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Girl of the Year 2011 NAME, BOOKS, AND DESCRIPTION!!!! October 26, 2010

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OH MY GOODNESS! Thanks to a reader on doll diaries, the GOTY 2011’s name was discovered!!!!!!!!!!

Her name will be Kanani, and the titles of her first book is said to be “Aloha Kanani!”! ISN’T THIS AWESOME!?!? SHE WILL BE HAWAIIAN! Itching to know what the book description is?!?!?!? Well, it is here too!

Found on

Girl of the Year 2011 Book 1:
“Our Girl of the Year (Kanani) loves living in a beautiful tropical island setting and she especially loves sharing the wonders of her island home with visitors. So when her cousin from New York comes to stay for a month, she is excited to get to know her. But no matter what she does to help her cousin feel at home, it seems to only her unhappy instead. Can Our Girl of the Year (Kanani) find a way to connect with her cousin?”

My opinion: Hmmm…..  I love a Hawaiian girl, but her first story seems a tad bit stale, to me. But I’m sure that our new girl will make herself home at American Girl and her story will be a great one! 🙂

Already excited for the next book? Well guess what, we have it too! It’s said to called “Good Job Kanani!”, but some book websites don’t have this information yet. Here’s the description which can be found at “Langton Info Services,”:

“Girl of the Year 2011 Book 2:
Our Girl of the Year (Kanani) is excited about selling shaved ice to raise money for a cause she cares about. But she also cares about her best friend-and promised they would take surfing lessons together. When Our Girl of the Year can’t make time for her best friend, their friendship begins to unravel, and she finds herself spending summer days alone. Will Our Girl of the Year (Kanani) make things right?”

My Opinion: “This one sounds sounds interesting to me! I think I will like Kanani!”

You may not believe it, but when I was younger, before I got into AG, I was a Lilo & Stitch FANATIC. I had a Stitch stuffed animal who I loved,  wanted a Lilo-and-Stitch room, and even got mad at Disney when they didn’t promote them enough! LOL! If they had came out with this doll when I was at the age, I would have begged for her! Heehee. This doll definitely reminds me of Lilo, and I bet she’ll look like her too. Maybe I’ll have to make that her middle name if I get her, bringing back some young memories. 😉


34 Responses to “Girl of the Year 2011 NAME, BOOKS, AND DESCRIPTION!!!!”

  1. Alisha Says:

    Good job finding out about that! For the record, this is the first place I’ve seen any info regarding the 2011 Girl of the Year. I bet I’m going to adore her…although somehow it feels funny talking about 2011’s Girl. It seems like just yesterday that AG debuted Lanie! O_o

  2. Mackenzie♫ Says:

    i hate this time of year in the AG world.. everyone only cares about the girl of the year…. not a fan.

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Well, Mackenzie, everyone’s just excited that a new doll is coming out. And a lot people like new information to be posted. 🙂

    • sarah Says:

      wat do u mean?

    • I’m not a huge fan of the GOTYs either. I’m really not a huge fan of this new “Western themed doll” as it seems rushed and there are very few stories they can do without sounding like Kirsten and Josefina combined. Gold Rush happened in 1848-1855. Aside from that, there was no other big events that affected 9-year old girls in the West to be honest. It’s all about the money and not the quality, and they know people will just accept anything as long as the doll is pretty, so they don’t care if there are a few inconsistencies. I feel the historicals are losing their educational value and quality, while the GOTY continues to develop in those areas by adding diversity.

      • christine Says:

        I think it would be a great idea for a western doll theme, myself have love the western movies and history, and I am sure others agree. Nicki GOTY was one of the best themes, I can’t wait for the new western theme to come out….. I hope it is ture, also love the new GOTY 2011 theme. They should keep up the history….kids today are loosing the effect…so a western AG girl would be prefect…..

    • Emily Says:

      Well people are excited you dont need to act all mean and hate on american girl doll if you dont like it dont read or comment on it!

  3. Laura Says:

    So then the rumored “Western Theme” one will likely be the Historical Doll? When does she usually get revealed?

  4. I was quite shocked that AG would go ahead and give it a try. At least they are trying to add more diversity to the Girl of the Year line. Hopefully, and African American girl will on the way. But for now, I’m happy with Kanani. They’ve never done a story about Hawaii before, not in any American Girl book.

    • zzzzoe Says:

      OMG i tottaly LOVE this doll,sis and i were arguing bout who could buy her LOL! N-Eway,i cant wait 4 an african american goty!

  5. Mia Says:

    I was a Lilo and Stitch fanatic too

  6. Maddie Says:

    I LOVE Kanani, I mean…. I’d love to get her!! LOL

  7. Agwebkinzs223 Says:

    So Happy! I Been On My Computer Looking At Blogs About Her All Day!!! It Rumoured That Her Hair Hair Is Black And Her Eyes Are Ethier Blue Green Or Brown So Some What Like Jess Is What I Am Gessing!

  8. hannah Says:

    yes FINALLY a new girl of the year kanani sounds cute too :-). I don`t remember anything about the first GOTY dolls like lindsey or kailey.but I do remember marisol and all the rest.marisol was probly one of my most favorite Because I love to dance two.I hated mia she seemed so boring (and she was) I adored chrissa i have her movie and it is still my most favorite movie of all times.I think the lanie doll is cute but her storys really bored me.I can`t wait for kanani to come!!!!

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Hi Hannah! I love Marisol too and she was so pretty! I didn’t know much about AG though, back then.

      I agree, Lanie’s stories weren’t as exciting as some of the other GOTY dolls. I want her for Christmas, though. 🙂 Thank you for visiting my site!!! 🙂

    • Lauren Says:

      Lindsey was such a cute curly haired doll! And I loved her funny personality. It’s too bad she wasn’t as popular. And Kailey had the cutest highlights. Julie is like a replicated version without the highlights.

      • Madeline@AGDC Says:

        Yah Lindsay was a cute doll! Julie is a bit different than Kailey- different face mold, different hair- but they do look similar!

  9. hannah Says:

    oh and i forgot about jess.she was cute too and her books were exciding 🙂

  10. hannah Says:

    dude i am having a hard time remembering GOTY dolls.Nicci was real sweet and adorable i loved the doll (the hair) but i never did finish the books 😦

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Haha, same here! I started the book but I think lent it to a friend and never got it back. 😦 Oh well. Oh, and here’s a list of the Girl Of The Year dolls so you can remember:
      Lindsey- 2001-2002
      Kailey 2003-2004
      Marisol 2005
      Jess 2006
      Nicki 2007
      Mia 2008
      Chrissa 2009
      Lanie 2010

  11. Hanna Says:

    I just saw the book covers on doll diaries and I am definatly going to get her!!!

  12. Hannah Says:

    Oh I meant to reply to madeline (sorry christine)

  13. Melisa or mel or missy or lisa or lissy or what ever you want to call me Says:

    I like kanani but she really reminds me of jess

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