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Hannah and Samantha DOLL CHAT!!! March 10, 2010

Filed under: Doll Chat,Hannah,Samantha — Madeline@AGDC @ 2:43 PM

On the right here is the beautiful, lovely Hannah, in her pretty little tea dress, and on the left is our own…..*special*… girl in her um…..*adorable*…….outfit.

(sammigal120 has logged on)
sammigal120: hannah, are you on?????????
(hannahsmith6 has logged on)
hannahsmith6: yah, what’s up?
sammigal120: guess what?
hannahsmith6: what?
sammigal120: guess!!!!!!
hannahsmith6: IDK what!
sammigal120: IM GETTING A BLOG!!!!!!
hannahsmith6: NO WAY!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESSS!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!
sammigal120: yah, cool!!!!!! i like, cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! 😀
hannahsmith6: WAY cool! LOL! so when will you get one?
sammigal120: sometime after my surgery. and then i have to take typing lessons.
hannahsmith6: totally. what r u doing this weekend?
sammigal120: IDK! I know it’s totally warm outside lately. Madeline has school off Thursday and Friday, so she’ll probably do something with us!!!
hannahsmith6: yah!!!! oh, are u ready for he AGDC Olympics 2010????
sammigal120: im the leader!!!! why wouldn’t i be????
hannahsmith6: i heard kit is gonna join up on the besties
sammigal120: yah…. sigh… 😦 she’s a pain in the butt
hannahsmith6: i think she’s cute!
sammigal120: yah, only you don’t have her as a sister!!!!
hannahsmith6: sisters???? try living with julia.
sammigal120: yup, but your sister doesn’t go up to your mom and say, “Hannah wont let me in her club olimiks thing make her!!!!!”
hannahsmith6: julia has done worse.
sammigal120: sigh
hannahsmith6: sigh
sammigal120: im totally bored. lm’   lm’   lm’   lm’   lm’
hannahsmith6: what is THAT????
sammigal120: little dogs. see:   lm’
hannahsmith6: o
sammigal120: yah
hannahsmith6 see you tomorrow, BFF????
sammigal120: tomorrow, BFF! 🙂
hannahsmith6: bye!!!!
(hannahsmith6 has logged off)
sammigal120: bye!!!!!!!!!!!!
(sammigal120 has logged off)
(chat room empty)


7 Responses to “Hannah and Samantha DOLL CHAT!!!”

  1. Do you plan to keep this site updated? I sure hope so… its great!

  2. Ambrorie Says:

    like,OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that was so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(even goths would get a huge laugh out of this)
    im so sad its not show-and-tell wednesday yet i would love to see sammantha’s virtual puuppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ambrorie Says:

    hello???????????????????????? is anyone there??????????? hello????????????

  4. Lauren Nitchie Says:

    hi im lauren

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