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Pink Day!!! August 2, 2009

Filed under: Doll Fun,Eva Grace — Madeline@AGDC @ 6:35 PM

Hi! Eva Grace here. I am so happy Madeline opened up this blog! Now I can post news, happenings, and special days in American Girl Doll World on this blog like the dolls on other websites! Here is something that happened a few days ago.
Hey! Today is PINK DAY, and I am so exited to celebrate! C’mon, let’s go!
I am all dressed up for the occasion! Look! I even have these cute little princess socks!
Hey, Look! In AMERICAN GIRL MAGAZINE, there is a “Think Pink” page! I love all the cool ideas! I am going to try them all today!
I just love this picture JORDAN B. drew! Look at all the cute characters!

Well I got to go try ” STRAWBERRY SHERBERT SURPRISE!” . Maybe I can add more pictures later! See-you-in-awhile! 
LoVe, EvA gRaCe


8 Responses to “Pink Day!!!”

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  2. sarah Says:

    pink!!!perfectly pink!!!my birthstone!!!is pink!!!nail polish remover!!!is pink!!!pinkedy,pink,pink,pink!!!

  3. Emily L. Says:

    It’s my birthstone, too, Sarah! Even better, hot pink is my fave color! 😉

    BTW, wouldn’t it be sweet if Jordan B. came across this site?!?! 😀

  4. rachel Says:

    Cool!Where did you get her socks?

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