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Tween Girl’s Daybook time! Week 3 December 4, 2010

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I’m going to try and start doing these again…what do you guys think? 🙂
Date: December 4, 2010
Starting time: 10:51 AM
Mood: Excited!
Outside my window:  Cloudy; front yard; etc. Did you know we might get snow tonight? I’m SO excited! We rarely get snow this early!
I’m thinking: *must…not…eat…peppermint….hershey…kiss….* I AM ADDICTED PEOPLE! 😉
I’m reading: “A Little Princess” by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It’s a classic book about a girl names Sara Crewe who has to go live at a school for girls in London, away from her exotic home with her wealthy father in India where she is treated like a princess. At first when she arrives at the seminary, she is treated like royalty and mothers the younger girls until one day she suddenly becomes penniless and is forced to live in the school’s squalish attic and work for living….It’s a great book so far!!!!
I’m listening to: Christmas music. 🙂
I’m wearing: my pajamas. Heehe!  🙂
I am also doing: singing along to O Holy Night. 😉
Yesterday: my friend had a cookie and gift exchange Christmas party. It was very fun; I had the best gift in Secret Santa until my friend Alyssa rudely (LOL) “stole” it from me and I got stuck with a Webkinz that doesn’t even have the tag! *sighs sadly* LOL
I’m excited for: I’m doing my very first babysitting job today (actually it’s “mother’s helper” since it’s my first time)! I’ve been preparing for weeks! I LOVE little kids and work in the nursery on Sundays at my church with the same group of kids (2-3 year olds) and I love them all so much and have bonded with each of them! One of the girls is Gigi who I actually worked with on Wednesdays in the nursery and our moms are close friends and that is who I’m babysitting and she is the sweetest little thing ever and calls me her “big fwend”!!!!! 🙂
I’m sad: Not sad at all!
I want: Christmas to hurry up and come! 🙂
I love: little kids and peppermint hershey kisses. 😉
This week my goal is: to accomplish some Christmas shopping.
Did I meet last week’s goal: Didn’t have one
Prayer Request: My family is seriously deep in the adoption process. The social workers have visited, the papers have been sent in, it’s officialy official that in less than a year I could have an Ethiopian little sister or brother. I am SOOOO excited I can hardly explain; we’ve been at this for years and now it’s finally happening. But my parents and family need much prayer now as they are making some very important decisions- like whether we want to request a boy or a girl, or if it’s possible that we can afford TWO, which we would love to do but is very expensive. Thank you so much!!!
Have a great day!