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GIRL OF THE YEAR 2010!!!! August 4, 2009

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On Doll, Somebody put on new information on what could be Girl of The Year 2010. Here are some clues and hints on what our 2010 doll could be like:
: She COULD be an African American Girl
: Her books are already on Amazon, although there is no name
: Her books are written by Jan Kurtz

That’s all right now, I will get you new scoop later! Thank you, Doll Diaries!!!

Lena pointed out that many times AG has tricked us with GOTY dolls, so we can’t be so sure. What is your idea of the GOTY?

UPDATED: I NOW understand that Lanie is NOT African American. I have made newer posts about that. Some smarty people keep telling me that she is not, MONTHS after I told everyone that she wasn’t and even showed her picture here. I keep this website updated with everything new about American Girl. If you look through old “new information” make sure you check newer information so that you know. 🙂 OH AND BTW, I never said she WAS African American, I simply said (about a year ago) that she COULD be.


37 Responses to “GIRL OF THE YEAR 2010!!!!”

  1. Lena Says:

    Um, there’s no solid proof she’ll be AA. This author doesn’t always write about Africans.

    That said… we are way overdue for another AA character.

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      I know that there is no solid proof, But 9 out of 10, based on the characters we do have, she probably will be. We have had 8 girl of the years who have white skin, and only one historical doll who is African American. I think she will be.

      • Lena Says:

        No… there’s been 7 GOTYs, not counting Gwen and Nali (who is Indian), and of those, 5 were white, Marisol was hispanic, and Jess was half Japanese, half Irish.

        I do think she’ll be AA, but that time there’s no solid proof, and you shouldn’t get your hopes too high.

      • americangirldcentral Says:

        oops. sorry… I will fix this post up right away…. thank you for pointing that out for me, though

    • julia Says:

      actualy this is the true 2010 theyt were thinking about african and how many ag’s do u have i have 5

      • americangirldcentral Says:

        Hi! How are you Julia! Thanks for visiting Yes, it was possible that the GOTY 2010 would be African American, but that was only a rumor and she is white. I have 10 AG dolls. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Leanna Says:

    Thanks Lena for pointing that out.That would be so cool
    to have a AA girl of the year.But I wish I got Mia.Even
    though I’m not to excited about AA dolls,it would cool
    to have a AA all year.But theres no solid proof,right?
    And Madeline,I saw the post about getting Samantha,and
    you look so pretty!

  3. Leanna Says:

    Um Lena,whos Nali?

  4. Leanna Says:

    Oh,I get it.I know about Sonail,but when Lena said Gwen
    and Nail,I didn’t know.But now I understand.Thanks for
    the expalnation.

  5. anna Says:

    i love the name short for sonali it’s so pretty!!!thanks for the information it’s good!!!!

  6. Maddie Says:

    I saw Lanie and she wasn’t African American look at she is not African American.
    Maddie, Mia

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Look everyone, WE UNDERSTAND THAT LANIE IS NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN! 🙂 If you would take the time to look at NEWER posts rather than search through the old ones, you’d see it. We’ve known for about 2 months that she isn’t African American. And again, I didn’t say she WAS, I said she COULD be. But thank you for the information anyway, Maddie.

  7. jasmen Says:

    i do not like lanie

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      That’s fine, but we would all appriciate it if you kept un-positive comments to yourself.
      Thank you.

  8. Nicki Says:

    My lanie is coming 2mrrow with her accesories

  9. […] *Our Very First Photo Story??? It’s definitely much more different then how they are now!!! *The first time we heard about what the GOTY 2010 could be like? We were actually way off. *A Very Silly Dolloween 2009? *When Elsie and […]

  10. Lena Says:

    lanie is not aa

  11. Emily L. Says:

    Guys, can you please stop saying that Lanie is NOT African American? It’s kind of mean. Besides, this was back in the middle of Summer, 2009. Like a year ago. So please, just look at some newer information so you know that’s more mordan. Thanks!

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Thanks for standing up for me, Emily, or should I say my fellow Ramona Lover (I’m still thinking up facts! 🙂 )

  12. Emily L. Says:

    Your welcome, Maddie! People have no right to be mean to you like this. (I know, I know, I sound like Chrissa!) So, people, please stop. We know now what she is like. Besides, there is an update right there in the article. 😉

  13. Emily L. Says:

    Um…… why does your “101st post” keep posting, Maddie? Can you take it off? :blushes:

  14. Emily L. Says:

    Look above! ❓

  15. Emily L. Says:

    Woops! I meant Why? 😕

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