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Tween Girl’s Daybook Week 2! (Re-do) September 12, 2010

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I didn’t get to finish the questions yesterday so I am going to start a new daybook!

Date: September 12, 2010
Starting time: 8:12 AM
Mood: Cheery
Outside my window: fog and cars going by
I’m thinking: I have some exciting news for you guys! (I’ll write a post soon)
I’m reading: I slept over my friend’s house last night for her birthday and her mom showed me an old book called The Munsters and asked me if I wanted to borrow it. I said yes, and I’ll start reading it soon.
I’m listening to: quietness.
I’m wearing: a blue hollister T-shirt  and shorts.
I am also doing: checking to see if anyone’s on Skype.
Yesterday: My friend’s birthday sleepover
I’m excited for: the news I am going to tell you about! Also, my mom went on a weekend mountain trip with her friend and they get back today!
I’m sad: but I’m not sad. ❓
I’m hungry: to make Apple Crisps with my dad and brother.
The song stuck in my head: a Taylor Swift song
I want: my birthday to be closer!
I love: all my fans and online friends!
This week my goal is: to catch up on schoolwork this week.
Did I meet last week’s goal: No, but almost.
Prayer Requests (I added this one): My family is trying to adopt and I pray for that. Now we are looking into South Korea adoption.
Ending time: 8:46 PM