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Show and Tell Wednesday-Week 2 October 28, 2009

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Ok,  now it’s week 2 of Show and Tell Wednesday. And with that comes a brand-new feature at AGDC! Printables!

evagracecoloringpage Yes, Coloring pages! We have an-all new set of them! Posters will soon be available, but right now you can get out your pens and crayons and print your favorite coloring page out! And color well, there IS going to be a coloring contest soon!


My Dolls get their Halloween Costumes!

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IMG_1805Ok, so it was a Saturday morning in October and the American Girl Doll Central dolls were just finishing up their breakfasts. After chatting with Madeline about what would be going on that day, Lulu made an announcement. “OK,” she began. “Madeline finally thinks I’m old enough to take you to the Halloween Doll Store to get our costumes. It’s just down the hall. Everyone get dressed!”

IMG_1811“The halloween store?” asked Kit, unsure.  Lulu came over to Kit. “Don’t be afraid, sis. Last year you were only seven years old, but now your eight. Being eight years old, you can stomp on those creepy electronic skeletons if they scare you again.” Kit shrugged. She thought to herself that one birthday couldn’t change a person’s fear of halloween, but it should fine.

IMG_1812Soon all the girls were outside of Halloween Express, and were  headed for the doll department after Lulu counted everyone’s heads to make sure all were there. Only… SOME girls were missing.

IMG_1814Lulu felt proud to be in charge of her 8 little sisters running around, all around 10 or 11 years old (with the exception of Kit being 8), and Molly, who was the same age as Lulu. But, gone from the site, was little Kit. But suddenly that girl came running to Lulu’s side. “Lulu! I’m scared!” Lulu looked down. “Of what? Are you hurt?” Kit shook her head. “No, I’m scared of the halloween store. I’m scared to go in and see the devils and the witches and ghosts!” Lulu patted Kit’s head. “Kitty, you know we don’t go near that. I’ll cover your eyes until we get to the good part. If not though, you can stay out here with Elsie. She doesn’t want to go in, either.”

IMG_1813“It’s OK, Kit. I’m here. I don’t like that place anymore than you do.” Elsie said, comforting Kit. “Elsie, I mean, I WANT to get my costume. I REALLY want to be an Olympic Swimmer for halloween. And I know Lulu won’t let me look at the bad stuff anyway, but I’m scared.” Elsie cocked her head, confused. “Huh? You mean you don’t celebrate the scary stuff? Then what do you do, if halloween is supposed to be this bad scary thing? ”  Kit explained about how Madeline wouldn’t let them be anything bad, only fun, reasonable things, and the were only allowed to go trick-or-treating on October 30, before the real halloween when scary things came out. Elsie smiled. “Then why are you scared? If you block the bad stuff, halloween seems fun. C’mon, let’s cover each other’s eyes, and let’s go find Lulu and get a funny costume.” Kit shivered but followed Elsie.

IMG_1815Inside, everyone got to try on their costumes they picked. Josefina and Eva Grace first came out of the dressing room explaining their outfits. Eva and Josie said they originally wanted to be Carly and Sam from ICarly, but there weren’t any more outfits for those. So they chose others that were really cool.
Eva Grace- Hospital Patient
Josefina- Hula Dancer/ Hawaii Girl

IMG_1821Next came Kathleen and Felicity.
Kathleen- Heavenly Angel
Felicity- Movie Star Fancy Nancy

IMG_1822In the comotion, Kit noticed someone in a wheelchair and looking a little sick in another aisle. Lulu whispered to Kit, “Don’t stare.”

IMG_1823Then came Molly and Sam.
Molly- Mall Cop
Samantha- AG Cheerleader

IMG_1824Here come Lulu and Addy!
Lulu- Street Skateboarder Girl (WITH official American Girl doll Heelys)
Addy- African Princess

IMG_1825“OOhhhOoo.” said Elsie after looking at some outfits. “I want to be a pumpkin!” she exclaimed. One of the workers at the store helped her pick on out her size, and back Elsie went to the dressing room.

IMG_1826“Are you seriously going to wear all those pantalettes and undergarmets under your costume?” asked Kit. Elsie nodded and answered properly, “Yes, I like to stay true to my historical being.”

IMG_1827“Look, I’m a pumpkin!”
Elsie- Pumpkin

IMG_1828“And I’m an Olympic Swimmer!!! Yay!”
Kit- Olympic Swimmer

So, whose outfit do you like best? What are you being for halloween? Comment and Rate Today!