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KANANI IS HERE!!!!!!!! January 1, 2011

Filed under: GOTY 2011,Kanani!!!!,What's New — Madeline@AGDC @ 2:15 AM

Haha my friend and I are so psyched right now!!!!! We are on the updated (or should I say Kanani-ied) AG site and it is AWESOME! We are actually acting pretty crazy singing “Oooka ooka ooka ooka booka ooka Kanani!” LOL. We’ve already sent 3 Kanani and Me ecards each! They are pretty awesome and did you know everytime you send one, you get an automatic chance to win a Kanani Doll and book? Abby and I were saying it would have been a good idea to have a Kanani sweepstakes and send a family to Hawaii. Oh well, winning a free doll is pretty awesome too. 😉 Here are some slides and pics from the site (NONE OF THE PICS BELONG TO US! ALL PICTURES BELONG TO AG! NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED)!

Kanani’s Luau Costume! LOVE IT!

(sorry this is so small) Kanani’s Aloha Outfit

Kanani’s Pajamas.

Kanani’s Beach Outfit, including her bathing suit, life jacket, and paddleboard set.

Paddleboard Set

Monk Seal Set

Kanani’s Shaved Ice Stand

Kanani’s Accessories

Kanani’s Lounge Set

Have fun! My friend and I are listening to hawaiian music and watching Lilo and Stitch tonight….. 😉


23 Responses to “KANANI IS HERE!!!!!!!!”

  1. Leanna Says:

    LOL,me and Ashley ate a lot of candy so we are HYPER! 🙂 I sent about 13 E-cards,I hope you don’t mind I sent two I think,to you. 😀
    Leah and Ashley,two girls who can’t fall asleep until 8 AM in the morning!

  2. Mackenzie♫ Says:

    mix between jes and kaley, with looks like marisol. humm….

  3. Kirren Says:

    So cute! I have to get her!! 🙂

  4. Amanda S. Says:

    omg madeline, she is so ADORABLE!! When I read the ecard thing that you put, I was like, ‘what?!’, then I went to the website, and I found it! So far I’ve sent 23 ecards. Im hoping to get to at least 50 by the end of the month!! I have GOT to get Kanani! She’s so CUTE!!

  5. Zoe Says:

    OMG! she is so ah-mazing! i hav ony made 2 ecards though cuz im almost positive im getting her in exchange for a presemt i got 4 chrismas!!

  6. agcentral Says:

    I love her and she looks exzactly like me!!!!!!!!Please check out my blog even though that sounds a little rude and my blog only has like 5 posts.I started it 6 days ago…..

  7. Hannah Says:

    So far I have made 7 ecards.Though it still seems like a one out of a million to win kanani even though you can enter as many times as you want you still have a slight possibility to win because even if you entered 10,000,000 times its till won’t match up to the 1 billion girls in the United States entering 1,000 ecards at a time so if you multiply 1,000 by the 1 billion girls entering how many ecards is that…

  8. Hannah Says:

    *1,000,000,000,000 ecards. Not to mention the age groups which is 8-13 so thats 1,000,000,000,000 per age group which is a totall of…6,000,000,000,000 ecards (wow my head really hurts now)

  9. Amanda S. Says:

    Well, I’ve made 302 ecards so far. I will do ANYTHING to win her and I intend on winning her! I really want to have thousands of entries by the end of the month!

  10. Mackenzie♫ Says:

    whats the whole thing with the e-cards?

    • Hannah Says:

      They are having a contest at and to win you have to make as many kanani ecards as you can to give you a better chance of winning.And the prize is a kanani doll and book

  11. Grace Says:

    Elaine Cher,
    Je suis très désolé d’entendre parler de vos parents. Savent qu’ils sont dans le ciel. Je sais que vos sœurs beaucoup de blog de votre mère, et je sais que vous allez les adorer absolument après avoir VRAIMENT apprendre à les connaître! J’espère que vous vous sentez mieux bientôt.
    Grace, Kirsten, Elizabeth, et Kairi
    PS Kairi, nouvelle poupée de Grace (numéro 39, une poupée American Girl My) sait comment vous vous sentez. Elle n’a pas vraiment trouvé sa place dans la famille pour le moment. 🙂
    PPS Tell Madeline to use GOOGLE translate on this. It DOES work (I saw your Picasa album comments :P)

  12. hannah Says:

    I have made 45 ecards so far…

  13. Ally Says:

    I love her luau dress

  14. Addie Says:


  15. Madison Says:

    I love Kanani SO much! She has such cute long hair! I am totally getting her for my birthday! 🙂


  16. jellybeans 75 Says:

    Madeline can you please check out my picasa web albums at ? Sorry if I’m being rude.

  17. Grace Says:

    Could you please do another post? Its been almost a month. 😦

  18. LeighO Says:

    Happy New Year!
    We are sooo excited about Kanani!
    We’ve got all new bed styles in 2011….check us out at:

    We’ll have to think of a Hawaiian themed one…..hmmmm…….

    Leigh & Kathleen

  19. Siobahn Says:

    Hi Madeline! Have you seen the new American Girl things? They are pretty awesome!

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