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Happy Dolloween 2009 November 1, 2009

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IMG_1953“Hey everybody!” Lulu the Street Skateboard Girl called. “Is anyone ready for Trick-Or-Treating? I got all the treat baskets out.” The American Girl Doll Central Dolls ran to Lulu. “Yeah, we are ready!” Josefina the Hawaii Girl said.

IMG_1954 Carefully Lulu explained the directions of what was going to be happening. “Ok, girls. We only have time for 4 houses tonight. Two on Star Tile Lane, and two on Hallway’s Pass Avenue. Do not go to the house on Gallery Rest Street.” Kit shivered. “But Lulu, what’s on that street?” Lulu said simply, “You don’t have to know. Just don’t go there, Kit.”

IMG_1956“I made my own bag,” said Molly. “Hey Lu, where’s Addy, Eva Grace, and Kathleen?” Lulu said, “They have offered to hand out candy. They’ll catch up with us later.”

IMG_1957The first house the dolls stopped out was the Strollers’ house.

IMG_1958“Um, Lulu? Does this mean the house is a scary one?” Kit asked, pointing to a sign that read, “ENTER IF YOU DARE!” Lulu shook her head. “Of course not, Kit. This is just the Strollers’ house. Don’t you remember their girl Maggie? Sad, she got very sick not that long ago. Give it a knock, it’ll be fine.” Kit raised her hand and gave a knock. In about 10 seconds the door swung open.

IMG_1959Out came a sick looking little girl. “Trick or Treat!” said the dolls, careful not to overwhelm the girl. “Oh.. you are a big group, huh? Um, look. I have this big bag full of candy. You each choose ONE and run along, OK, kids?”

IMG_1964Maggie put two candies in each of the doll’s baskets and told them goodbye.

IMG_1965“Well, THAT was a little awkward. She even called us “kids” when most of us are older than her.” Felicity observed. “Well,” said Samantha. “I’m not trying to be mean, but I think that girl is a little crazy in the head!” Elsie stopped them. “Girls, God made everyone different. And everyone’s special. So hush about this girl!”

IMG_1966Then Elsie ran over to another door. “Lulu, may I knock this door?” Lulu nodded. “You go, girl.” Elsie knocked. The door swung open, but when the dolls peered in, they couldn’t see anything. “Guess they are not home. Oh well.”

IMG_1967“WAIT! Down here!” Two little mini dolls were laying on the floor. “I’m Julie. I’m going for halloween as a pioneer girl!” said one. “I’m Kirsten. I’m an abstract painting!!!” said the other. “Uh..A what?” asked Josefina. “AN ABSTRACT PAINTING! A wild, pictureless painting!” Josie nodded. “Oh. Not to be pushy, but do you guys got any candy?” “Actually,” said Julie. “We were just about to go Trick-or-Treating, we weren’t planning to stay home.”

IMG_1968“Well, you can join us if you like,” said Molly. “OK!” said the mini dolls. They jumped into Molly’s treat bag.

IMG_1969“Here we are at the second house.” said Lulu. “You knock, Sam.” Samantha the Cheerleader knocked on the door.

IMG_1970“OOOoooHhhh!” ooohhhhed a girl who was a Hospital Patient for halloween. “Every single witch and ghost my pick 2 candies from my cauldron, it’s my toast!”

IMG_1971“Um, what exactly does that mean?” asked Molly.

IMG_1972“I dunno, I sort of just made up. You guys can just get whatever you want.” Eva Grace said. “But you guys GOT to help me. My friend Louise was going to be Trick-or-Treating with me, as a doctor. We were going to be parters. But it turns out she couldn’t make it. No one else will let me trick-or-treat with them!!!! Can I go with you guys?” Lulu smiled. “Well, we already got some tagalongs,” she nodded toward the mini dolls. “But sure, you can join us.”

IMG_1974“Let’s Trick-or-Treat here!” said Eva Grace, pointing to a house with a pretty glowing pumpkin. She knocked on the door.

IMG_1975Out came a girl dressed as an African Princess. “Oh, look at you, pretties!” she grinned. “I’m Addy. Well you know me!!! I’m your sis, of course!”

