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Which Doll should tag along with me and come to the Mint Museum? April 3, 2010

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This is a half photostory/poll. First, read the story, than vote who you think should come with me to the Mint Museum of Art!

It was the pretty Saturday morning in April, and the dolls were doing there own things around the house.

Some of the girls were reading. Josefina was reading the newest American Girl Magazine. Molly was reading “Meet Rebecca”. And Elsie was reading her favorite verses in the Best Book of All, the Bible.

Kit was reading too. “What REALLY Happened to Humpty Dumpty?” was her favorite book. Since Kit, being only in first grade, wasn’t the BEST reader yet, she mainly looked at the pictures and guessed what the characters were saying.

Kathleen was doing the laundry. Addy was helping her.

Felicity, Samantha, and Eva Grace were watching morning cartoons, and Lulu was dressing the mini dolls.

Suddenly Kit stood up and walked over to Lulu. “Can we go to the park today?” she pleaded. “You can practice your soccer and everything and I will be a good girl and I won’t knock that girl off the monkey bars again!”
“Last time you were a nuisance, Kit. Says the other childrens’ moms to eachother.”
“What did I do so bad?”
“Well, you sat on top of the monkey bars and crushed that girl’s fingers, causing her to fall off.”
“On accident!”
“You kicked up all the dust into a dog’s face.”
“I was TRYING to kick a soccer ball. But a weird boy took it away before I could finish kicking.
“Then you climbed UP the slide and roared at the little kids who were trying the slide DOWN.”
“I was being a lion! A friendly lion! I wanted them to pet me!”
Lulu laughed. “Ok, I’ll take you to the park if you PROMISE to act like a normal kid. Get dressed.”
“ICE CREAM?” Kit asked wildly, jumping up and down.  Lulu sighed. “I guess so. It is the hottest week of the year so far.”

Molly, Josefina, and Elsie stood up, yawned, and got up from their readings to get breakfast. Molly brought up, “You know, ALL of next week is Spring Break for Madeline. That means she’ll have time to do all kinds of stuff with us.” Josie nodded. “I think I heard that Madeline, her mom, and her sister are going to the Mint Museum of Art sometime next week. That should be fun.” Elsie agreed, pouring her cereal. “I wonder,” she spoke softly in her beautifully delicate voice. “If she will take along one of us to accompany her.” Molly got the spoons and passed them out. “Why not?” she said. “It would make a jim-dandy photo story.” Elsie and Josefina looked at her with their heads tilted, looking confused. “Jim-dandy?” they asked. Molly sighed. “Your not from the 40’s. Anyway, she probably will, anyway. Who do you think she’ll take?” Elsie curtsied, a sign to show she’d like to speak. “Well, I believe she will take the doll who’s character or time period matches the destination. For a valid example, she took along me to the Biltmore House because it the Vanderbilts were much alike the Dinsmores, and the Biltmore House was similar to mine. And I was alike Cornelia Vanderbilt. Do you understand why she chose me?” Molly and Josefina nodded. “You have a point. But who is like the Mint Museum of Art?” I’ve got no clue.” Elsie agreed. “I am aware of a clue neither.”

Samantha, Felicity, and Eva Grace walked in, just as The Penguins of Madagascar shut off.What even is the Mint Museum of Art, anyway?” Samantha asked. “Well,” began Molly. “It’s a museum.” Samantha gasped sarcastically. “NOOO! I would have never thought that the Mint MUSEUM of Art was a MUSEUM! Wherever did you hear that?” she sighed. “Molly, I meant what is IN the museum.” Molly shrugged. “Art.” she said simply. Now, Felicity, Eva Grace, Samantha, Josefina, and Elsie all together went, “NO!” Molly understood their sarcasm. “Ok, it’s like a museum, ok, and there’s art in it. But different kinds of art. Like there’s a whole exibit of clothing from long ago up until now. There is everything from ball gowns to shoelaces, in that exibit, I promise you. There is one part where they have Native American basket weavings, and they have another section where they have like, LIFE SIZE portraits–No BIGGER than life-size portraits of people like Anastasia and stuff.”

Eva Grace clapped. “I love that movie! Oh, Once upon a December….
“Not the movie.”

Molly went on. “There’s all kinds of stuff.  Everything from Native American little clay people, I guess you could call them, to modern art. It’s really fun.”
Felicity said, “Well who is gonna go with Madeline and her sis and mom?”
Samantha raised her hand. “There’s only one and ONE only person to ask.”


4 Responses to “Which Doll should tag along with me and come to the Mint Museum?”

  1. hannie96 Says:

    I’m with Eva Grace, Anastasia is a great movie! Your story was so funny! I was laughing when it was saying all
    funny things Kit did at the Park! 😀


  2. Leanna Says:

    I chose Eva Grace.I think color and art fits just for her.hehe!

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