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Samantha Posts Again!!!!! October 30, 2010

Filed under: It's Fall!,Samantha,Samantha's mini-blog!!! :) — Madeline@AGDC @ 10:09 AM

hello guys its me samantha. dont you miss me posting on here. i know you do. hehe! well anyway i’ll freshen some stuff up for you.

well anyway im sure all of you know that tomorrow is the big day. halloween! i plan to gain 1o pounds of stuffing at the least. im going to get fat from candy, i can assure you. Β anyway, you know how i am being a seaweed lagoon monster princess? well, after kit saw my costume SHE wanted to be one too! and at first lulu was going to let her! UGH I wish madeline would put kit on ebay. that would show her.
but then madeline made kit be a Β boo baby ghost again because it wasn’t fair and besides madeline had made that costume for kit. and of course kit bawled into big baby tears. goooooooodness that girl acts like she was born in the factory yesterday!!!!!!! she is waaaaaaaaaaay below eight years old!!!

anyway last night i watched my movie, samantha an american girl holiday. it made me miss home. i miss my uncle gard and aunt cornelia. and bridget and jenny and nellie and grandmary and even that horrid kid eddie. ive learned to be a lot more tough since i came to agdc and now i bet you i could beat him up!

in other news madeline is reading a book called heidi. it is one of those classics. and i think she is going to make a story of it with us! oh, if it’s true what she’s doing, i want to be heidi!!!!! in the book she has black curly hair, and im sure i could curl my hair. oooooh i really want to be her!!!!!!!!!!

well i’ll post soon!!!!!!


11 Responses to “Samantha Posts Again!!!!!”

  1. hannie96 Says:

    You are SO funny, I laughed out loud at your post! πŸ˜€ Tell Madeline that I read Heidi too, and I really liked it! Also make sure you ask Madeline if she will let you post again soon!

    Your human friend,


  2. Grace Says:

    Oh, dear Sammie,
    Believe me if I had the money I’d bring you Nellie all the way to where you live!! πŸ™‚ I love you so much. Ask Madeline if the next vacation you guys take can be to NYC (because, note to Madeline, we don’t want to make Sam upset, Mount Bedford is fake :P).
    If you guys do go to NYC, I definitely vote that you and Mini Nellie go!!!!!!!!
    ‘Oh, and Heidi is a GREAT book I LOVE it SO much!! :D:D πŸ˜€

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      hi grace! (it’s samantha)
      well please start earning that money because i want to see nellie oh so much. do you have her?
      well i know we are visiting relatives in new york state soon and we MIGHT MIGHT get to go through nyc. anyway mount bedford IS real i’ve lived there i should know! it’s right off highway 75 and then you take a left and just keep going until you see a mcdonalds then you take a right and you’ll see some signs for it. πŸ™‚

      • Grace Says:

        I don’t have nellie, i sure wish I did though. Ask Liz at if you and her nellie can be cyber penpals! And thats weird, AG says Mount Bedford is “fictional”.
        Well that’s awesome I hope you can go to NY!

      • Madeline@AGDC Says:

        Hi Grace! That was “Samantha” talking to you. πŸ˜‰ Oh and M.B. isn’t real, but I can’t seem to convince Sammie that. πŸ˜‰

  3. Grace Says:

    LOL! I was wondering for a moment there…
    Hey Samantha, I love how this part of Meet Samantha goes:
    “A grown up person wouldn’t punch someone in the face. A grown up probably wouldn’t have took someone’s gum and stuck it in their hair, either, but that’s what Samantha did.”
    That was so funny! I don’t like Eddie yuck!
    LOL πŸ™‚

  4. sarah Says:

    lol!!!”that horrid kid eddie”!!!!!!2 funny!!!

  5. Hey! We need to finish Animal Crackers in my Soup!!!! I was sooo excited! Love, Katie

  6. Julia Says:

    omg! today is my b-day & i got felicity & elizabeth!!!!!!!!!!

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