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Apple Orchard! September 6, 2010

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As I told you about in my previous post, this past Saturday I got to go to the mountains with my family, close friend-family, and best friend. We only live a two hour drive from the mountains, so it was a day trip, but it was really fun! Our dolls got to tag along.

My friend Abby and I brought our dolls. She brought her Nicki, and I brought Lissie. Here are our dolls in one of the signs! It was so awesome stepping out of the car and feeling that cool mountain breeze. Fall is here again!!!!

It was just fields of apple trees and wild blackberries you could just pick and eat!!!!!

Justus Orchards rocks!!!!!

Oh, it was just so fun picking apples off the tree and just eating them! Β After trying an apple and you liked it, you could pick more to put in your bucket. If you didn’t like it, you just threw it on the ground. Of course there were many rotten, half eaten apples on the ground.

If you needed a certrain amount of a certain type of apple, you could just buy a bag. Here Felicity and Nicki look through some of the bags, although I’m sure they were eager to get outside and pick their own.

APPLE DONUTS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The baskets.

There were lots of other stuff here then just apples- you could pick your own blackberries, buy fresh veggies, or even try boiled peanuts.

Me and Abby( you may know her as “pepperlot”) picking apples. (I’m the brunette in the red shirt). Oh my goodness, these apples we are picking were SOOOOOOO good! They tasted like candy!!!!

Nicki poses with a fresh pumpkin.

Yummy! These were the Ambrosia apples, I believe.

A green apple tree.

Nicki and Lissie hitch a ride.

Headin’ back for some cold apple cider (it got pretty hot after a while) and some yummy apple donuts!

The end! Hope you enjoyed!



15 Responses to “Apple Orchard!”

  1. sarah Says:


  2. Hannah Says:

    That looks like so much fun! Great pictures, Madeline!


  3. hannie96 Says:

    Oh! And in reply to your comment on my blog- I do have Skype set up! I’ll be on it later today, hopefully we can talk! πŸ™‚

    Hannie Bananie

  4. Amanda S. Says:

    Hey, Maddie! That looks like so much fun! You made me hungry! Apples are my fave fruit! Lolz. And I’ve decided to get Kit- but I’m gonna get a MyAG before that, though.

  5. Amanda S. Says:

    Hey, Madeline! How are you today? I just wanted to say that yesterday, I decided to make a wordpress blog for my AG dolls! If you want to check the 1st one out, it’s Thanks!

  6. Amanda S. Says:

    No prob and thanks! I hope you enjoy the blog! Read the ‘about me’ one first, and then the ‘pics!!!!” one next.

  7. Amanda S. Says:

    Hey, everyone! If you like Madeline’s AG doll blog, then you’ll like this, too! My AG doll’s blog is thanks to all who read it! And Madeline, have a great day!

  8. Hey! great pics! Oh and every one on my picasa i am Abby@CGA. I also have a website:

  9. Felicity Says:

    Hi Madeline! That trip with Abby looks fun!Hope you had a fun time!
    And I have a BIG Problem.
    Can you help me Maddie?It’s just that I really want a blog like yours.I tried today on my DSi and it wouldn’t let me go to my Blog.So I want a Laptop.And all the creators of Blogs I know of have tons of Dolls.And I only have two:(
    So I want to buy tons of Dolls and a Laptop for my blog.And sadly,my mom won’t let me use her computer.but I won’t have enough money by December when I want to buy them.
    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So can u help me??????????????

    Oh,and can you tell Abby,Hannah,and Sarah I want to be friends with them?
    Felicie Blicie(LOL!)

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