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The True Friend-Part 1- A New Friend? October 4, 2009

Filed under: "True Friend" theatrical play,Acting,Felicity,Kit,Samantha — Madeline@AGDC @ 9:23 PM

IMG_1490“Elizabeth Amelia Smithans! Did you not hear what I said?” The gruff voice of Mrs. Melee broke Elizabeth’s thoughts. “I am sorry, Mrs. Melee. My mind was in a whole different place. Won’t you forgive me!” Mrs. Melee made a face. “I GUESS I can let you off this time, Miss Smithans. But don’t make me repeat what I say again! Now go off to your recess, you can finish your work tomorrow morning.”

IMG_1493But Elizabeth didn’t feel like playing. She sat on a bench in the yard of the huge Smithans Manison. She sighed and looked through her satin purse that held her most valuable items. In it was a beautiful trimmed hankerchief that belonged to her great-grandmother. Wrapped inside the beautiful item was a tiny coin that belong to her great-grandfather. The coin was very old  and one of the rarest of its kind. It was worth fortunes, and only her parents, great-grandparents,and God knew she had it. No one else in the entire universe. But Elizabeth wanted just one more person to know. And that was a best friend. There were no more kids at the mansion, and she was more lonely than ever. She often thought about it in school, and her thoughts carried her away. Suddenly, Elizabeth heard a rustling noise. She looked up to see a flash go by her. “Hello?” she called, and stood up.

IMG_1495The flash went by again, and now Elizabeth could see that it was a girl about her age. Elizabeth tingled with fear and exitement. Could this be who she was always waiting for? The flash went by one more time, but Elizabeth stopped it. But when she saw that she was holding on to a dirty, unkept girl, she jerked her hand away. The girl was breathing hard. She had on old, patched overalls and nothing else. She had short, dirty hair which was a pale brownish-blonde color. The girl had freckles all over her face, and had lips which were almost the blue color of her eyes. She had tan skin and was carrying a bag made out of a flower sack. Elizabeth gasped. This must be one of those people her parents told her about. “They are disgusting, mean little people,” Mother had said. “Why?” Elizabeth had asked. “Because,” had said Father. “They don’t have money. They can’t afford anything so they turn sick and rotten.” Elizabeth had believed her parents but now that she looked at the girl, she noticed something different about what her parents had described.

IMG_1503The girl WAS sick.  She HAD disgusting features. But she wasn’t mean or rotten. Elizabeth could tell by looking in her eyes. They were a beautiful blue and were sweet. When Elizabeth met face to face to her, the girl looked down at her toes and waved a little at Elizabeth. “Hi.” The girl coughed. “I’m Millie. Short for Mildred.” Millie had a sweet southern accent. “Hello,” said Elizabeth. “I’m Elizabeth. Short for Elizabeth Amelia Smithans. The girl named Millie giggled. “You’re nice.” she said. “Thank you,” said Elizabeth said. She led Millie to the bench, but then stopped. What if her parents or anyone else saw her with Millie? They would both get in big trouble. “But we can’t talk her. Follow me to my secret hiding place. It’s only me and my special friends!” The girls talked and talked, and Elizabeth had an idea. “Millie, come to my house on Saturday. Wear really nice clothes and comb your hair, and we can have tea!”

IMG_1509As Elizabeth skipped back to the house, she thought about something. She liked Millie just the way the girl was, poor or rich. But for the tea party, Elizabeth strictly told Millie to wear something really nice. If her parents saw how “nice” Millie was, then they would let the girls play. But if they saw who Millie really was, they would never let Elizabeth even go near her. Was she tricking Millie??? Elizabeth wasn’t sure.
When she got back, Mrs. Melee stomped towards her.  “Elizabeth Amelia Smithans!!! You were out late!!!!! And you left your stink “prize possessions” on the bench. I thought I should throw them away, but then your mother would be furious. But she’d also be if she knew about you leaving them!!!!! I am going to hold on to your little “prizes” for ahwile, so I hope you didn’t get too comfortable with carrying them around! Now go to bed!!!!” Elizabeth sobbed to bed, having so much on her mind.

IMG_1513Saturday came fast. Elizabeth had lied to her parents about a Millie the night before and wasn’t sure if she should tell them the truth. She wondered how she could pull this off. Even if she did, she didn’t think she would feel so good about it. But no turning back now. Millie was on her way and Mother was setting up the Tea Room. When Elizabeth opened the door, she gasped. Millie was wearing rags. She had some pants on that were too little for her and made out of feedsack, and Millie was also wearing a robe much to big for her on over that. The robe was flower print and very nice, but it wasn’t used in the right way. She had no shoes and had a brown lace for a hair ribbon. It looked awful. But Elizabeth couldn’t say anything. It must of had to been Millie’s very best.

