for Dolls Giveaway” page.

Heehee and guess what? I will be turning 12 in 12 days!!!! YAY! 🙂


American Made Girl Doll Beds! August 21, 2010

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We all know that American Girl has awesome but expensive beds. Where can you get even cooler beds for less money? Here’s the place:


No kidding! They are really neat! Check some out:

One of the cool things is that instead of being made in a factory, these beds are handmade and painted by a woman and her two children. The beds are very nicely made, and you can buy them with or without the bedding. The beds are less expensive then those at AG, and if you ask me, I’d probably prefer to buy on of these than some of the AG ones.

Leigh has just started selling these beds, and a lot of people don’t know about it yet! So, head on over to the site and check out all the cool beds just for dolls!


Leanna’s New Site! July 7, 2010

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One of my BFFs on the internet, Leanna, has made a website. She has been on here for a while and has a picasa, but she is going to make her very own website!!! She and I would appreciate it if you went to her website! It’s new so there’s not much to see right now, but she hopes to post more, so be sure to be checking!!!!

One thing that really was nice of her was she gave a shoutout to me! Thanks, Leanna!!!!!  Here’s the link to her site:

It’s called Me and My Dolls.

From, Madeline


Madeline’s Sewing Store USA! March 28, 2010

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Hey! I just wanted to let you all know about my sewing store, Madeline’s Sewing Store USA. You can buy all sorts of things, including things for your AG doll. There’s so much more! Plus tips on sewing! You can find the link on your right. Thanks!


A New Web In Town! January 31, 2010

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Hey guys!
Most of you know I love to sew. I just wanted you to know that  I opened a blog about it and a shop where I sell the things I made! I hope you will check it out HERE!
Thank you!
From, Madeline


A New Little Face?

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I’m sorry, but I totally fell in love with the Madame Alexander Dolls! They are honestly the cutest things. Although there are many types of Madame Alexanders(cloth dolls, 18″ play dolls, fashionable collector items, etc.), the main and most popular are the 8″-10″ ones. They are between the Mini AG dolls and big AG dolls, and are adorable!!! The one pictured above is a Little Debbie doll, and I might get her! Isn’t she sweet!!! I love her hair. Kathleen loves her too. She shares that adorable face with the MA dolls. What do you think of these dolls? I truly love them and hope to get one soon! You may be able to find them at your local toystore; MA dolls are sold at a Toys & Co. store by my house! Aren’t these dolls just precious?