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Tween Girl’s Day Book Week 1 September 4, 2010

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Lots of other blogs around are doing “Teen Girl’a Daybook” and I thought I should do it! Of course, I’m a TWEEN, not yet a teen. Enjoy!

Date: Sep. 3 2010
Starting time: 8:12 PM
Mood: Happy, my stomach hurts a little though.
Outside my window: The school across the street from our house, through another window I could see horses in the field next door.
I was just in: I don’t understand this question, I don’t think anyone else does either!
I’m thinking: how to answer these questions; about my book I’m writing (chapter 14, page 105!)
I’m reading: A George Washington bio for school; I just finished an Allie Finkle book.
I’m listening to: myself typing, airplane outside.
I’m wearing: A abercrombie t-shirt, jean shorts, and my favorite tennis shoes.
I am also doing: Nothing, so I’ll tell you what I did today! We left early to drive two hours to the mountains and went to an apple orchard! My best friend Abby went too, so did my sisters friend and we also went with our close friend family. After picking our own apples we went to the city in the mountains (can’t say which one) and there was this thing called the Apple Festival and we went around to the shops and ate food. And guess what! We were walking down the sidewalk when we saw the sign fro a place called “American Doll”. We wondered what it was, but we found that the store was a shop for 18″ dolls of all kinds! There was mostly clothes and accessories, and some beds and you could even buy some dolls. It was really cool! I got a little 50’s poodle skirt and saddle shoes for my doll!
Yesterday: I had a sleepover with Abby!
I’m excited for: Well all the excitement has passed for now so I guess I’m excited to just relax!
I’m sad: not really sad.
I’m hungry for: Oooh, not hungry! Tummy ache…..
The song stuck in my head: a song from Phineas and Ferb….LOL
I love: Apple donuts. 🙂 My family, friends, and Jesus.
This week, my goal is: Maybe finish that George Washington book.
Did I meet last weeks goal: didn’t have one last week.
Ending time: 8:29

Hope you enjoyed!


2 Responses to “Tween Girl’s Day Book Week 1”

  1. Amands S. Says:

    hey, maddie. Hmmm… different…I love it! It was great!

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