“Millie, come in. Oh, don’t mind meeting my parents, I’ve already told them about you. Quick, come in the Tea Room.” Elizabeth rushed to make everything hidden and perfect. ” ‘Lizabeth, you’re acting kind of strange.” Millie said. “Oh, it’s nothing. Just don’t let my mom and dad see you.” Elizabeth said. “Why?” asked Millie. “Honestly, ‘Lizabeth, something must be wrong. Tell me.” Elizabeth let out a shaky breath and began her story. “Millie, you’re right. There is something to tell you. When I met you I was so happy to find a friend. I was happier than ever and you were so sweet, and I loved you for who you were. But, something was wrong. I was rich, you were poor. It doesn’t seem to matter, and it doesn’t, but to my parents it does. They….they…. they’d be embarressed  to know that I was playing with somebody like you. So when I made friends with you….I..I lied, ok??? I’m sorry.” Millie’s eyes widened. “Oh, so that’s the truth! I knew I should have listened to my Mama when she said not to mess with those rich girls! You may like me for who I am, but you just want to make yourself look good!!!! You don’t care about me, you lie your head off so your Mama doesn’t think you’re playing with “a girl like me.” Well, you know what??? I think you should just go tell her the truth, because I am leaving!!! I thought you were a true friend! Ha! SILLY ME!!!!!” Elizabeth tried to stop Millie but  the girl stomped out. “OH,NO!” said Elizabeth to herself. WHAT HAVE I DONE???”



37 Responses to “The True Friend-Part 1- A New Friend?”

  1. AGlover Says:

    I love it! It is great! Wonderful. I can’t wait for the next part!

  2. Love it!!!! Can’t wait for part 2!! How many parts do you plan to do? 🙂

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      I’m not sure? I am planning though a certain something. I am just going to keep writing and see how far the story gooes! 🙂 Glad you liked it!!!

  3. Linda Marie Says:

    This is very good! I like the pictures, and I’m curious what will happen next in the story. Keep writing!

  4. Leanna Says:

    Thats soooooo cool!I can’t wait intil part two!You did a great
    job with the pictures and script.

  5. Ally Moyer Says:

    Great job Madeline!!!! i love it

  6. kailtyn Says:

    omg i loved it part one and two you did a great job and my americangirl doll anna love it to

  7. Owl City Fan Forever (Hannah) Says:

    Great! Do you want to be an Author when you grow up? You’d be a good one!

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      I DO! I DO! I DO! I want to be an author, a teacher, and a missionary.

      • Owl City Fan 4ever (Hannah) Says:

        That’s really cool! I’m thinking I should make a blog :D! But I don’t know much about blogging!!! BTW do you like to read? ❤ Hannah

      • americangirldcentral Says:

        I can totally set you up a blog for yourself! I’ll build it and everything all on WordPress. If you want me to, you got to give me the following information:
        Your Email-so they can send you updates and stuff
        What you want your URL to be-thats what THIS is: “http://——————-It will also be your username on WordPress, so choose wisely!
        What You’d Like The Title Of Your Blog To Be

        But if you dont want me to set it up for you, go to and click “make blog”.

      • Hannah an american girl fan Says:

        Hey! Thanks! I think I am going to try to make one myself. Is it free to make a blog on Thanks! 😀

      • Hannie96 Says:

        Hey! I made a blog!!! Thanks so much for offering to build one for me! But I thought that would be a really fun thing to do. I’ll give you a link to my blog as soon as I got it all figured out. Thanks again! :D<3:D<3

      • americangirldcentral Says:

        Yes, it’s free! That’s cool.

  8. Owl City Fan 4ever (Hannah) Says:

    One more thing, hehe, do you recommend wordpress or whatever it is that you use for you blog. Thanks

  9. hannie96 Says:

    Hey! I made my blog! I haven’t done much on it yet, but I will. Do you have any tips? Thanks! 😀
    Hannah (Hannie96)

  10. hannie96 Says:

    did you check out my blog? It’s not very good yet…I’m still working on it. but check it out if ya want! 😀

  11. hannie96 Says:

    I was reading through the comments I sent you…and it looks like I sent the same ones twice…opps…! Anyways! Thanks for checking my blog out! I put you on my blogroll…I think your blog great! 😀 ❤ Hannie ❤

  12. Grace Says:

    y does Elizabeth have a different last name than her parents? ❓

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      She doesn’t. Mrs.Melee and Mr.Melee are a couple who live in the mansion with the Smithans. Mrs. Melee teaches Elizabeth.

  13. AG-Luver Says:

    You said “where” instead of “wear” when Elizabeth said for Millie to wear her best clothes.

  14. Madison Says:

    I love Kit’s character!

  15. Anna Leigh Says:

    Hi! I saw- I think your brother? In one of the pictures- hehe! But it is really good I will read the next part now! 🙂 Wanna know how I found out about your website?! She suggested you and she said you were really nice! You could meet her one time at an AG place- there are AG fan meet ups a lot! You should! She even has an about her page so you can find out her background- don’t worry she is not a bad person! 🙂 -Anna Leigh (p.s. leigh is not my last name it is part of my first name )

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Anna, Abby and I are BFFs in real life! We go to the same church and always have sleepovers. “She is not a bad person”? She’s my BEST FRIEND! Heehee. 🙂

      • Lauren Nitchie Says:

        hi i loved part one im curieus to see about part 2 i think you should be a author i really think so

  16. Lauren Nitchie Says:

    hi i loved part one im curius to see how or what will happen next and eney way you should be a author i really think so

  17. Lauren Nitchie Says:

    im sorry i didnt meen for it to happen twice

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