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Craft: Doll & Girl Hair-bows October 15, 2010

Filed under: Crafts and Arts,DIY,Poll — Madeline@AGDC @ 4:13 PM

This simple, fun craft is perfect for you and your doll—and it makes great activities at birthday parties for younger girls. Do you ever see those pretty, multi-color ribbon hair-bows at stores? Well, now you can create your own! All you need is some ribbon and a few simple tools.

Cut 1 foot of three different ribbons (you can find great varieties at Wal-Mart and craft stores)- 1 thick one, a smaller one, and an even smaller one. These colors support October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Lay the MIDDLE ribbon over top the LARGE ribbon right in the center, equally. To keep it in place, put two sewing pins on each side. DO NOT GLUE TOGETHER.

Remove the pins very carefully and lay the small ribbon on top. Secure pins.

Tie your ribbons ONCE on a hair-band so that the ends are equal. Make sure you pull tight. Almost done!!!

Most likely your ribbons will fly, flip over, and not stay in place. To keep them secure but still bouncy and playful, lift up the large ribbon and squirt a small dot of hot glue on both sides, then press down.

Take out the pins and now your done!!! This is girl-sized. To make it doll sized, shorten the length of the ribbons and use a smaller hair-band. Remember to always brush your dolls hair with a wire wig brush, and make sure that the accessories you put in your dolls hair are unused by humans because of oils.

These bows are also great for sports teams and squads. I made these for me and some of my friends on my cheerleading squad when it was Pink Night for breast cancer. You can use all kinds of different colors for making your bows—if any of you make these bows at home, please send in pictures!!!

I want to start doing crafts on here (I haven’t really done much). What crafts would you like to see coming up?