IMG_1977“Yeah, everyone pick something from my can.” Josefina picked Starburst and said, “Hey girl, want to Trick-Or-Treat with us?” Addy smiled and agreed.
IMG_1978“Hey, I want to go down this lane!!!” The dolls almost didn’t noticed the youngest doll of eight stroll down a path of danger. “WAIT!” shouted Lulu. But it was too late.

IMG_1979Kit was in the hands of a hideous, nasty, horribly scary house. The gate closed behind her. “Oh!!!” Kit winced. Scary things were everywhere! There was a ghostly thing sitting on a glowing pumpkin. There were cobwebs everywhere. And the most horrible, A 50 FOOT TALL, SCARY MONSTER!!!!!!!!

IMG_1987Everyone was scared. Dolls piling together.

IMG_1988Candy and treats were forgotten and spilled to the ground.

IMG_1990Cobwebs were on everyone and everything. “EEEK!” says Molly. 😦

IMG_1985“The Lord is with me, I shall not be afraid……”

IMG_1994“Oh, man!” winced Kit. She gulped.  “Only an angel can save me now!!!” As strange as it may seem, so it happened.

IMG_1998She must have heard the racket. An angel came out of the house…. at least, a girl DRESSED like an angel. Kathleen Mckenzie, on of the sweetest girls in AGDC, had set this up!!! “Oh, I’m ever so sorry if your scared, my dear!!!” Kathleen said to Kit. “SCARED?” Kit said. “Of COURSE I’m scared! Why in the world did you even think about setting this UP?” Kathleen pointed to the 50 foot tall scary monster. “I didn’t. It was our butler friend, Jenkins. I tell him not to scare everyone, but he does it for the teenagers.” Then she turned to Jenkins. “Hey, take the scary mask off!!!”

IMG_2002“Well, if you insist!” laughed Jenkins, pulling his face off.

IMG_2003“Look, kid, I’m sorry if I scared you and ya friends.” Jenkins apoligized.
“It’s ok, Mr.Jenkins. Bye!” Kit said. “Wait!!!!” Jenkins called. “I’ve got something to repay you for scaring ya.”

IMG_2004Then he filled Kit’s treat basket with candy and told her to share it with her sisters. “Thank you, Mr. Jenkins!!!!!” Kit shouted. “I WILL!”

IMG_2006TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Lulu as a Street Skateboarder Girl; Samantha as a Cheerleader; Felicity as a Movie Star; Elsie as a Pumpkin.
MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT:  Addy as African Princess; Kit as Olympic Swimmer; Eva Grace as a Hospital Patient; Josefina as Hawaii Girl; Molly as Mall Cop.
BOTTOM: Kathleen as Angel; Mini Kirsten as Abstract Painting; Mini Julie as Pioneer


IMG_2012Here is me as Ketchup for Halloween! Hahahahahaha!

tnHere is a picture of Mackenzie’s Julie doll as Pumpkin. HeeeHee! (sorry it is sideways, you might have to turn your head!)



11 Responses to “Happy Dolloween 2009”

  1. Mackenzie Says:

    THanks for showing my pic!

  2. pioneerfan04 Says:

    That’s such a cute story! 😀

    Oh my gosh, sorry I haven’t commented in so long, but on my blog I have all my favorite blogs on my link list, and usually whenever there’s a new post on one of them, it updates and tells me so I can be sure to read it. But for 2 weeks, it wouldn’t tell me 2 of my favorite blogs updated, so I couldn’t read yours or another blog because I didn’t know! Argh, Blogger is crazy! Oh well, at least now I can read them again!

  3. Leanna Says:

    Poor Kit.But the photostory was great!You did a great job on
    your costume,I loved it.And Happy Halloween too!!Have a great

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Thank you. Actually my costume is store-bought. (I did’t know if you meant “great job” on making it or “thinking it up).. Have a great day!

  4. Quinlyn Says:

    LOL! That was AWESOME! I love it! I really like the part where Elsie is praying (or reciting, or both?) and Kathleen looks so cute in her angel costume! Wonderfully well done!


  5. alesia Says:

    awsome,intresting u should make some more of these i would def read them lol

  6. Madison Says:

    I love it! Your costume is adorable! Me and my friend are going as Ketchup and Mustard! I love Elsie’s costume to! 🙂

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