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MORE AG 2011 DOLL STUFF! INCLUDING….MINI DOLL OUTFITS?!?!?!?!?!?! December 21, 2010

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You saw it here first! Video credits go to Juliesol73, thanks so much to her for finding these pics! VIDEO DOES NOT BELONG TO ME!

Yay for Kanani! I’m sure a lot of you are excited!!!! Here’s my opinion:

“She’s very pretty! It looks, though, as if they took Jess and Marisol and put them together. To be truthful, I’m not in love with her and not sure yet if I’m adding her to my collection. However, she’s super pretty and her hair is just gorgeous! Her collection is cute, especially the chair! I’m going to have to see close-up and good quality pics of the doll before I decide. I love the meet outfit!”

My opinion on the book summary (I obviously haven’t read the books yet!):

“I love the tropical, island-y theme, but her actual story……seems a little stale. I mean, seriously, AG can do better than that! The only reason I am interested to read the books is because, well, she’s the new GOTY! And, like, I said, I like her theme. And…it seems like AG is trying a little too hard.  I mean seriously, “shaved ice” and “a cousin from New York”? Sorry, but I think AG could do better if they tried harder and cared a little less about money and more about a good, adventurous story, like the one Jess had. Lanie’s book was on the bridge for me, it was just above “boring” but I enjoyed it. Let’s hope Kanani is the same!”

What do you think? Leave a comment down below! Also, I’m sure Juliesol73 would appreciate it if you commented on her video. She’s one of the first on Youtube to have pics of Kanani!