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It's Christmas at AGDC!


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I am so happy because I got back from the beach today, we means I AM here for the anniversary!!!!! I am so excited!

Here’s a little history of my blog.

As everyone says when their blog hits its anniversary, I started this blog having no idea what it would be like. I didn’t think it was too great, I didn’t know if people would like it or even view it, and I wasn’t sure about anything. Before I started this blog, I admired so many others and said one day, “Hey, maybe I could do that.” I asked my dad how to create a website, and he told just to punch in: “Make a Website for free.” So I did. I tried so many blog-maker-things-or-whatever-you-call-them, but nothing seemed to work for me. ( In fact, there are actually Blogger, Webs and more AGDC sites with nothing on them!!!!) I almost gave up, but then WordPress came along. It was easy, fun, and seemed very simple. So when I got my URL, I made a little post. It was just saying stuff like “This is American Girl Doll Central” and “I hope you like my website.” and things like that, along with a blurry picture of my dolls and my friend’s two dolls.
Then I got a little creative. I toyed around with my website and figured out how to tweek the appearance, add links and categories, and more. My very first photo story was, I believe, about Eva Grace celebrating Pink Day. You could barely call it a photo story, based on what I have now. But I thought it was pretty good, and I made adventures of my friend’s Kit doll traveling to my house.
I tried t0 get people visit my website. When  visited another site, I’d say something like “Please look at my site if you can! I love yours!”. This is pretty funny: When I would go to the Apple store at the mall, I’d go on one or two of the sample computers and purposely leave it on American Girl Doll I thought a little girl would come by and see it! 🙂
Soon, lots of people started to visit my site! I wasn’t sure what did it, but people from other doll sites started to comment regularly. Soon, I was becoming a real website owner! It was so fun adn I would log on every day after school and enjoy reading emails and new comments. If you have a blog, you know how great it feels to get positive comments and emails. Some people now have even asked me for advice! I feel great to be someone that other girls can ask advice.
And, I’ve gained SO MANY FRIENDS!!!! I’ve never seen some in real life, but it’s pretty cool because I have some great online BFF’s (whom I really want to meet someday)!

Oh, and let me say another time: YOUR COMMENTS COUNT! I LOVE to receive comments on anything- my blog, my picasa, my youtube……and I will try my best to reply to them! So comment!


Q: The name of the site is American Girl Doll Central. Why is the URL “americangirldcentral” and not just “americangirldollcentral” or “americangirlcentral”?

A:  In the process of trying to create a blog, I created a wordpress. “American Girl Central” was what I wanted to call my website. Americangirlcentral was already taken, so I decided to make it “American Girl DOLL Central.” And at first, americangirldollcentral WAS  the URL. But for some reason I lost the password to it, so I couldn’t log into it. I just decided to make a new one. Of course, americangirldollcentral was “already taken” so I had to just leave it a d, apparently.

Thank you ALL for making this site possible. Yes, it’s you, the friends and fans, that make me love to blog.

Madeline and 11.



  1. Amanda S. Says:

    Aw, Maddie, I was almost ready to tear up when I read this! It was so great! I loved it, and you are so right! Btw, the e-mail I put in is my new e-mail address, and I’d love to get an e-mail from you sometime. Bye!


  2. hannie96 Says:

    Happy Aniversary!!! I remember the first time I went on to this site. I was on Liz’s, and I saw a comment you left on it. I pressed your name…and came to AGDC. It was awesome! And believe it or not….this is the website that really inspired me to blog. Thank you Madeline, for making this awesome website and for being a wonderful online BFF!


  3. Mackenzie♫ Says:

    hey! im sure you know me! i like LOVE your blog and constantly comment on it!!!!!!
    so how an am i suposed to read your photostorys now that you moved them???

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Hi! Yeah, I know you! No need to worry, my photo stories are still here and better than ever! You can simply find them on Picasa. Just scroll down to my link bar and you’ll find “Madeline’s Picasa Albums”. Click on that and it’ll take you to my photo story page. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them! 🙂

  4. Mackenzie♫ Says:

    also, i have a blog of videos! check it out!

  5. Anne Says:

    Happy anniversary, Madeline!

    I LOVE your site! You have such great pictures and stories! I love reading what you write! 🙂


  6. Amanda S. Says:

    How rude of me! I never even said the most important compliment in the history of compliments! HaPpY aNnIvErSeRy!!!!♥♥♥

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