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American Girl Show And Tell Wednesday-Week 3 December 2, 2009

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Hi guys! It’s that time of week again-Show and Tell Wednesday! I have been lacking *sorry* doing this, and it is technically my third week. I know, it’s sad. But I will try my best to continue it every week. You can see what the story is behind AGSATW at Liz’s website, American Girl Fan. Ok, here we go!

Elsie and Kathleen have a favorite thing for the holidays and beyond. Every Christmas they look forward to again cheer and celebrate the birth of Jesus more than ever. They love to sing songs, collect advent calenders with the Nativity Scene on them, and set up their own little Nativity Scene! Here, that’s just what they’re doing. This year, Elsie hopes to share this wonderful story with her sisters.

COMMENT AND RATE! Join us next week!


7 Responses to “American Girl Show And Tell Wednesday-Week 3”

  1. pioneerfan04 Says:

    I think that is the EXACT same Nativity Scene that my family and I have! I don’t know for sure, though, because it’s been almost a year since we got it out, but I’m pretty sure it is! šŸ˜€

  2. Leanna Says:

    I hope Elise gets a chance to tell the real story of Christmas.And I love Kathleen’s dress!

  3. Leanna Says:

    Oops.I miss spelled Elsie.Sorry. šŸ˜¦

  4. hannah Says:

    love it. i always tholt the life of faith dolls were so pretty

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